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  1. Hi there! My team and I are currently working on a logistics mod, which will add vehicles capable of moving containers, tanks etc. To do this, we need som help with the models, or even a modeller, since neither of us are good at that part. We can take care of the scripting, vert-sellections etc. All we need is a model just before the stage of exporting to .p3d. From there, we can take care of the rest. If you are reading this and thinks you want to help us, but do not want to make full models, it would be of great help to us if we could just ask you for advice when we need it. Thanks for even reading this, hope you can help!
  2. Hello there! I'm having trouble setting up vehicle-in-vehicle transport and I think the major cause is my lack of knowledge about my models config.cfg file. As I understand the official vehicle-in-vehicle transport wiki page, there should be 2 verts defining the cargo-space, and at least one defining the enter-exit point. My question is then, where do I define them? My problem is, I cant load anything into the truck, not from the editor nor in-game. I'm fairly used to cpp programming, but I can't quite wrap my head around this issue. If anyone have some good documentation for the config.cfg, it will be much appreciated! (I know of this) My basic config.cfg structure is as follows: class cfgVehicles { class Truck; class Truck_F : Truck { // Hitpoints defined }; class my_base_class : Truck_F { // Model definition etc. }; class actual_used_class : my_base_class { class VehicleTransport { scope = 2; class Carrier { // the stuff from the wiki-page };};};};
  3. Hello there! I have trouble getting my truck driving properly, and I suspect it's a config error I've made. Right now I have 2 problems: The wheels are not turning, no matter what I do. In the visual LOD I've made selections for the wheels called "wheel_X_X_hide" as the example from Arma 3 Samples have done it. In the memory LOD I have defined a corresponding axis, containing 2 verts in a names selection called the wheels name with "_axis" at the end. For the front 2 wheels, which will be the steering ones, I have made another selection called "wheel_X_X_steering". My model are tilted a bit to the left in-game. I have no idea why, but it seems it ignores my LandContact LOD, since the wheels on the down-side are under ground. When I drive around in the truck, it seems like the Geometry LOD are hitting the ground. For each wheel this is defined: wheel_X_X_hide - in the visual LOD wheel_X_X_axis - in memory wheel_X_X_steering - in visual LOD wheel_X_X_steering_axis - in memory wheel_X_X_damper - in geometry wheel_X_X_damper_land - in LandContact wheel_X_X_bound - in memory Anyone who can spot what I'm missing? My config.cpp and model.cfg are almost identical with the one from the car sample, as I made a sanity-check not so long ago.
  4. JustMathew

    Model is front heavy

    Oh, sounds like it will do the trick, I'll try that!
  5. JustMathew

    Vehicle Modeling

    I actually stumbled upon this youtube playlist last night and think it's worth mentioning. It's for Arma 2, but most of it should be the same.
  6. Good evening! I've just made my low-poly model, which is still in a lot of different "objects" or "meshes". I have still some work to do before I'm done with the model, so I would like to avoid joining the meshes, yet. When I export to .p3d tho, I get a lot of visual-layers, as all of the objects have their own visual layer in Object Builder, even tho I have put them on the same layer in Blender. My question is now; How do you do it, do you join all the meshes and work on the whole model like that? Any advice is much appreciated, thanks!
  7. Thanks for the advice, I might as well do it like that. That makes sense when it comes to applying textures.
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    War Plan Blue (W.P.B)

    This looks awesome! I'm excited to see what come out of this :-)
  9. JustMathew

    Vehicle Modeling

    Hi! I would suggest looking at Mondkalb's Addon Tutorial and GameDev Burne video tutorials. Someone recomended this too, but I have not used that, yet ;-) Hope that helps!
  10. JustMathew

    Model is front heavy

    Thanks guys, I did not have that in my model. My tilting model is kind of fixed now, only issue now is the dampers are inverted (going up when it should go down). I think what fixed it was making the verts from LandContact lod touching the wheels. Can't confirm tho.
  11. JustMathew

    Model is front heavy

    As I have never seen the "autocenter", I do not know if I have that enabled or what not. How do I check that?
  12. Hi! I am currently working on a 8-wheeled truck and I'm experiencing some weird bugs when I get it in game. The first version had the 4 front wheels all the way at the top of the damper, whereas the rear 4 wheels were relaxed. You can see the different heights in this picture: When I was messing around trying to fix this issue, I tried changing the parent-classes in my model.cfg, so my class inherits from "Truck" instead of "Car", as I could suspect "Car" does not support 8 wheels. As I did so, the model animations stopped working completely, it now does nothing. I therefore need some assistance understanding which classes my class can inherit from in model.cfg. How come I can not inherit from "Truck"? I've attached my config.cpp and model.cfg, in case you need to see them. Config.cpp Model.cfg Update: I figured out how to get wheel dampers working, I forgot to define the rear 4 wheels in my class at the end of model.cfg. At this point I'm trying to get the dampers working the right way. When t should go up it goes down, and vice versa.
  13. JustMathew

    Model is front heavy

    It didn't even take a year for someone to need that answer, as I am in the same trouble, even tho my model is tilting to the side. Any update on how to fix this?
  14. JustMathew

    Modelling program recommendation

    Most of Autodesk's products are indeed free for academic use. All you have to do is study something, doesn't matter if the program you want is not within your area of study. You can find a list of free Autodesk software here.
  15. JustMathew

    Binarising Model Issue

    I've had the same problem, but I haven't had the time lately to figure out why. When you get it working again, could you please post how you did it? Thanks!
  16. Hi! It seems a link is broken at the BI wiki page for this tool. Under "Description" --> "Notes" it says: That link gives me a 404. The documentation link just below works just fine tho.
  17. Edit: It seems I might have been a little too quick on the trigger there, as my issue was with the points not being on the right places, since I forgot to apply their location in blender. I can confirm that you do not have to declare the points in model.cfg, they just have to be in the memory-LOD and in a named group. I think what made my trouble before starting this thread, was my not-working config.cpp, since a fresh copy made it work like a charm. Before discovering the root of my issue, I managed to make yet another post, but since it is obsolete now, I've deleted it. Thanks for your help guys!
  18. Thanks for the answers! I have made 2 points defining the cargo-space and one defining the enter/exit point, in the memory-LOD. I have named them the same as in the reference. I'm sorry I have to ask, but do I have to declare the points within model.cfg? In that case I suspect the problem is solved. I copied the example of the carrier from the reference, into the class Carrier as mentioned in the original post.
  19. Hello there! I'm looking for a clear list of which different "texture layers" (or maps) to make for my model and I would like some advise for where to look for tutorials etc. As of now, I know of these types of maps: Diffuse (General color) Opacity (Opacity, greyscale) Bump map (White is "pop-out") Normal map (Something like bumpmap, but different?) Specular map (Shinyness) Glow map (Glow in the dark, used on chemlights?) Reflection map (The how well if reflects other objects) source for this list. When texturing, is it correct that maps I assign to the model in blender, will be carried over to Arma through Object builder? - In that case, I should be able to use general blender-texturing tutorials as reference, right? As of now, this video is the best explanation of realistic texturing in blender, I have found. Any kind of pointing-towards-where-I-can-learn-more is much appreciated! // JustMathew
  20. JustMathew

    Which texture maps to create?

    Ah okay, then I will use .tga! Thanks for the good answers guys :D
  21. JustMathew

    Which texture maps to create?

    Are there any advantages of using .tga? When I make textures in blender, it is made in .png.
  22. JustMathew

    Which texture maps to create?

    Thanks man, that was exactly what I was looking for! Do I have to convert the maps manually to .paa, or is that done when I pack the addon with Addon Builder? In the Naming rules you linked to, it says source textures are OK to have as .png.
  23. Hi there! Is it just the textures you have trouble making? In case you have not seen these videoes GameDevBurnes have made here they are. I would like to help you, if I can. You are welcome to send me a PM here, or on Steam.
  24. JustMathew

    Custom Foghorns

    I would suggest taking a look at: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgVehicles_Config_Reference#sound Hope that helps
  25. JustMathew

    Custom inventory?

    If you want to change the loadout of units placed with Eden editor, you can right-click and choose Arsenal. Else you might want to take a look at Eden Enhanced https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/188312-3den-enhanced/ Hope that helps