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    Vanilla Faction Overhaul

    This looks effin good ! Great works !
  2. Yoyodef

    Ruha terrain

    Thanks a lot!
  3. Yoyodef

    Ruha terrain

    Really nice map, i like the rough terrain and the overall quality. Just a few things that maybe you didn't consider. My team and I are using this map for milsim and the main base is at the airport. So we deploy all our equipment at the airbase and now with the update we cannot get out of the big hangar without hitting the trees. We cannot get out easily from the airport (hangar or runway) with ground vehicle. So can you make the airport more accessible from the roadways and get rid of some trees near the hangar please?
  4. Yoyodef

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    this : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30453
  5. Somebody got the Tanks DLC config ?
  6. Yoyodef


  7. Hi, Same problem here. I'm playing on Linux server, the mission is a sector control with BIS module on map sector, side and ticket module. When one team goes out of ticket the mission end, everybody got a correct message of ending (winning or loosing depending on which team you're), then everybody is sent out to the lobby but the mission don't restart and if you click on OK you get back on the map as it is. Server side I launch it with -autoinit parameter, with persistent =1; in config.cfg and my mission rotation is setup like this : class Missions { class Mission_1 { template = "tdm_tactical_fun_kavala_hopital.altis"; // omit the .pbo suffix difficulty = "custom"; // difficulty: recruit, regular, veteran or custom (see CfgDifficulties in the main game config) }; }; I follow the method above except for the debriefing because I use SideScore rather than end1 or loser In my init.sqf I got this : 0 = [] spawn {private ["_eastTickets", "_westTickets"]; while {true} do { sleep 7; _eastTickets = [east] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets; _westTickets = [west] call BIS_fnc_respawnTickets; if (_eastTickets == 0) exitWith { "SideScore" call BIS_fnc_endMissionServer; }; if (_westTickets == 0) exitWith { "SideScore" call BIS_fnc_endMissionServer; }; }; What am I doing wrong ?
  8. Link is not working anymore, can it be reupload, please? Edit : Nevermind I found it on Larrow dropbox -> " override_VA_templates"
  9. I'm not sure if I understand well. I can put class ace_overheating_enabled { typeName = "BOOL"; value = 0; }; in the ace_settings.hpp that is in the mission folder and it will deactivate the overheating and jamming effect, is that correct?
  10. Is there an option to deactivate the overheating and the jamming of weapon via the ace.hpp that I missed ? I'm looking for a better solution than to remove the pbo.
  11. I laugh through reading the entire changelog! Should be added as a feature "Most entertaining changelog of them all!"
  12. So, do we still need the ffaa ace compat ?
  13. Yoyodef


    Hello, I don't know if this question as been answered yet, I did a research but nothing came up : why did u modified some of the vanilla objects? I got them listed as being part of your mod!
  14. Yoyodef

    Refined Vehicles

    Okay, thanks for looking at it! Have a good vacation!
  15. I got the message "LOOKS LIKE TASK FORCE RADIO ADDON NOT ENABLED OR VERSION LESS THAN" and I got it before the briefing screen when I got the loading mission screen. So problem is I can't click on it to close it because I can't see it it's actually hidden by the loading screen. If i shut down my server A3 detect that the server is not responding and I got the message "Server not responding" (or something) and I can see the message of TFAR. I think I look everywhere, check everything but this message always come back, like it's random Is there a way to deactivate it ? For info : I run stable branch, latest CBA, latest TFAR (0.9.12) plugin is up-to-date. When i use my pc as server i don't have this problem only on my dedicated server.
  16. Thanks for the great works! Do we still need to run the ace compat addon?
  17. Yoyodef

    Refined Vehicles

    I'm not using the devbranch I redownload the latest version of your mod to be sure, i launch A3 with refined vehicles vanilla and test the offroad again, I got the same issue. 2nd gear from 50km/h to 180km/h :/
  18. Yoyodef

    Refined Vehicles

    Hi, Great works Redphoenix, thanks for your time! I run your mod on vanilla arma 1.66 and your mod only. Is it normal that the rally D-MAX offroad only goes in first and second gear, and never goes in third?
  19. So are others vehicle getting some love soon? It would be great to be able to load some ammobox and stuff using this feature on the offroad, transport truck, transport helicopter and so on. People could make the config for the object they want to load but we need the vehicle to get some model tweak first !
  20. Wow this looks great ! You should put your screenshots on IMGUR !
  21. Yup, I got the same problem since Apex, it's like everything is put in low texture unless you got close enough (too close) and then the texture are fully loaded. On some modded map buildings are disapearing if u fly at 300m over them. That's the worst case scenario I got, but I got this thing in every map I play, Vanilla or not. I try changing my video settings but nothing would work.
  22. Yoyodef

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Christmas come early this year! (maybe ^_^ )
  23. I have found this : https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/181795-vehicle-waterresistance/ It might help you fixing the water killing engine problem