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  1. Is this mod still woking with the current version of Arma?
  2. How do I use the Trigger codes in the waypoint menu please?
  3. Great mod!! Two questions: 1) Is my AI squad automatically controlled by Gaia? If yes, how can I exclude them from Gaia to keep control over my units? 2) WhenI create a mission in the editor, can I already create a Zone which I can later use ingame for the mission generator? Thanks
  4. rainbow47

    C.O.R.E -- Options and Ops Center

    Activated Polar and Snow probability 100% in CORE but it's not working. Any advice?
  5. rainbow47

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Thanks so much for the detailed explanation. I will try this out in my next mission. Just a question, when you say combat mode you mean that my AI squad goes into danger state? Is that the same thing? If yes, does LAMBS also get activated when my squad is in stealth state?
  6. I added the following lines but it soes not seem to work and the helis get immediately spotted: CallHeli.sqf string in line 120 _heli_trasp setUnitTrait ["camouflageCoef",0.0]; _heli_trasp setUnitTrait ["audibleCoef",0.0]; OrderHeliGO.sqf string in line 140 _heli_Go setUnitTrait ["camouflageCoef",0.0]; _heli_Go setUnitTrait ["audibleCoef",0.0]; Sorry, I am not familiar with Arma scripting. I guess these things do not work do they?
  7. Thank you Enigx. It's not so much that I want to make the heli invulnerable. It's more about to create a stealth heli for stealth mission. For example I set the camouflage and audible values for my AI squad low so that they are harder to spot. I will have a look if I find a way to do this for the spawned heli. If I find a solution I will post it here.
  8. Went for option 2 and it is working perfectly. Just one last thing, is it possible to summon the helis with certain parameters like camouflage and audible values of 0 (basically invisible for the enemy)?
  9. This is awesome, thank you. I only play SP with AI squad. So no risk to call multiple helis. I guess option 2 is the most suited for SP?
  10. Many thanks for the script will try it ASAP. On a different not, I am not using ACE because I am not aiming for too much realism. It looks like ACE is required. Does anyone know a light version of ACE which adds the minimum requirements to use this script?
  11. Hi guys, I am just designing my first own mission where me as a player plays alongside 4 AI teammates. During the mission I would like to avoid that any of the AI teammates can die but it should be possible to incapacitate them which gives me the chance to revive them. Can someone explain me how to do that. Sorry, I am still new to it. Thanks rainbow
  12. Are you guys using any AI mods (eg. VCOM, etc) alongside AIO or is it interfering too much with the control of your own AI units in your squad?
  13. Hi guys, i am designing my first SP mission. I am the team leader of a small squad of 5. Teammates are controlled by the AI and their outfit are individually designed in the Arsenal. I assig an NVG to each unit and can see that it is attached to their helmets. However, as soon as I start the mission (nighttime) the NVGs disappear from the AI units. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks