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Jep, its WIP to test. Ressource  and blueprint restrictions will follow:) 

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VA complete overhaul


Hi all,


figured it is time for an update and outlook.


The past few months have been great for the mod as I was able to take on some major milestones.


Topics like hosting a dedicated VA server, persistence, base building, crafting, a proper loot economy and a better UI are no longer wishful thinking but either implemented (WIP) features or available through community members Know-how and engagement.


It is great to see how a small community of like-minded survival enthusiasts have gathered around the VA project, I am having a blast on discord guys!


Much of the progress was enabled by The Dudes merciless testing and bug finding.


VD: Update to Steam, I did good, no bugs!

The Dude:...

VD: ?

The Dude:…NO!

VD: ...

VD: Hotfix.


He is also hosting the VA Test server which allowed us to test the mod in its intended environment and has provided assets and a HUD out of the blue.


Thanks mate!


The mods feature list has grown quite a bit and so has the list of issues. However, I also have learned quite a bit again.


Hence I figured it is a good time to take the mod, separate all existing elements and rebuild, improve and extend it from scratch.


For that I am taking the various scripts, look at them separately, review and optimise and put them together again one by one.


For each layer of this rebuild, we will be testing the current version on SP/MP and dedicated to make sure each layer of features is solid, before adding features.


The schedule looks as following (no ETA and subject to change) :


Phase 1:


Equipment categorisation, loot economy, player load out generator, “The Living” features (health, hunger, thirst, bleeding, infection, temperature,…), persistent save system.


At this stage, we want a challenging, persistent hardcore survival mod, that should keep you busy by just trying to stay alive. Loot economy and the survival system should go hand in hand so players can scavenge for whatever they currently need. 


The loot economy will spawn loot where it makes sense and so the player is forced to search for specific areas/buildings for certain types of loot (military areas, medical facilities, supermarkets,...). 


For every danger, there should be a potential solution and the player has to adjust his survival strategy to these dangers (getting into a fight without medical supplies - bad idea.). 


"The Living" is the VA life and survival simulation system, I am looking forward to put a lot of time and effort into that simulation. This rework of the mod should push this feature as a priority.


It is a large topic but it will include: health, hunger/thirst, body temperature, injury system, illness, Z-Infection, sanity system and possibly more. The priority might change and some of the features might be pushed to a later phase.


Phase 2:


Base-building, crafting, resources scavenging and refining, tools, workstations


A large topic as well. In essence, VA will introduce a resource gathering, refining and crafting/building system. Resources will be available from various sources and should lead the player to hunt for different objects, terrain objects and items spread over a map. Raw resources can be refined by using tools or workstations (e.g. workbenches). Blueprints (that spawn in the world) will likely be the source for player to learn new refining, building and crafting pattern.


Phase 3:


AI spawners, uniform side restriction fix, persistent vehicle spawner


The AI needs to be reworked from scratch. Different types of AI/AI behaviour will be added, from stalkers hunting the player to patrols to scavenger, minding their own business.


A vehicle spawn feature will include persistently spawned and saved (to the server) vehicles with repair, maintenance and fuel features. This is a completely new feature and currently just an idea.


Phase 4:


Site spawners, farming, hunting


Review of the sites, optimisations and addition of new type of sites


This is far away and while the sites will certainly be reintroduced, anything past phase 2is very likely subject to a lot of change.


Live version on Steam:


The rework of the mod will be done on a WIP branch of the mod and will not affect the Steam version.


I will not push any live updates in that time but will provide hot-fixes to game-breaking issues.


Uff, I would have many more details and ideas to share but this post already escalated quite a bit so we stop here. 


Join discord if you want to know more! 





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@everyone just to keep you posted: i am currently working on a own hunger/thirst and cooking system that will be part of the first phase/basic build of VA3. 0. I hope that i can upload a nice showcase video soon. This is part of my goal to have a VA standalone survival system in place for VA in the future. Cheers


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