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    just played some more of it, in depth, here's some suggestions and ideas I had, that might make things easier for developing custom missions and balancing current ones!: Airdrops for heavier vehicles should be restricted to sectors you control, you shouldn't be able to airdrop them on your position. Things like Hunters, Quadbikes and Qilins work fine and make sense, but it doesn't make sense to be able to airdrop a Slammer or an Angara on your position, because you can just bypass any AT defense the enemy has, or you can bypass the entire enemy line and flank them with a tank. Additionally, another really unbalanced thing is being able to airdrop utility trucks, especially on your position as well. Because if your tank is damaged, you can just airdrop a repair truck nearby, repair your vehicle, and just forget about the repair truck, if it's just two players in a tank doing whatever. You can really easily just call in an airdrop for utility trucks, and then use them once and leave them behind, if you have the funds for it. Alternatively, there could be a "Vehicle Depot" type of disposition, for heavier vehicles like tanks. That way, for landlocked scenarios and terrains without runways or harbors, you can still work towards capturing a specific area, with an additional benefit being the ability to call in heavy firepower. Also on the topic of dispositions, it would be cool if developers could create custom disposition types in general. It'd allow developers to create custom strategic points with a custom disposition in their mission, that allow their side to call in artillery or airstrikes or whatever. For example, a developer could create a custom "Radio Station" disposition type, and if it's controlled by a side, then it allows them to use supports. As far as calling in airdrops goes, in general, there should be an option to specifically select where something is airdropped. A lot of the time, something gets airdropped on a building, the airdropped vehicle explodes, or it gets airdropped behind enemy lines since the game selects the airdrop area in the sector for you and doesn't take everything into account that a human would. Essentially, it would be nice if we can select airdrop positions in a similar fashion to calling AI supports like artillery or heli transport in other gamemodes. You could make it so you can select any spot within the bounds of a sector, and your airdrop will land close to that spot, instead of its location being selected by the game. also kind of a nitpicky suggestion but, for the official gamemodes, there should be stationary repair depots, ammo dumps and fuel depots at the main base for a side. Definitely it can be done in the editor, but it would make life easier for everyone lmao In general, I think airdropping on a player's position should be restricted to infantry and lighter vehicles, or there at least should be an option for it in the mission settings. That way, there's more of a penalty than a higher CP price. Heavy armor and utility trucks should only be airdroppable within the confines of a sector. Also, players should be able to specifically select where they'd like something to be airdropped in a sector, instead of the game selecting and potentially destroying or making the airdropped vehicle inaccessible. Also, disposition types could be moddable in the sense that you could create your own disposition type in a description.ext file, and use it to limit anything of your choosing for custom missions. There could be a command to check if a side has a certain disposition type captured, and if so, it could return "true" and be used in triggers.
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    would we be able to add another side's vehicle and unit classnames to one side's asset list, for a custom scenario? for example, having AAF soldiers and vehicles recruitable while playing as BLUFOR
  3. will it create mission dependencies?
  4. This mod adds flagless versions of the Carrier GL Rig and Carrier Special Rig, in both Green and Black variants. It's a bit weird how the normal carrier vests have flagless versions, but not the Marksmen DLC vests, so this mod fixes it. It should also be signed for multiplayer. It doesn't require any other mod. Please report any problems you may have! Enjoy! DOWNLOADS: Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=970985405 Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32985
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    Please ignore.

    yeah maybe so
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    HIGH-MACS - HMCS Addon

    metal gear...... it can't be......
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    Enhanced Trenches

    that's pretty handy, will it come in different versions, like snow trenches maybe?