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  1. Hello all, I figured I had come far enough to share the W.I.P. images and information about one of my many projects, the Curtiss P40 Warhawk/Tomahawk/Kittyhawk. I figured I should post this W.I.P. thread before someone else beats me to finishing this aircraft. This is my first armed aircraft that is at this stage of development, and is really an experiment with weapon cfgs for the Ju-87 Stuka. The model is by Helijah, who kindly gave me permission to port to Arma 3 Without further ado, the Curtiss P40 Warhawk (Ignore the muzzle flashes, that was an accident :P ) (Some more images) Currently the aircraft is in the final stages of development. I'm just touching up some things, and testing out the weapons. As well, I still need to complete the instruments in the cockpit and set up the sights. Should be released soon. Weapons as of now: -6x .50, three in each wing I plan to add fuel tanks and a bomb, just to give variety, and some practice for me. In case anyone is wondering about what liveries there currently are: -Flying tigers high definition -Flying tigers standard -Red tails -RAF -RAAF -Captured Warhawk (Japanese) -Munda -Desert -Umnak -2 Lt. George Welch's P40, Colours of the attack of Pearl Harbour -2 Lt. Ken Taylor's P40, Colours of the attack of Pearl Harbour Thanks to Helijah for letting me use his models, and thanks to [Dust]Sabre for answering my questions! Any information, or suggestions that may help with the addon, is more than welcome :)
  2. Hello everyone, I decided to share a little thing that has been sitting on my hard drive since (I'm sorry for this joke) last year. Thanks to Helijah for the model, I imported the Hornet Auto Gyro in Arma 3. It was a little side project that I did to show, teach and be a proof of concept aircraft for a friend of mine who I am teaching. Started off pretty simple with it belonging to the civilian side. Then, I decided what the hell, and strapped a .50 and 4 rockets to the side of it, with a couple of grenades dropped by the pilot. It has some great STOL capabilities and flies at roughly 80 KM/H in cruise. Currently the auto gyro is found under BLUFOR, OPFOR, and CIVILLIAN, with it's armed variants under the armed factions. *Side note* I just realized I left the instruments out. Oops. The three of them will be added shortly Here's some screenshots of it. Here's a little video showcase of the auto gyro I won't be releasing it until the friend I am helping is finished with their import of an auto gyro, but hopefully that will not be too much longer PS, if there's any flight model magicians out there, can you help me? It's a stubborn thing to slow down, and I'm not sure what's causing that. Any advice? If you have any comments or suggestions with what I should add/do with the auto gyro, feel free to tell me :)
  3. The Campaign was extremely enjoyable. I as quite happy with the different take on the battlefield. It worked pretty flawlessly. But to critique: Other than that, excellent work. Kept me busy for an hour and a half last night.
  4. hnchmc

    Hornet Auto Gyro

    It's essentially complete, before the Jets update that is. I've taken a break from modding for a bit, and perhaps I should start back up again. I'll have to add in the new Jets additions, which I have some nice plans to incorporate these features, but in the mean time nothing for release. Perhaps in a few weeks, if I can find enough time
  5. hnchmc

    Black Powder

    Awesome that you released it! Lots of opportunity :)
  6. I too have an autogyro (actually two) in the works and got puzzled by the anim for the rotor. I tried speed, but noticed that when using autopilot to land, the speed remains constant so the blade doesn't spin :(. I thought about scripting it, but I'll take your word for it that it doesn't look good. I just ended up setting the anim source to rotor like the propeller does. It stops when you shut down the engine, but at least it spins properly. Looks like a wonderful model, would enjoy flying it around . Side note, how did you do the flight model? Mine can get low as 30 km/h without stalling, but she doesn't slow down very well. Once again, great work and I look forward to seeing more!
  7. hnchmc

    Who made the Nepoleonic War Mod?

    Was it not Eaglke, if I'm not mistaken?
  8. hnchmc

    Flight Failures Mod

    So what you're saying is that I can have an engine failure on take off or mid flight... Sign me up!
  9. This download/addon/thread has become depreciated. If you want the up to date version that has this bug fixed, download the new pack from the thread (or steam) as seen here
  10. I remember such addon being created; it had a green screen, camera, desk, etc. Not sure what ever happened to it.
  11. Curious as to whether or not someone can point me in the direction of a mod or scrip that allows for the easy playing of animations (Rather than having to do playMove in editor) for MP or other things? I really want to play around with the carrier crew anims in MP.
  12. So I finished the model, and finished some texturing. I dislike the turnout of the textures (I'm not very good at making them) however it will do for now. I do plan on adding more to the engine as it looks pretty simplistic. Here's the link to a sketchfab view of the model Once the touching ups are complete, I'll be putting it in game
  13. hnchmc


    Great to see this project passed onto another great modder in the community. Congrats to everyone apart of the development, it looks amazing, and I look forward to Firewill's continuation and completion of the potential this addon has!
  14. hnchmc

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    Perhaps I'm an idiot (Turns out I am!), but is the arresting cables broken for anyone else? It seems that no matter how I land, I can't snag any wires. I do believe this to be a bug, as deploying the tail hook returns an error in game from the script animating it. The error occurs when the sound is attempted to be played. someone forgot an ";" somewhere... After this error occurs, the tail hook does not deploy. If I call the action again fast enough, while the error message is still on screen, the hook does deploy. Attached is a screenshot. Occurs both in SP and MP. On another note, I have managed to find spots where clipping occurs. found this in MP, both my friend and I fell through the deck just forward of the wire closest to the bow. Any help is kindly appreciated **EDIT** Just saw on the Jet's DLC feedback that it is mentioned in the patch note that the carrier lacks hook support... Ignore that now. I suppose that's what I get for not paying attention to the patch notes. Sorry about that.
  15. hnchmc

    Secret Weapons

    This is because the new update has changed how the points dictating where you get in the aircraft work. All we can do is wait for Sabre to fix all his planes (which may take some times, because there are a lot he has made , so we must be extremely patient!)
  16. Hello Everybody, I figured I'd give a little update to the Mad Max auto gyro I have been working on for the last little while, for this mod. I have completely remodeled it (from scratch) and am nearly complete, so expect to see it flying around in game soon. I have been working with IN005 to have this in his mod Render of the model:
  17. I recommend giving Sabre's Military Aviation addon a try. It contains both a C-2A and E-2D. It doesn't have AWACS ATM, but that may change after the official release of the Jets DLC.
  18. hnchmc

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    Omfg, I'm crying tears of joy! Thank you BI and BO1, Thank you!
  19. Hey all, sorry if this is has already been answered, I've searched the internet and can't find an exact remedy. If there is already a post answering this, please just point me to it. Sorry then. Anyways, so my problem is with the custom vehicle classes being overwritten. What I mean by this is that after I make a custom faction, and custom vehicle Classes, the faction appears in game yet the vehicle Class names do not. Instead, they are replaced by the vanilla "planes", "cars", "men", etc for the type of unit respectively. For example: class CfgFactionClasses { class test_fac { displayName = "My Test Fac"; author = "hnchmc"; flag = "\a3\Data_f\Flags\flag_quontrol_co.paa"; icon = "\a3\Data_f\Flags\flag_quontrol_co.paa"; side = 2; }; }; class CfgVehicleClasses { class test_fac_vehicleclass_testplanes { displayName = "Test planes"; }; class test_fac_vehicleclass_testcars { displayName = "Test cars"; }; }; Then, when applied to vehicles using side = 2; faction = test_fac; vehicleClass = "test_fac_vehicleclass_testplanes"; in game it reverts back to the vanilla vehicle classes, where they're found under "planes" or "cars" Maybe I'm missing something? Anything helps
  20. Ok, the cable cars are just f*cking awesome... A couple of chair lifts, some skis, some snowboards and a good mountain, then we'll have a winter sports mod in no time lol. Amazing work as always Duda
  21. VERSION 0.3 RELEASE -Better crew placements -New and improved shadow LOD -Adjusted CoG (Less wobbling on ground) -New interior and improved -New livery, "PT-17 Stearman Weathered" -Lowered get in points -New mod image -Added scripts -Moved PT-17 Rally and PT-17 Rally Rouge from BLUFOR and OPFOR to Civilian (sorry for any issues this may cause) -Better world model optimization -Couple other things I can't remember... *Expect an update soon, after Jet DLC is released and new documentation is added* OVERVIEW Over the past few months, I have worked on and off on a PT-17 Stearman for Arma 3. The amazing model was supplied to me by Helijah who had created it for the game Flight Gear, and, with his permission, was ported to Arma 3. With the massive amount of help by [Dust]Sabre, I was able to complete this addon. It was my first addon, so it took a while to make, but here it is! I will continue to work on it here and there, as I have a few projects I'm doing simultaneously, and try to fix bugs and issues that arise. TO DO/ WISHLIST -Add that wing walker version -Make some better textures -Add reflections, so it doesn't look so dull -Add Sabre's and my scripts FEATURES -Working instrument panel -Multiple Liveries -Custom engine sounds -Dual controls -Wreck Model -[Dust]Sabre's and my aircraft related scripts Current pictures of the model: If you would like to learn more about this awesome aircraft- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing-Stearman_Model_75 LICENSE The PT-17 Stearman for Arma 3 is released under Arma Public License(APL) The author of The PT-17 Steaman for Arma 3 gives no warranty. No commercial or military use etc.. DOWNLOADS (outdated) REQUIREMENTS Sabre's Aircraft Library Credits and Thanks: Hnchmc (Seymour Butz)- For bringing the model to Arma 3 Helijah- For his fantastic model and letting me use it! (Link to his Aircraft Hangar) [Dust] Sabre- For his tremendous ammounts of help (and his aircraft library)! Flanders25- Helping me with issues Alwaren- For his Blender tool box Bohemia Interactive- For their fantastic game! Class Names: "hnc_stearman", "hnc_stearmanN2S", "hnc_stearmanCanadian", "hnc_stearmanRally", "hnc_stearmanRallyRouge", "hnc_stearmanWeathered", "hnc_stearman_wreck" Last Update: April 2nd, 2017 Past Updates Change Log:
  22. VERSION 0.3 RELEASE -Better crew placements -New and improved shadow LOD -Adjusted CoG (Less wobbling on ground) -New interior and improved -New livery, "PT-17 Stearman Weathered" -Lowered get in points -New mod image -Added scripts -Moved PT-17 Rally and PT-17 Rally Rouge from BLUFOR and OPFOR to Civilian (sorry for any issues this may cause) -Better world model optimization -Couple other things I can't remember... *Expect an update soon, after Jet DLC is released and new documentation is added* Play with six has an outdated mirror http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=753378478 https://www.dropbox.com/s/hcd8xrpzbobsebq/PT-17 STEARMAN VERS 0.2.zip?dl=0
  23. hnchmc

    Jet DLC?

    If they did, they're about to be attacked by a swarm of angry Jet DLC theorists... Then again... The Karts DLC started as an April Fool's joke... BI Pls
  24. I suggest you give this thread a look over. From the speculation of the community, I'd say by the looks of it, there may be an aircraft carrier in the works... This comment mostly gives pretty good evidence.
  25. hnchmc

    Steam Workshop Changes?

    I agree with you, in the sense that the Steam workshop's recently uploaded is flooded with repacks of other people's work. Besides the possible copyright and IP conflicts that may arise, it does clutter up the recently uploaded section making it more difficult to find those new addons. A new "section" though wouldn't help much, seeing as how 13/14/15 y/o just go down the line of tags, adding everything available to get the most clicks. What I really wish is for Valve to allow game companies to control their communities. I only see that as a benefit. Allow for the devs to assign a moderating team for their steam community, workshops, etc. Less work for valve's moderators, and less grief for game devs, creators, and users from being nearly helpless. As Dwarden has said, you aren't allowed to upload to the steam workshop without having the rights, however with the lack of moderation, people disrespect the rules and seem to believe adding a workshop mirror is "OK" under the claim that it's a "Workshop port". It seems to be a free for all of repacking and reuploading... And a shame at that. But hey, when has Valve ever listened to public opinion?