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MCC Sandbox 3 - Dynamic mission creating tool for ArmA 3

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1 hour ago, avibird 1 said:

Is there a way to have gaia contol over editor placed groups rather than using the gaia button in the command interface. I know about the standalone gaia but I want to have access to the full MCC4 mod. Is there a way to give contol to group from the editor. If I run MCC4 mod and use jebus or standalone the time for generating waypoints within the zones can be over 10 minutes. Does anyone have any ideas.

You can use the same commands you use with the script version



(group this) setVariable ["GAIA_ZONE_INTEND", ["1", "FORTIFY"]];

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Hey dreadpirate the issue I think is your script that call for gaia zones and the standalone template there is a big delay if I have the MCC4 mod running. I use the MCC4 mod for a bunch in game. I never setup zones in MCC4 that is always in the editor with editor placed units and zones is using Jebus. It's a sad day I think I need to remove MCC4 from my mission lineup of mod's. 


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