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  1. Yeah, its the HNZMS Te Kaha. A lot of the different variants are just the same weapons in different locations. Like for the Greek Hydra-class, the Harpoon launchers are moved amidships, and a CIWS is put in behind the main gun. The Te Kaha, on the other hand, has neither a forward CIWS or Harpoons, and are being refitted with Sea Ceptor missiles. The Anzac's themselves are fitted with CEAFAR AESA radars, and Ballarat, Parramatta, Warramunga, Toowoomba, along with the Te Mana, have the Mod 4 variant of the 5" Mark 45. The Turkish ships have Sea Zenith's and Mk 29 Sparrow launchers. Also, I don't know what you mean? You already have the model?
  2. [WIP] Terrain - North Coast Germany

    well, I'm already excited about it.
  3. This is a bit of an odd request, but could more MEKO 200 variants be added? I'd go into more detail, but I can't remember how to post images.
  4. Ok, cool! I'd tell you more but don't want to be annoying.
  5. I think I found something that could "fill out" the vehicle side of things without being too labor-intensive. http://www.vitalykuzmin.net/Military/ARMY-2017-Exhibition-pavilions/i-DjMc6Ds/A Damn it, I can't post the image because this site is poorly-designed.
  6. Christ, you could set up a defense contracting firm if you felt like it!
  7. I am still so damn excited for those subs. In the meantime, the Puma rocks.
  8. It's a bloody work of art, firewill!!
  9. IDK, man, the PT-76s did very well in Vietnam. Infact, the VMF retired them in 2015.
  10. Could someone make an RPG-29?