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Arma 3 Photography - Pictures only NO comments! And List your Addons Used!

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Mods: CUP, Caribou Frontier, Sullen Skies.

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Aeroport de Tanoa



Vehicle accident with a trapped person inside



Building on fire in Georgetown



Demonstration in Georgetown



Mods: Apex DLC, charlieco89mods (Vehicles, Planes & Objects), Some vanilla animations, Expansion Mod - Gendarmerie, Sapeurs-Pompiers : Belgique - Firefighters Belgium - Brandweer Belgïe, Lukes EC-135 Mod

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Mods: RHS, USP, VTN, S&S, Forgotten Fronts, Faces of War, Lythium, Kuban-Bridgehead, Huey Pack II

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Me and other guy doing some undercover intel gathering for an ALiVE operation later in the week.


HMM, yes, bad guys garrisoned in buildings. We dressed as civilians and activated an undercover mode (Spyder) to allow us to gather information and do some scouting of the AO before we do a larger mission in the region.


More urban areas are pretty heavily populated by both civilians and SLA OPFOR.


As we get closer to the airbase and military areas we start to encounter armour like T-72's and BTR/BMP's.


Scouting out the enemy airbase, with a really nice view of the mountains and sunset. 


A close encounter of the AI kind. Spooky.


We got compromised while trying to investigate a military base after night fell and had to leg it while pursued by an enemy Huey and infantry patrols in the area.


One nice thing about civilian clothes and not wearing helmets or body armour means you can LEG IT when needed.


We reach the coast and take our RHIB out onto the ocean, only to still be pursued by that same Huey from the military base earlier- we get into a moving gunfight with him and his doorgunners.


We disable his tail rotor with the 12.7 and he turns back, allowing us to get back to base safely and use the intel we gathered to plan the op.




ALiVE, Spyder's alive expansion, CUP, CFP, MLO, S and S, Apricot's night vision, ACE3


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Outpost Baker - Kunduz Province, Afghanistan




Mods: Boxloader, CUP, Vanilla DLCs, RHS, YPBH


PS: Are you interested in it? Let me know 😉 









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We acted on those recon pics this weekend to do an ALiVE mission inside a trigger area with a 1H 30M time limit to prevent 4x missile sites from firing on a nearby city via being linked to a VLS cruise missile trigger when the timer ended. 11 guys on, inserted via VTOL's (dropped via parachute out of the back of the birds was 1 Marshall with all the troops inside and 1 120MM MGS for support as the undercover recon earlier spotted tanks)


Our original drop zone was further inland on the South island of Sahrani, but the pilots were worried about the AA missile sites so dropped us early, meaning we would need to fight across the desert first before reaching the main objective area.


Time remaining before missiles launch- 1H 30. Landing on the beach and spreading out. The trigger had fired by now and we were in our first engagement of the mission against these two villages.


We had 1 Hour 26M remaining when the MGS got nailed by an ATGM team from a window in the village below while it was cresting a hill. Both crewmen were killed instantly, and not very happy, as you can see with this amazing art I did of it.


1H 23M. Our first objective was a fortified hotel that was originally going to be our landing and resupply zone if we had not had to drop early, so we pushed all the infantry and APC towards it at full speed, crossing the desert under fire and just breaking through the contact. Our APC took several RPG hits during the push, destroying some of it's SLAT armour.


1H 19M. We get into an engagement with troops inside the hotel, garrisoning a checkpoint outside, as well as more forces coming down one valley side supported by 50. cal technicals. During the engagement one of the bad guys hit our APC where the SLAT was destroyed earlier and killed the driver, but the gunner managed to bail out before it cooked off. 


1H Remaining. We sweep and clear the hotel with both ground squads + APC gunner, and get our support element with MG's and MAT (Yellow) on the roof and both squads deal with incoming infantry before linking up


46M  Light to moderate contacts, no armour, on our way to the first (of four) missile locations we found via recon earlier and we kill a ZU-23 truck and T-72 coming from the city in the background before we push into the small village itself to kill the launcher and radar.


45M Pushing into the village, where one team rigs the radar dish with demo while the second digs into the houses and holds off forces from the nearby city


40M left We begin pulling back from the first missile town into the mountains before more troops come from the city.


32-30 M - We have reached the 2nd missile location, inside a military base, and several members of Yellow team volunteer to move in and demo the radar and missiles and then dig in to hold off reinforcements while the other team members all keep moving, leaving them behind as we are worried about the time.


22-23M We continue to hear gunfire in the distance behind us until 22M when the military base blocking force killed to the last man. Troops and vehicles, including a Shilka that killed them are now pursuing behind us. Yellow team members (not the ones at the mil base, others) destroy the 3rd missile location and we merge both squad for the final objective, which is inside a major city and right next to the enemy airfield and HQ. We get into a fight with that Shilka in the city outskirts and kill it, but several team members are wounded.


20-9M We now have 6 men of 11 still alive and fight our way into the city. By 14M we had fought through the streets to a military checkpoint outside the city centre, which contains an embassy, church and some housing. We reconsolidate here and are running low on ammo and medical supplies, so our most wounded man, who was injured are unable to run, only limp. We tourniquet his legs and give him extra ammo. He holds the checkpoint alone to give the rest of us time to find the last missile launcher and radar.


8M We push into the city centre, and I'm debating with the pilots over LR about what to do. I want to know if it would be better to call for no extraction, as the fighting in the city centre is heavy enough we don't want more casualties from a failed extract, but we decide to get a bird as close as possible despite the AA threat for a quick exfil as soon as the missile is down. 


7-6M We get into a gunfight in the church and graveyard area while our rear is being held by the wounded man at the checkpoint. . First attempt at our extraction bird reaching the AO is driven off by the missile site, but the pilot evades the missile and waves off coming closer.


5-4M Fighting around the church itself as we still can't locate the launcher. At 4M the checkpoint volunteer is overrun and killed, so from now on we are being attacked from all directions. 


3M We distribute our ammo so everyone has at least 1 magazine or pistol ammo and fight over the street from the church to the large embassy building and main road. The overrun checkpoint means we are being engaged from both directions at once, and we are down to 5 men.


2-1M We finally locate the missile launcher but our last AT shot misses the launcher itself and hits the radar dish instead, blowing that up. We frantically scavenge an RPG but not before the missile is able to fire, meaning that a civilian town on our side of the island is destroyed by the cruise missile. We kill the launcher and call for immediate extract.


Post Launch. We dead sprint back out of the city, weaving around enemy contacts coming towards us, but sadly another of us is killed fighting our way out of the city, so we are down to 4 survivors of 11. Now the AA is eliminated we have AH-6 support to cover our retreat out of the city proper.


Post Launch. The AH-6 provides cover for a hot extract via MH-60. I'm down to 23 rounds left, our SAW was using his pistol, and we failed to stop the missile launch from destroying the town, meaning the civilian population in ALiVE became more hostile towards our presence there.


The mission was a failure, but in my mind the objective changed from 'destroy the missile launchers' to just 



by the end. 



CUP, CFP, ACE3, Australian Commando Weapons (Great, give em a look), NIA, ALiVE, MLO, RobTac backpacks, S and S. 






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Mods: Hotchs Animations, 3CB Factions (Ussr Flag / SVD), CUP Terrains (Takistan), RHSAFRF

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DLCs: Global Mobilization

Mods: CUP Terrains - Core, CUP Terrains - Maps, FTCW, FWA

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British Commando night raid mission, ALiVE, 4th SFG op photos from 3 perspectives.


A pre-dawn raid on a few smaller objectives before a town assault proper. 


Loading up the bird- We would be running 2 ground teams supported by an allied pilot (who would drop us from the bird and then swap out for a fighter)


We have not used the static line drop much, let alone at night, so the men are scattered over 2KM of woodlands and we move to regroup at the rally point, engaging Germans in the woods as the scattered guys move to the regroup point.


At the rally point with most of the guys, we get into a small firefight with some enemies here but eventually everyone arrives.


Our Mustang air support gets into a prolonged engagement with 2 German birds overhead while we push down the road towards the first objective, Dog, a fortified bridge crossing that was engaging our bird with a Flak truck as well, so was our first target.


One of the German birds, a Stuka, comes in over our heads only to get nailed and crash right next to us, knocking several guys out when the bombs on it cook off, but not causing any deaths for us.


The explosion from the downed plane lights up the area, alerting the Germans near the bridge and we fight our way to it. By now the sun is starting to rise, meaning we can actually see the enemies and are not just engaging muzzle flash and relying on our flares.


While the dogfight with the 2nd enemy plane continues overhead we push up to the bridge and are heavily engaged there.


It appears like an enemy convoy was passing through when we arrived, so we engage it and kill the vehicles and the flak gun. Our pilot wins the dogfight overhead and from now on provides recon and CAS support for the ground teams. 



Fighting at some buildings and the dead convoy while more enemies rock up across the river.




We take a nearby trench and reconsolidate ammo and medical supplies. 


Moving from Obj1 to Obj2, a small farmstead which our bird had been engaging due to it having machineguns, trenches and a PAK gun, with my team over watching the assault team. The fog is a real pain for our pilot, because we were in the river valley it all collected there and made him spotting targets harder.


Cleared out the PAK position and buildings of infantry and demo the PAK gun, which cooks off. 


Moving to the next objectives, a French town, with my team while the other team moves down the road. Our pilot RTB's to refuel and rearm before we reach the last objective, the town. 


We spot trenches and dug in guys in the buildings so avoid attacking them head on by sneaking down the river, before fixing bayonets and going over the lip towards them.


We clear out the trenches while the 2nd team begins to enter the town itself. Our pilot returns. 


Fighting our way into the town proper, our pilot gets into another dogfight above us, and the German attempts to strafe my team on the ground. The 2nd team is now fighting house to house to the left.


Both teams link up and we kill a Panzer 4 in the town and then pull back, as we had achieved our objectives and did not want to get into a prolonged engagement now ALiVE armour QRF had rocked up.


Our MMG covering the retreat of the last few guys out of the town before more enemies arrive. 


We did pretty well, only 1 of our guys got killed during the whole pre-dawn to mid-morning mission.



ALiVE, CUP, IFA3, DUI radar, ACE3, Secret Weapons




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Mods: Ravage, Sullen Skies.

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US Navy SEALS escort a CIA chemical weapons expert searching for suspected chemical and/or biological weapons in Nagara, Takistan, 2017.






Mods used: CBA3, CUP, RHSUSAF, Tier 1 Weapons

These are promotional images for my latest SP/COOP release SEAL TEAM Direct Action and EOD on Steam.

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DLCs: Global Mobilization

Mods: CUP Terrains - Core, Majan, FTCW, FWA

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For the final mission in the WW2 campaign we decided to run 3 teams, 1 American (mine), 1 British (which I'm not around much so lack many photos of) and a tank crew in a modified 76MM Sherman for fire support. We had been doing enough raids and town clearing in the past few weeks that the French civilian population had been converting into ALiVE French Resistance fighters and fighting alongside us the last few days, so we decide to attack a series of towns in order to prevent the German forces from re-establishing a foothold in the towns near the central river valley. 


I did not take the weather into account, and when we got everyone on for the op it was day, thank God, but also a thunderstorm, so I spent alot of time running around between guys and screaming orders over the gunfire, rain and thunder as the only people with radios were the team leaders and tank crew. The UK Airborne team is a few hundred M down the road, and stays supporting our American team or the tank most of the op. 


The Sherman is tracked by Panzershreks so the UK team digs in and covers while it is repaired and both teams plus the armour then fight their way down though several smaller villages. 


We clear the first and second town without issue, as resistance fighters had already killed most of the Germans in the second town, and make our way to the third, which bordered the river and an island. 


The rain clears by the time we reach the third town and get engaged by a STUG 3 and dug in infantry in the buildings. 




Fighting our way into the town, our Sherman engages and kills a Pzr 4 on the far side of the river.


Smoke mortars cover us while we fight through some bunkers and trenches on the central island on the river while the Sherman is on the bank behind me. 


While fighting on the island and into the trenches across the river we hear rocket fire, and start taking Nebelwerfer rockets from our NW, immediately changing our plan to clear the town to the west and instead find that before it drops a rocket on our heads. 


Engaging some of the town and a checkpoint near it before pushing into the village. We now start to fight Fallschirmjäger (ALiVE military objective AI) in addition to the regulars, likely due to the military checkpoints and bunkers.


While the American ground team and the Sherman are climbing a hill to a nearby town we have a Panther come at us from behind, but the UK team is in the treeline and kills it for us. 


Sherman engaging enemy vehicles after climbing the hill. Both ground squads link up for the assault on the hilltop town. 


Clearing the town of Fallschirmjäger with both teams linked up. 


The Sherman covering one approach to the town.


While the infantry hold the other, but barely, with low ammunition or scavenged weapons and no remaining AT.


We clear some bunkers and located the Nebelwerfers in the town, blowing them up with TNT before mounting up and making our way back to base before we are overwhelmed by reinforcements.


Fighting our way back across the river, minus 1 KIA from the American team during the uphill assault into the town. 


Close contact with a STUG 3 caused all the infantry to bail out while the tank engaged, and killed it, but the explosion was close enough to track the Sherman, leaving us dig in against the Infantry accompanying the STUG, but we eventually fight our way free and make it back to base with only 1 KIA, which is pretty good. 



ALiVE, CUP, IFA3, DUI radar, ACE3, Secret Weapons



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Addons used: MrCats Tactical Police Vests | RM SWAT Uniform | NIArms All in One | CBA_A3 | Recolor | POLPOX's Artwork supporter | Nikoton and Whiplash Animations


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Mods: Prairie Fire, Sullen Skies, ReColor.

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T50CUCN.pngMods: Prairie Fire, Sullen Skies, ReColor.

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