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  1. Unfortunately all download links are dead. Does anyone know where to find the script?
  2. rainbow47

    GF Missions Script

    I know thiis is an old topic and the scripts are partially broken but does someone have a download link for the latest version? Thanks
  3. rainbow47

    [Release] - CleanUp script

    Does anyone have a working download link for this script?
  4. Fanatastic AI mod for infantry scenarios. Love the customiszation via userconfig files. One issue I have though is that GLX wants to take controle of the player's AI group. I want to avoid that. Player group is BLUFOR nato and I have set GLX_System set [1, [EAST, RESISTANCE] ];. Nevertheless GLX is taking control of my group. Any ideas what the the issue is and how to fix it?
  5. Thanks for the script! Just a question. I have my group AI set to Combat behaviour. After the AI has revived the downed fellow the whole group incl the player switches to Aware combat behaviour. Any idea why? If possible, I would like to keep the combat behaviour as it was set before the revive.
  6. Hey KingN, I absolutely love your missions. Thanks so much. It's my favourite way of playing Arma. Any plans to make a port for Sefrou-Ramal? On a differen note, what radius are you using for caching infantry/vehciles to achieve the best performance? I am struggling a bit with FPS during missions. What is the best way to get the best possible performance with FFS. I am only playin SP. Thank you
  7. rainbow47

    GF Cleanup Script

    Can i still download this somewhere?
  8. Hi, I am calling TPW HUD from a script. Is there a way to 1.) Acticate the HUD automatically at mission start 2.) Change the HUD key from STRG+ALT+U to something else? Thank you
  9. rainbow47


    I just came across this jewel today. Great mod! Thank you for sharing.
  10. rainbow47

    adding map locations

    Hi, I am also looking to add new locations to maps so that they become available for OPCOM as mission areas. Does anyone have an idea how to do that?
  11. No worries. Sounds your mode is mostly finished. Happy to do some beta testing if this would help you.
  12. Thanks for the explanation. I will look into it. On a different not, is the Super AI still in development or has the project been stopped? I remember Leopard was mentioning some limitations of the Arma engine which make the development of Super AI impossible. Not sure what the latest update is or where to find information on the project.
  13. Hi, I was reading the comments about “scheduled” vs “unscheduled” above and it’s potential effect on FPS/healing. Can someone explain what these two modes are and where to change those settings? I could not find anything in the mod’s manual. Thank you rainbow
  14. rainbow47

    OPCOM - Operations Command (NEW UPDATE)

    Is it just me or has anyone else experienced the issue where the rifle from the player disappears during missions? I am using an imported arsenal and also the GGE: Weapon Swap mod from the workshop. Not sure if this is causing perhaps issues? On a different note, are there any updates planned in the near future?
  15. Thank you Leopard, I got this working. I will also join the Discord server.
  16. rainbow47

    Make Ai squad invincible

    My first approach to use my own script 😂 Thank you very much for your help guys. I've learnt a lot!
  17. rainbow47

    Make Ai squad invincible

    Please find a picture here: https://ibb.co/8PD8pR0
  18. rainbow47

    Make Ai squad invincible

    Unfortunately still getting the same errror. Not sure what i am doing wrong.
  19. rainbow47

    Make Ai squad invincible

    I receive the following error: Error invalid numer in expression
  20. Thanks Leopard. I am trying to call the command form an .sqf. file (while AIO mod not loaded). The reason is that my units show the out of ammo alert on the group bar althugh they have enogh ammo. The Refresh fuction inAIO fixed that issue but for some reason joinSilent does not fix it for me. I am using this in my sqf file: { [_unit] joinSilent (group player); sleep 0.2; }
  21. rainbow47

    Make Ai squad invincible

    Somehow these are giving me errors.
  22. rainbow47

    Make Ai squad invincible

    I know this topic is a bit old but what command would I need to use to make my sqaud invincible but not the player?
  23. Got it, thank you Leopard. On a different note, may I ask you which command/function you use to refresh the sqaud ( command under ROE )?
  24. When you say it still remains active when you are unconcious, does it mean you can't completely disable the integrated medic functions in AIO? I am playing the OPCOM mod and have the impression that there are some conflicts because OPCOM is using its own custom medic scripts.
  25. Quick question, is there any medic logic integrrated in the mod? Eg. when I get kiloled/injured the squad AI tries to heal me? If yes, is there a way to permanently decativate it as it might have conflicts with some missions?