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  1. this should't be the error causing the issue when you start the server with mods there are all rightly loaded? full rpt could be helpful
  2. better to work with the mission file if you unpbo your antistasi pbo you'll find the mission "onPlayerRespawn.sqf", could you put here your hint command
  3. everything ok, as i remember anitstasi is already configured to properly use HC's this "0" seems to be only the HC identifier (as you could have more than one HC), and you have 5 west (blufor) units local to it
  4. tRiKy_ch

    64 bit server

    the latest news i heard from dwarden was "sooner than later" btw i can't wait too to see my dedi power unleashed
  5. tRiKy_ch

    CUP server issue

    so i think you're under linux, right? you have to rename every file in the addons folder to lowercase, rename also the "Addons" folder to "addons"
  6. mmmh...very interesting, ty! so it is actually a character limit rather than a mod limit, is this limit value know?
  7. tRiKy_ch

    Insignia problem

    @Casio91Fin it depends on your scenario, you have a defined rank for every player (i.e: clan) or ranks are defined mission by mission? tell us more about your needs in my case (clan) i used to read them from squad.xml setUnitRank could be very useful but consider its limited to 7 ranks ok, right, now i see it ;) btw it has to not be a so bad practice as you can see it on the wiki (example 4)
  8. tRiKy_ch

    Insignia problem

    you're right, i took this from script where i needed dynamic insignias without knowing OP intentions, consider it as a concept, but actually if you have static insignias it is a good advice yes, this is a valid alternative i proposed a cycle 'cause as said there are various situations where insignia get lost, with this you're sure to cover every possibility with a single solution i'm self-educated on sqf and still learning, but i've seen this on various scripts so, why this should be not used? how do you would rewrite my function?
  9. tRiKy_ch

    Insignia problem

    while {true} do { _insignia = "YourInsignia"; _texture = getText(configFile >> "CfgUnitInsignia" >> _insignia >> "texture"); [player, ""] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; //need first to manual unset insignia 'cause BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia is broken [player, _insignia] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; waitUntil {uiSleep 1;(((getObjectTextures player) find _texture) == -1)}; }; put this on init.sqf this should also work on multiplayer, just pass your desired insignia class name as _insignia it cycle continuosly because there are other situations than respawn where insignia could got reset (i.e.: entering virtual arsenal and changin the uniform)
  10. is used to see if the current cycle is the first iteration or not, i used this only to not spam the "hintSilent "Healing will start now"" but honsetly i doesn't really know how do you intended this 'cause you're cycling (units player) wich means player's teammates, if you want to cycle opfor too could you turn back to allUnits array, in this case you have to update also your medic classes on (_nearestMedic = _x nearEntities [["B_medic_F", "I_G_medic_F", "I_medic_F"], 300];) did you solved that or still an issue?
  11. create a file called init.sqf (it executes when missions is loaded for more infos go here and here) and put [] call compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "SAM_healing.sqf "; i see also another thing, if you want could you look dynamically for the medic this way, so you don't heal over a certain distance between medic and injured (not tested) while { true } do { _firstCycle = true; _nearestMedic = []; { _nearestMedic = _x nearEntities [["B_medic_F", "I_G_medic_F", "I_medic_F"], 1000]; //it looks for the nearest medic on 1km range if (count _nearestMedic > 0 && { (_nearestMedic select 0) != _x }) then { //check if there is a medic in 1km range and if _x is not medic itself c_l_s = _nearestMedic select 0; if ((getDammage _x) > 0.1) then { if (_firstCycle) then {hintSilent "Healing will start now"; _firstCycle = false;}; if ((items c_l_s find "Medikit" != -1) OR (items c_l_s find "FirstAidKit" != -1)) then { _injured = _x; _injured disableAI "MOVE"; _injured_pos = position _injured; c_l_s enableAI "MOVE"; c_l_s doMove (_injured_pos); waitUntil { c_l_s distance _injured < 2 }; c_l_s playAction "MedicOther"; sleep 9; if (items c_L_s find "Medikit" != -1) then { _injured setDamage 0; c_l_s removeItem "Medikit"; hintSilent parseText format ["%1 was healed to %2", name _injured, 1 - getDammage _injured ]; } else { if (items c_L_s find "FirstAidKit" != -1) then { _injured setDamage 0.25; c_l_s removeItem "FirstAidKit"; hintSilent parseText format ["%1 was healed to %2", name _injured, 1 - getDammage _injured ]; }; }; _injured enableAI "MOVE"; _injured doFollow player; _injured doMove (_injured_pos); c_l_s doFollow player; c_l_s doMove (c_l_s_pos); }; }; }; } count (units player); sleep 180; }; consider it as a starting point 'cause this way if someone get injured while healing has started it had to wait 3 minutes before to get heal (maybe do another check before to sleep)
  12. tRiKy_ch

    Questions about Linux Arma Server

    if you're looking for a web admin "arma server admin" is very nice, a little bit limited but very useful
  13. hi, not tried in editor but it just for the concept while { true } do { //start an infinite loop to found injured units _healList = []; { if ((getDammage _x) > 0.1) then { _healList pushback _x; // if injured put it into a list } } count (units player); //it works with your teammates, change it by need (it would be more performance firendly than allUnits) { // put you healing code here } count _healList; // this loops your injured units list sleep 300; // pause the cycle for 300 seconds };
  14. tRiKy_ch

    server.cfg Help

    can i see the script/command line you're using to start the server?
  15. tRiKy_ch

    help with linux server

    so it is has to be a router issue, open the port as in dedmen link btw better to setup iptables due to security reasons
  16. 1, yes, it offload the server and then you can afford to spawn more Ai's or get more players, also it make AI more responsive (could you have a better usage of your CPU as arma doesn't use itself all the cores you have). Could you also run scripts or everything on your HC, offloading your server btw you have to tell the engine who is local to HC to run on it 2 is still good as base on how to get it work, here you can get more infos (you'll also find how to run code on HC)
  17. tRiKy_ch

    help with linux server

    oh yess, sorry i missed that ok you cant' see it, it should be a port issue did you opened the right ports? did you enabled some kind of firewall under linux? if you try to connect directly by ip it works?
  18. tRiKy_ch

    help with linux server

    please be more specific. you can "see" the server? you can't connect or you get kicked? your server RPT would be useful too
  19. tRiKy_ch

    Mission File Error

    took a quick look and i see nothing, maybe the error is in one of the included files?
  20. tRiKy_ch

    Mission File Error

    this seem very similar to your previous issue, how do you solved that?
  21. i give it a try too and actually the error come on the original script i took a quick review of the code and it seem to be errorless on the grammatical way but i've also see it is a 4 years old script so maybe it was broken by an arma update i think so 'cause i see no one complain about this error on the original post try to ask here, surely you'll find someone who's more familiar with this specific script
  22. could you post your full description.ext as text? also your RPT file would be useful
  23. did you followed these step as said in the readme?
  24. tRiKy_ch

    Mission File Error

    post your description.ext please
  25. as i suspected there must be some kind of terrain difference between the 2 version can you post the "init.sqf" you're using?