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  1. lato190

    Bombing of tokyo in WW2

    https://uncovered-west.blogspot.com/p/bombing-of-tokyo.html a less known event, with more deaths than hiroshima and nagasaki nukes
  2. lato190


    another idea which probably has been posted here before: a chance to give player the ability to look into the inventory of zombies with a chance to find something there (like, normal zombies carry simple stuff in their inventory like empty can etc, while zombie soldiers can carry grenades or magazines) ? or give player the ability to loot dead zombies with the space button ?
  3. lato190


    hey haleks, not sure if i reported it already, but 2 things were caught on my eye: 1. seems like zombies dont attack or dont do any damage to vehicles. Maybe you can add an option in future to make them attack vehicles with damaging them or give them some sort of power to flip a vehicle after a few hits (like in zombies & demons). 2. When placing any static gun with a guy using it, zombies run to him but avoid attacking him, they make a big circle around him but nothing more happen other than that, i love your mod. Especially the background music is nice. Maybe you can add an bar that shows which track is playing and when the track ends, like in ZPS (top of that screenshot, shows "subway" the name of the track and the bar showing at which minute/second the track is until end) btw, is there an option to add our own music ?
  4. @Dwarden @DnA please consider adding sounds for: 1. body hits ground 2. when car hits person this would not only increase the immersion, but makes also physx feels more natural
  5. lato190

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    what terrain is that?
  6. ok ive tried this but still only mrap spawns. Anyway, can you do an alternative version of skirmish mode which include spawn for all vehicles (trucks, apc, tanks, boats, static weapons etc) and all types of one vehicle categorie (means, your skirmish mode only spawns the hunter from the car categorie, while all the others are left out) ?
  7. @eggbeast: do you still accept donations in order to buy new vehicle/weapon models ?
  8. so if i understand correctly: all ships in the current NAVY mod that is on workshop, will NOT be included in this release. In other words: we will lose them?
  9. lato190

    Community Factions Project

    i have some questions: 1. does this mod include its own vehicles, or retextures of CUP vehicles? or both? 2. are the uniforms etc... retextures too? or has this mod its own uniform, helmet etc.. models which are not included in other mods?
  10. lato190

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    No i wasnt getting any error and yes i use 1.0. But now it works because im using trigger. When i used gamelogic, nothing happens. Samplemission on stratis works too, it was my mistake because i played for only about 10 seconds. But strange is that it does not work for me with gamelogic, because in the description it says we can use it with gamelogic... but im happy with trigger too, its basically the same effect: everywhere where i go, it spawns units, which i wanted to have
  11. lato190

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    ambientcombat script doesnt work for me. Nothing spawns, even on sample mission. On tanoa, just 2 crashing UAVs spawned, nothing more
  12. hmmmm ive tried to add armored vehicles to make them spawn, because its pretty boring just to see the same MRAP spawn on all 3 sides, yet it does not recognize any tank/anti-aircraft vehicle, ive added theyr classnames into the .hpp like the readme says, aswell into the skirmish.sqf: from // GET VEHICLES FROM CONFIG: // Default to NATO/CSAT/AAF if no vehicles found if (count _carlist == 0) then { switch _side do { case EAST: { ["o_mrap","O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_F","O_T_MBT_02_cannon_ghex_F"] call tpw_skirmish_fnc_cartypes; and from those //SELECT BLUFOR/OPFOR section: case 4: { //CSAT _unitstring = "o_soldier"; _carstring = "o_mrap","O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_F","O_T_MBT_02_cannon_ghex_F"; would be cool if you could add other vehicles like anti-aircraft/armored/APC and boats too or if you could help me out adding them
  13. Since arma 3 major development come to its end with tanks dlc, are former modders interest to come back? Some modders stopped because of major changes in patches/dlc and broke alot mods and modder has to change it everytime. In future we will see only stability/bug fix patches, so no major changes/new features after tank dlc. Any former modder here still active and think about a come back ?
  14. lato190

    Soviet AF Pack

    this is awesome! all your projects are awesome! another question: do you have a list of projects that you plan to do for arma 3?