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  1. Thanks. This would be the best feature ever I think. Would make stealth play really fun!
  2. Any chance to implement a Sync Shot feature like in GR WIldlands? Team moves into position to take out marked targets and then regroups with leader.
  3. Hi, I installed Arma (+ all STeam Mods) on an external SSD connected via UBS-C. The external drive is connected to my desktop PC an works perfectly fine. Now, I would like to run Arma on my laptop. I connected the external SSD via USB-C to my laptop and Steam finds the installation. However, when I start the launcher it shows me that all my mods are corrupted: "The mod is not installed correctly. Please try to reinstall it,....". Also all my Mod presets are gone. Is there a way to fix it and use Arma from external SSD with two different computers? Thanks
  4. Thank you Leopard I am also wondering, is there a way to give units the order to attack enemies via the map WP menu?
  5. Thanks for the update. Would it be possible to keep the WP Map zoomed in after exiting it?
  6. Hi Leopard, I was wondering if AIO is fully compatible with the LAMBS mod? I am not an expert but have read that the doMove command is breaking the LAMBS mods. What type of movement function does AIO use? And is it the same for 3D and the WP map system which you have impemented?
  7. Leopard, do you have a release date in for the SUPER AI in mind?
  8. Thank you. When Auto Target is disabled, does the AI still fire? Or do they only fire if I give them a target?
  9. Leopard, what is the "Auto Target:Enable/Disable" option for? Does it have anything to do with Autocombat ON/OFF?
  10. Really curious to hear the latest Super AI update. Are we getting closer to a beta test?
  11. Hi, any update on the delayed Christmas present? 😁