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  1. MarshmallowLike

    Arma 3 Survival

    Hello Community! We search for this project 3d artists. Your tasks in this project is the ambiente of objects. You can: - retexture from objects (photoshop skills) - 3d modelling - import from Arma 2 Samples (objects) to Arma 3 with new textures for a beautiful ambiente You have a special talent in Arma? Only one talent of them? you are interested? ok, tell me what would you do and we'll take a look! Thx! Marshmallow A3s Developer 3d Artist
  2. MarshmallowLike

    Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    The problem on this map is the fps. Many objects are placed in the ground and i cant see it.We are cant see the objects but the cpu/graphics card and co. render it anyway . Towers of Tanoa in the Train station (subway) and so many vegetation are the problem. i have 120fps in chernarus vanilla and 20 - 35 in Redux. The polygons of vegetation is a really bit hard.
  3. hey, looks good. But i think the buildings are to clean. Do a littlebit dust on the buildings. than Look like a littlebit dirty and its more realistic. The weapon needs a littlebit metalness and darker with rvmat. Not to much. But the work looks good. When you need help, i help ;)
  4. Hello, Im currently in Beta phase and i release my Stretchlimo know. Test it and gimme feedback. Thx What i change in the future? -physx - Custom Gatling Gun Sounds and more Planning: Stretchlimo without Gatling Gun : -New Texture -New Wheels -Maybe Community wishes :P DOWNLOAD
  5. MarshmallowLike

    Stretchlimo with Gatling Gun

    Thread Update! Sorry, i have not so many time at the moment. But goes forward! im work on: -Gatling Gun -Retexturing cargo (VIP Look like) -physx -shadow LOD -Firegeo LOD -New wheels? i dont know. Maybe? the Vehicle works good on the altis insel. I can drive smooth on the road and terrain.
  6. 6 Uv´s for a weapon?^^ 6 Drawcalls.... x 4 = 24 Drawcalls ._. 6*4 = 24 maps a ~4mb? 24*4 = 96mb thats really to much^^ looks good Totem, but is to much for Arma^^
  7. MarshmallowLike

    [WIP] Female base model project

    Haha @HorribleGoat. thats cool :D
  8. MarshmallowLike

    Stretchlimo with Gatling Gun

    haha i laugh :D and thx for your comment. yeah, i think you have right with that (branding) i look forward and make a unique style logo ;)
  9. MarshmallowLike

    Stretchlimo with Gatling Gun

    Its not tricky to make 2 versions. :)
  10. MarshmallowLike

    Stretchlimo with Gatling Gun

    Thx Bitesrad. Yeah that isnt the normal way to steal models from another games. I make all self and i do it with fun for me and other ppls. How many cars are free in the internet and how many ppls use it. And the ppls looking not on the polygons^^ Thread Update!
  11. my anomaly :) your Items looks cool to rotate on the ground
  12. Heyho, Im Marshmallow and work on a Stretch-Limo for Arma 3. I have 1 Car Into Arma (Gurkha RPV) and this is only In A3s (Arma 3 Survival). This here is my next car and i think...thats cool. You can see, i make Screenshots and modelling all self. Maybe i make a non armed version....hmm.. More as maybe. Im Sure :P But i have not many time at the moment. I work on a big Project and i work and so. Pls be patient. You can see my Status in the Screenshots. ________________________________________________________________________ Moin, auf deutsch fasel ich jetzt hier nicht so lange rum. Ich Arbeite an einer Strech Limo mit einer Minigun. Im Prinzip ist es nicht so schwer, noch eine ohne bewaffnung zu machen. Nur momentan fehl mir die Zeit. Ich Arbeite an einem weiteren Projekt und hab auch noch andere dinge zu erledigen, daher bitte ich um verständnis :) Ich werde nach und nach weiter machen und bin mir ziemlich sicher, das es bald auch ingame sein wird. Greez Marshmallow You have a question? http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197977337107/ Update 1: Update 2: Update 3: Update 4: (first test of Texturing) Update 5