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  1. This update has dependencies on asr_ai3_cfgweapons and asr_ai3_skills. Can you please resolve that dependency? Otherwise, the update is fantastic. Thank you!
  2. Enhanced Movement, ACRE2, ACE3… I don't think there's much else.
  3. @laxemann I think I may have replicated the issue I've been experiencing. Put the rifle in the raised position (default T) and hit reload. The reload animation does not play, but you're stuck with the rifle in the raised position. If you drop and pick your rifle back up, you cannot reload the weapon. May also trigger when the weapon is lowered (Shift+T).
  4. I think your May 15 build solved this. I haven't been able to reproduce since switching to that version. As for other suggestions, honestly it might be nice to get a combined/updated/integrated version of some of your other mods, such as the weapon attachment animations. It gets a little messy keeping track of this many individual mods!
  5. Well, that is awesome. Thank you very much!
  6. This is pretty intriguing, especially if it's compatible with the M4 MAAWS included in the Tanks DLC. Is it possible to somehow get a mod/PBO version of this script? It seems like it would be easier to maintain…
  7. vme_magazine_functions.pbo is included in the Steam Workshop version of VME PLA, last updated Nov 19 2017.
  8. This looks absolutely amazing. This is the Chernarus update I think many of us have been waiting for. Thank you so much for creating new interiors and really giving the map the treatment it needs. I notice that the northeast corner of the map says that content is coming in the future. Does this mean Podagorsk will be added to Chernarus 2035? Also, are there any plans to do a winter version?
  9. ASmallDinosaur is correct. I've seen the same visual effects from VME PLA while on Tanoa. Also, VME PLA seems to cause numerous errors in CfgVehicles. Snippets from a recent RPT file on my server:
  10. That effect is definitely not Laxemann's Suppress. And my group is experiencing the same visual bug with VME PLA as you are. Additionally, VME PLA is causing a flood of vehicle errors when loading in.
  11. This looks fantastic! Should be very good for those who love to fly. Question about the realistic aerodynamics: do these play nice with the drag modifiers found in ITC Air Systems?
  12. Alright... I've encountered the issue again. I haven't quite nailed down how to replicate it, but the following conditions seem to contribute: 1. Have the auto-activate enabled, and be up against a wall. 2. Use the lean stance (Shift+A or Shift+D) to poke around a corner. Your weapon should raise to the ready position automatically, as you are more than 0.2m away from the wall. 3. Change stance. In this example, crouch. Shift back behind the wall while crouched. 4. Stand up. Shift out again. Somewhere in this chain of corner-holding, your weapon becomes partially unusable. You can fire using what's left in your loaded magazine, but cannot reload or interact with the gun. Dropping the gun and picking it up does not seem to fix the issue. I really wish I could nail down exactly what's happening here and how to reliably replicate it. I'll keep trying. Edit: I see there was an update on May 15. I may be running the version from May 14. Testing. Edit 2: Can't replicate the issue. It was probably resolved in the May 15 update. I'm calling it good. Sorry for the false alarm!
  13. I'm having some trouble replicating it as well... but it definitely happened. But if it can't be reproduced consistently, then it's just ArmA being Arma, I guess. Thank you for taking a look, and thank you for all your immersion mods.
  14. I believe I've discovered a bug. When attempting to raise or lower the weapon while in a corner covering stance (shift+left or shift+right), the weapon becomes unusable. It doesn't respond to fire commands, and you cannot reload it. You can still look down sights, but it won't fire. Can be worked around by dropping the weapon on the ground, and then picking the weapon back up.
  15. Enhanced Movement

    I have not tried without ACE3, no. But we don't use ACE climbing, so I'm not sure what in ACE would conflict with EM. My theory was that EM was somehow conflicting with APEX animations.