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Just now, 19th Hippie said:

Player count: A 90 man game is simply too much for this game mode. Average FPS was around 15-30 and the game was essentially a giant "blob-fest": Two large groups of people cutting their way to each other through the map

The biggest @Jezuro's Warlords scenario we've got in the RC is 32 players (same layout, whole Altis). One of the goals of the session was also to test if the 64 player version (which was also in the original mod) would be viable. It was cranked up to 80 just for the event and the demand :). Performance definitely was an issue, especially after voting for a new sector (and new greenfor AI spawns). Plus your feedback about gameplay issues with such numbers is very valuable!


Just now, 19th Hippie said:

Spectator mode: Apparently the spectator mode did not work for some people. I believe that in-game it was admitted that this is a known issue.

Spectator slots were a last second quick addition for the event, plugged in as-is...and just like that it didn't work. Mah fault, very sorry about that :(

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