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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    It's cool that the OCP ACU has now become mostly accurate with the Army's introduction of the hot-weather OCP pattern uniforms.
  2. What's the point? Seems like an arbitrary suggestion that does little more than remove accurate description.

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Oh ok, I must have missed that. Sorry for rehashing that then, but I appreciate the clarification.

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Not to be that guy, because I'm aware of the RHS policy on working on that which currently has your fancy, but the FRACU deployment uniforms from the interim period before we got OCP are Multicam patterned and retain the classic ACU cut. I'm not trying to ruffle feathers and request anything, but has anyone in your crew tossed that idea on the backburner or is it completely ruled out?

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    On a personal note, we typically use a pintle mounted M240B in the commander's hatch to pull security during reloads or when on convoys, more so than our issued weapons. Not a request however, I can live without it and still be happy seeing that beauty in game!

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Just wanted to say, as a 13M, the teaser you all put on Facebook is just making my day.
  7. Yeah, I feel both vehicles present some good opportunities for Armored Cavalry action. Plus, you wouldn't need to modify the base M113 too much (I hope lol). And you get to experience the realistic dread of an Armored Cav crew wondering if their ATGMs can even penetrate the approaching Soviet tanks :D
  8. While the M48A5 is cool in its old school glory kinda way, the emphasis is on creating the essentials for the mod's team, and many of these must be scratch-made. Plus, if they were going to take additional releases into consideration, I'd prefer for the emphasis to be placed more on an M551 or M901-ITV hehe.

    PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    Good lord this is glorious. You have a really fleshed out force here. And on top of that you could practically make your own Soviet-era mod just with reskins! Well done.
  10. REFORGER88

    GSTAVO's Weapons

    This is the perfect interim solution for a Cold War weapon for the US and the inclusion of the M16A1 in the current pack would be much appreciated, as well as much anticipated. Is it planned to release the other, more modern weapons, independently from the M16s?
  11. REFORGER88

    Project RACS

    Nahh. If the AAF isn't even getting global leos until 2035, let RACS have a mixed fleet of Leopard 1s and 2s. Purchasing to outfit an entirely rebuilt military is expensive, especially when buying from Western NATO nations. Early Leopards would be a good compromise when having to take into account everything else. But ultimately, all that is up to the mod's creator hehe.
  12. Oh very cool! I wish the Eaglehorse photo database was still up, but it's awesome to see another source that confirms it. But I digress. The C85 mod is not lacking for tanks, and represents the whole gamut of early to late 80s armor very well for the US Army. There's just something about that Patton that screams "classic". I believe slatts and crew have outdone themselves on that front.
  13. I've been researching the 2nd Squadron of the 11th ACR for reasons, but an apparently now-defunct photo database showed extremely interesting photos of the 2/11 Kaserne and motor pool being prepared for renovation around 1984 to receive their new complement of M1 and M2/M3 armor. Though no other sources exist about 2/11 that I can find with such accuracy, it appears they didn't stop operating M60A3 mbt's until late 1984 or early 85 when they finally finished recieving and training on M1s. From what I could find, the earliest recipient of the M1 was the 1st Squadron of the 11th ACR, around 1983. Just wanted to throw that out there for Scimitar xD. But, more on topic, I think the AH-1F (or whichever variant is chosen for C85) will be the last difficult US vehicle, as it must once again be scratch made; as many of the US vehicles had to be unfortunately. I don't know how viable modifying the advanced Zulu Cobra model is, but the differences between those two vehicles are many, not the least of which is an entirely different cockpit and engine.
  14. REFORGER88

    Nassau 1715

    I love this mod even more now, just because you're someone else who has seen Master and Commander.
  15. REFORGER88

    Global Mobilization

    Now things are really getting good. It's nice to see this revival of Cold War enthusiasm, especially of such high quality! I mean, I can see an AVLB in there. Things are definitely starting to heat up.