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  1. Isaac-Neo

    [Release] Auto Run Script

    Umm please dont, we want to run up hills lolz
  2. Isaac-Neo

    [Release] Auto Run Script

    Any idea how to get this working with wasteland?
  3. I want to know how to init edit vehicle appearance from a script or button I can make, however I do not know the line of code per say that init's edit vehicle appearance in the eden editor. Also if you could point me to a better means of looking for this kind of stuff that would be dandy.
  4. So why is it that after the most recent updates with A3 does my HC keep disconnecting?
  5. I am in the mist of setting up a RP framework, of which it needs TFR setup, I have setup the module usage in the mission.sqm and added the .dll files into the root folder of the A3 server. However I still get ::New Eden System - Waiting For TaskForceRadio. What is this error and how can I fix it? I have have googled this, so dont even ask about that thanks.
  6. BI! Why are you still running A3 on a outdated engine and above all a 32 bit client and server still?! This is a huge limitation and annoying as all get out. You need to start updating your game to a newer standard that is somewhere closer to today's standard's. I am so sick and pissed off as heck dealing with a broken as broke game that is as limited as a person in a straight jacket!
  7. Isaac-Neo

    Failed to open object builder

    To all that is here, I have found the fix. In other click on project drive management, then click mount the work drive (P) click run, then click install Buldozer, click run, then click close and BOOM you are up and runnin.
  8. Isaac-Neo

    Eden server issues.

    So as soon as the server tires to start the alive mission it fails to read the mission.sqm file and tries to reload the mission.
  9. Isaac-Neo

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    I fixed the orbit for your AC130U.
  10. BI can you PLEASE make ArmA 3 64-bit? IT is holding the game back.
  11. How about ArmA 3 to be converted to 64-bit already. . . . For real the game cannot even use 100% of my GPU or CPU to push out more FPS.
  12. Isaac-Neo


    You can use your Nvidia control panel to change the physx to just the GPU and it did give me more FPS by a pretty good amount.