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  1. ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    Super impressive.
  2. ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    Excellent work! I'd love to see this Bay-class you mention.
  3. HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    The rate of fire for Russian guns seems extraordinarily high.
  4. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I thought the Russians weren't adopting the T-90MS?
  5. Quite possibly my favorite mod. You get more and more talented with each release Aplion! Have you considered adding more brown-water boats?
  6. Oh yes!! why did you change the names though?
  7. Project RACS

    You're killin' me, man!
  8. [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Gorgeous work, can't wait to try it out.
  9. Will you be upgrading the Australian frigates to include IRL upgrades?
  10. US Military Mod

    That's the idea, lol.
  11. US Military Mod

    Fantastic mod! Small request, would it be possible to add black PASGT gear to go along with the fatigues?
  12. Project RACS

    I am ridiculously excited for this still.
  13. HAFM NAVY v1.5 Release

    that's looking very nice.