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  1. The MK-82 Snakeeye bomb script is bugged. It just appears an error like it can´t load an .sqf or something like that
  2. nbc095

    US Forces 2000s

    I´m just reporting here that the M16A2 from GUSTAVO has been updated, and since then, 2001 units don´t work properly (rifleman don´t spawn with their M16s due a config error) Cheers
  3. There´s a Tornado mod with AWS integrated. Just needs a little refinement and would be nice. Please do the Su-25SM3 next! A lot of ppl is asking for more west planes but i think that the russkies deserve a good one :(
  4. Please firewill release the Su-25SM next! We got enough western planes actually
  5. nbc095

    Soviet AF Pack

    oh well, my intentions got misunderstood so i just wanted to express my full support to this project. I really wanna try those birds man. Looks pretty neat
  6. A friend of mine bought ArmA 3 recently and after reinstalling w10, he´s not able to start the game (not even the launcher). I asked him to install the basics to solve this kind of trouble (C++, .NET) and still not working. I´m just posting here for help, just in case anybody had the same problem and possible ways to fix it. Cheers and thanks in advance!
  7. I know that you´re focused in western planes, but do we still have any chance to get the Su-25SM? The RHS model is based in the cold war frogfoot, which dissapoints me a lot. I think that it would be a great addition, taking into account that there´s not much russian modern warfare platforms in the game right now.
  8. Hi there, i just got my new PC and I would like to port like 130 GB of mods to the new machine. That would not be a problem, if it wasn´t because Steam Workshop is horrible when you move on. I only have 12MBs of connection plus due to the fact that, i do not live alone, i cannot be downloading all day, which makes the idea of redownloading the whole thing a real pain in the ass. I tried to put exactly every file on all the routes i figured out that the Workshop files are; and still don´t work, the game launcher does not detect them and keeps downloading. I considered the idea of just keep the mods as local addons, and deal with it, but the workshop thing is very handy when you want to update the mods. So please guys surprise me with something i haven´t tried yet, because I ran out of ideas. Cheers and thanks in advance.
  9. nbc095

    Jets DLC Terrains

    The only thing that lacks this maps is the coherence in the building positions in cities. I´ve been watching VBS terrain stuff and overall, the only thing which VBS offers and i miss in this maps is cities properly done. But as i saw in the showcase of VBS cities, buildings and details of streets are pretty low so it can be handled by a common computer (same as DCS, for example).
  10. nbc095

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Just want to report a bug i discovered playing with this mod. For some reason, this mod breaks the Loadout editor of 3DEN. Not only with the objects of the mod; but the entire game. When i modify the loadout of an unit and i play the mission, the unit spawns with the default loadout instead. When i disable this mod, everything works fine again. Just wanted to make you know it as it´s breaking my Spanish Civil War missions, which i tried to use your content but cannot because of this. BTW, there is any chance to get french units of the 1939-40 period? I would like to have Adrian helmets someday :P
  11. So good mate. We really need this sort of weapons as the russians are normally portrayed as ill equipped planes with dumb bombs and rockets.
  12. same when the Su-25SM and other planes get delayed... but well, i don´t like to bother people that works for passion xD
  13. so what do the pods now? they don´t reveal targets as before and a i don´t see any improvements. BTW, i think that you should check the TGP cam of the gunner in 2-seat planes. They can´t lock onto targets or ground so it´s pretty difficult to designate targets w/ lasing for example.
  14. Your effort on the models and details of them is priceless. I´m really excited about this!