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  1. 9th of July 1777. Violent time traveling Space Marines attack a fleet of the Royal Navy. The Space Marines lost that battle. Mods used: Black Powder and Operation Trebuchet
  2. A helicopter about to land during a small mission Mods used: Recolor, Sullenskies and Weedkiller for Altis (big thanks to Evil Organ here, really changed the game for me!), BWmod
  3. A German soldier in the dark. Mods seen in this picture: road runners KSK, Fifty Shades of MP7, Sullen Skies for Malden, Recolor
  4. Wow that looks great. Do you plan to use Malden assets as they will be vanilla?`
  5. This picture looks pretty cool and inspired me to work on a small spec ops mission. Thank you ineptaphid for posting this! Looks like you have put lots of work into that picture. One question though, where is that car from? I was looking for it on the workshop but can't seem to find it. Is it from BFST?
  6. I tried to recreate a shot from the Arma 3 - 'Stratis Showcase' Trailer using Aegis Mod assets to compare Pre Alpha Arma 3 with todays Arma 3. Thanks to Nightmare for letting me test this awesome mod. Mods used: Aegis Mod
  7. The pictures of the USS Freedom which Jeza posted looked really great. I especially liked this one in particular : How was this picture taken? Looks like it has been edited or was this achieved in Arma 3?
  8. rioD

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Yeah I had the same problem. Somehow it fixed itself magically after a restart. Some other problems which occured to me: When I spawned the F18, often the backside would glitch through the bottom, rendering the plane undriveable. Additionally the launch catapult shields would not retract in multiplayer (haven't tested it in singleplayer) after a takeoff. This happened on every map and even after multiple restarts. Does anyone else experience those problems?
  9. German soldiers patroling on Altis Mods used: BWMod, Bundeswehr Kleiderkammer, Direone's Static Animations
  10. rioD

    Arma 3 Aegis

    I think I'd prefer the newer ones.
  11. Stratis Police investigating the brutal slaughtering of citizen 6. Mods used: Operation Blockhead, Direones static anmiations, PLP Urban Packs, Renault Clio IV, VSAV Peugot Boxer, Renault Scenic Police Nationale
  12. rioD

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Multicam alpine is the camo variant I am most hyped for. This will look great on winter maps and / or Aliascartoons splendid snow storm script! Thank you very much for your stunning work.
  13. Looking great. Appreciate your work. I can already see myself playing some missions on it :) In #52 I can see a road leading into the river. Is that a flooded area or are you planning to use a bridge later?
  14. I am really looking forward to this map. Thank you very much for the regular updates, this looks very promising. Best of luck to you guys, you are doing incredible work!
  15. Loving road runners KSK mod! Made a small mission where a KSK team has to rescue pilots of a downed Tiger helicopter Addons: Road runners Kommando Spezialkräfte, BWmod, VSM, direone's anims