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  2. Added another variant of a upgradekit in the scripts. https://github.com/ELRabito/RwG-Base-Building-2.0---Exile-compatibility
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  4. I like it for both the immersion and tactical penalty of your AI having weapons at a ready when running thru a heavy civvie population. For instance, I penalize the player for always keepin his gun up, if he runs too close to Civs they yell out and attract attention of enemy soldiers. This makes you think about keeping your weapon in the ready position too much. With the above I can now apply to the players Ai squad who may be forced to be in a less 'ready position' in heavily populated areas. Thats just the way i like to roll doe.
  5. @LSValmont, I got sidetracked making a name checker tool. It wasn't really a solution to the topic. cursorTarget totally works for (only) player. Like you said, assignedTarget has some limitations. Have fun!
  6. Sgt_Krunch

    [WIP] Black Hornet PRS

    Have you updated the steam version with your updates? as of right now, the steam version can't get off the ground. I think it still has the weight issue.
  7. My script is extremely out-dated and runs like total shit in large urban environments. I'm noticing it may also be flooding the scheduler with code to spawn furniture and all that, which is part of why I still haven't updated it; needs to be totally rewritten for the 3rd/4th time. I'd recommend using someone else's code if it runs better and gets the job done. With that said, my furniture script deletes the furniture when the house is destroyed because otherwise the furniture will float above the ruin, as if it hadn't collapsed. Also better for performance.
  8. Published to Steam a version with Zombies and Hordes. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1895673280
  9. Thanks @Larrow, that did the trick. I now have this dialog defined: class uns_cb { idd = 2019; movingEnable = true; onLoad = "_this call uns_mbox_fnc_carpetLoad;"; class controls { //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // GUI EDITOR OUTPUT START (by TeTeT, v1.063, #Dujeja) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class uns_cb_frame: RscFrame { idc = 1800; x = 0.2375 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.206013 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.6 * safezoneW; h = 0.6 * safezoneH; colorBackground[] = {0.1,0.1,0.1,0.5}; }; class uns_cb_listBoxPlane: ctrlListbox { idc = 1500; x = 0.28125 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.262011 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.291667 * safezoneW; h = 0.4 * safezoneH; }; // class uns_cb_listBoxBomb: ctrlListbox // { // idc = 1501; // x = 0.602083 * safezoneW + safezoneX; // y = 0.262011 * safezoneH + safezoneY; // w = 0.2 * safezoneW; // h = 0.4 * safezoneH; // }; class uns_cb_buttonOk: CtrlButton { idc = 1600; text = "Ok"; //--- ToDo: Localize; x = 0.733333 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.709991 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.0583333 * safezoneW; h = 0.0699969 * safezoneH; action = "systemChat 'setting up carpet bomb module'; [] call uns_mbox_fnc_carpetTool;"; }; class uns_cb_buttonCancel: CtrlButton { idc = 1601; text = "Cancel"; //--- ToDo: Localize; x = 0.295833 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.709991 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.0583333 * safezoneW; h = 0.0699969 * safezoneH; action = "(findDisplay 2019) closeDisplay 0; systemChat 'Carpet Bomb setup cancelled';"; }; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // GUI EDITOR OUTPUT END //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// }; }; The function to load the listboxes is incomplete, will be driven from config later on, but basically it works: // Written by TeTeT for Unsung params ["_dsp"]; private _lbPlanes = _dsp displayCtrl 1500; { private _idx = _lbPlanes lbAdd (_x # 0); _lbPlanes lbSetData [_idx, _x # 1]; } forEach [ ["A-4 (10 * Mk82 500 lbs)", "uns_A4B_skyhawk_BMB;Uns_Mk82Launcher_dl;10"], ["A-6 (15 * Mk83 1000 lbs)", "uns_A6_Intruder_BMB;Uns_Mk83Launcher_dl;15"], ["A-7 (14 * Mk83 1000 lbs)", "uns_A7N_BMB;Uns_Mk83Launcher_dl;14"], ["F-100 (6 * Napalm 500lbs)", "uns_f100b_CAS;Uns_NapalmLauncher_500_dl;6"] ]; The carpetTool function that sets the variables in the module via init: // Written by TeTeT for Unsung, with help from Larrow // https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/226173-configuring-a-module-in-eden/ private _dsp = findDisplay 2019; private _ctrl = _dsp displayCtrl 1500; private _idx = lbCurSel _ctrl; private _data = _ctrl lbData _idx; // systemChat str _data; private _dataArray = _data splitString ";"; private _e = create3DENEntity ["Logic", "uns_ModuleCarpet", screenToWorld [0.5, 0.5]]; // _e set3DENAttribute ["name", "PreconfiguredCarpetBomb"]; _e set3DENAttribute[ "init", format [" this setVariable[ 'Type', '%1']; this setVariable[ 'Bomb', '%2']; this setVariable[ 'BombAmount', %3]; ", _dataArray # 0, _dataArray # 1, parseNumber(_dataArray # 2)]]; _dsp closeDisplay 0; Thanks again for your help and pushing in the right direction! Cheers, TeTeT
  10. Ladder animations that only touch the ladder. No starting in mid air. Ability to climb obstacles like Enhanced Movement mod. Raise/lower weapon command so can get through doors sideways or closer to walls. AI that cannot see through dense grass. Much better grass drawing distance. Inventory has a "take all" option. Maybe if you click on the quantity and drag it takes all items. Quick drop backpack command. Better, longer lasting, grasscutting to see bodies. ACE Advanced grenade throwing as standard (why can't I drop a grenade out the window) Civilian traffic/AI module that is very light on CPU and has very limited AI actions; just to create crowds. Number one, though, is: use more CPU threads if they're available, and use more of each thread. I often see CPU sitting at <70% on three threads and think, "I wouldn't be desiring faster hardware if ARMA used what I've got more effectively."
  11. Also I do not know how they handle buildings being destroyed, but here I have decided that furniture gets destroyed along with it.
  12. I suppose it is a moral question. However this is Arma, the opposing sides are in conflict and when a BMP full of AI is barrelling toward you, the last thing they would be thinking about is whether they should stop or swerve to avoid their enemy. 😀
  13. I hope you can get some use out of it! I haven't actually seen Phronk's and Haleks' scripts. Very interesting! To compare this script with theirs, it looks like the main difference of this is that you can (and at this point in time, will have to) define compositions of your own. So if your mission requires messy or if you require clean furniture you can choose. Downside is of course how I haven't made many compositions so you'll have to do it yourself. This is why I'm very interesting in crowdsourcing. This script is built around the idea of adding your own compositions, so that is why I also have scripts to export these. Looking at the the ravage script, it seems they work in very similar ways too. This script will select random compositions(If they exist) and thus has to synchronize that, but I don't know if their scripts have to deal with that at all, maybe they just use one per house? It seems their scripts do not spawn the objects on dedicated servers. I would think this would cause AI to ignore it, whereas they would normally act like they can't see through it. I only looked at Phronk's thread, but it seems it works on towns, through triggers. This script is meant to be more seamless, looking for every building you come across. I think those are the points worth noting, but this is not an exhaustive list. On another note, I'm going to make a small video to try and illustrate how to build and use compositions.
  14. will cursorObject not be enough for player vs ai checking? Like: for Ai vs Ai checking how about using the assignedTarget command? It will not be extremely precise but works for Ai vs Ai checking as long as they are enemy. I don't think the command works on friendlies pointing guns at friendlies and also it probably only works when in combat but I don't see a situation where an Ai would point its gun at a friendly unit anyway nor a situation where an enemy would be pointing at an enemy and not in combat unless it is a scripted scene or something. The second function also works for Ai vs Player checking (I think this is what this post is about), as long as you add a condition like: If (isPlayer _aTarget) then {_playerAimedAtInfo = _aTarget; _playerAimedAtInfo}; PS: Even thou not as precise and having its limitations, this method is far more performance friendly than an EachFrame Mission EH.
  15. Yesterday
  16. I use this for simulating a weapon drop, do you think it might cause me troubles using "WeaponHolderSimulated" createVehicle [0,0,0]; instead of createVehicle[ "GroundWeaponHolder_Scripted", position player, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE" ]; ? PS: Your fnc_check is only dropping the selectedWeapon and not all primary, secondary and handgun weapons. I am running it like this:
  17. I can confirm that, it actually CRASHES Arma 3 for me. And a hard crash that requires a full reboot on windows 10. I solved this by having my script: Drop the primaryWeapon to the _wh. Delete the secondaryWeapon. (if present). Put the handgunWeapon inside the backpack/uniform/vest. (If no space left just delete it). (if present).
  18. Matt Hejl

    Played a few, now questions

    What about ADS vs 3rd person, I was under the impression that if you aim down your sights once, then every time you pull the gun up in that round it will be the same. I find it inconsistent though, sometimes it ADS and sometimes its over the shoulder.
  19. Thank you tinter for sharing this! On the whole of Arma 3 community there are only 2 such scripts, one from @phronk and the other from @haleks. I've personally used @haleks version and it works like a charm and has almost "null" impact on performance being perhaps the only downside that its compositions tend to be on the apocalyptic side of things (like blood and garbage too etc). How would you compare your script to that of @haleks ? PS: You would have to look inside Ravage's PBO's to get to those scripts.
  20. Okay! Tested this again on Sunday and it worked perfect, even with a ton of other mods running. Just to make sure, I waited another day and tested it again and it worked just fine! Even tried it on two different maps! Perfectly fine. Arma being Arma I guess, Sorry for the alarm ☹️
  21. Still my favorite map, keep coming back to it all the time, currently making a campaign for my group, was wondering if anyone can point me to the real world location so i can grab some pictures from google maps for my campaign briefing?
  22. vigorshelter25


    More about it. -the film sk 1-Two days ago one guy ¡¡¡ who i dont know who is he in solo play. ask me if im german. of course no im not and make me wonder who is he? so i was under a bush cover undetectable no signal detector nothing surronding. So he emerged from nothing a rain of bullets direct to the bush where i cover with EXTREME PRECAUTION. He kill me of course and when i consult his nick make me wonder the guy who ask me 30 seconds ago if im german. 2-Two guys killing everybody in the map. when finish the play they stand together they are friends of course and near the air drop the loot. So they leave and the crate still in the map. they killing me one in front one in back both coordinate for sure. 3.Guys who kill you with shots in the head and you under a bush cover. with two bullets and you in his back only Assist Aim? Assist Aim? one chat and Forums talk about this game reporting this issue. Im top level shelter. poltergeist
  23. Nice @OFrP for the beret insignia 😄 As for the bad news I'm sorry to hear it. I'm guessing the integrators you are looking for aren't just merely config writers ?
  24. Thank you for the help, folks! This will help me tremendously.
  25. avibird 1

    Supply drop

    @Larrow Just DL and looked at the codes in the crate and module. It's appears to be exactly what I have in my setup. But I could be wrong lol would not be the first time when it comes to Arma scripting. Your demo works perfect thank you very much. I don't have to edit ammo for 18 different unit setups for this mission. I need the test in the real mission to see if there is something with the few mod/scripts I have incorporated into the mission that might be causing the issue or is it just user error 🤪.
  26. Cry2yourMoM

    Played a few, now questions

    A way to obtain crates early on in hopes of getting blue prints... do your challenges. A lot of challenges give crate rewards. Be sure to do them.
  27. the_one_and_only_Venator

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    There is still the problem with the floating wreck of the Mora. At least on latest stable branch.
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