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  2. Mhh .. what I forgot to mention is that the helicopter vanished too. So basically I could change this line: if (_deadguy isKindOf "LandVehicle" OR _deadguy isKindOf "Air") exitWith {}; to this: if (vehicle _deadguy isKindOf "Air" OR _deadguy isKindOf "LandVehicle" OR _deadguy isKindOf "Air") exitWith {}; Is '_deadguy isKindOf "Air"' still needed in this case?
  3. MuRaZorWitchKING


    I can confirm using both is currently stable, (even with a fully populated gear pool module, all gear is classed) I’ve been doing 3+ hour runs in my mission and nothing, getting 70+ FPS in some areas of CHR REDUX, so I’d say this is the most stable my mission has been, no crashing or game ‘instant closing’ either, so all is well! 😊☺️
  4. omri2050

    Arma3 Videos

    Hey Just finished another cinematic, took me AGES!!!!!!!!!!!! Fixing and replacing footage but i like it 🙂
  5. 7 !!! My God man, I was overwhelmed with 3. Hats off to you Sir. P.S. there is a way to solve that.
  6. OK I don't have a perfect fix yet but I think I see the issue, the bodies are still in the vehicle and due to the game engine you can't delete units while they are inside a vehicle. You could add a check at start of findbody.sqf, this will just exit the whole script. if (Vehicle _deadguy isKindOf "Air") exitWith {}; However I suspect this will happen with all vehicle types so a better solution is needed.
  7. Next update will include some tank crew uniforms...
  8. Beagle


    Warlords tends to coem to a stall more and more often. more and more often it becomes "whack a mole" aroudn the centr towns. Yesterday the mission on US#01e went on for 18 hours, without any progress on both sides until server restart. it was the first time I saw the sun go down and set again, when im rejoined hours later, in warlords. Which brings up a problem....the whack a mole recapturing gameplay.... it's not original nor very interesting. Sector scan, look for the one player and its automated MG, spawn vrew and MBT, capture, MBT gets killed by a CAS on itsr way back to base... repeat!
  9. ArmaFiend

    AF Large Civilian Ship

    Hot fix is on its way today for the engines and railings. I will look through the doors again. The doors are in 3 different models because of number of animations restriction, top, middle, and bottom. I am guessing one had a mapping slip up. What level of the tower were the see through doors?
  10. Today
  11. You're right the LOD fire ifire, view, geom work on map but not out of map (black surface in editor). I checked with checkVisibility from eyePos player (on deck) to the sea level right below... 0 when carrier is on map, 1 out of map... EDITED: and cursorObject returns the hull part when on map, objNull out of map.
  12. Tankbuster

    Authority 20 player coop.

    A very quick and unpolished video of player deploying the RHS FOB.
  13. Soo I had this happening: I blew up a chopper with reinforcements since I gotta test all sorts of stuff. Most of the corpses dissapeared into thin air and still a bunch of flies and crows spawned at the same spot and the findBody script was running for everyone. Dunno if explosions gets rid of corpses or if they just spawned under the ground or something. I checked if I get the hidebody action for any invisible guys but I did not. I waited for them to get deleted so that the flies/crows get deleted too but none of it happened! Whats interesting too is that the debug lines return the same corpse 2 times in the same second, which should mean that the script is running for the same guy twice? //EDIT: After reverting the game it actually realized all of them were gone and deleted all the vultures and stopped running the script. The script running for the same guy twice is actually happening more often, I had the suspicion for a bit longer but now I'm pretty sure. Just now I had a test were a single dead guy got detected 2 times by the same unit a few seconds apart. The time difference could be the random sleeps, dunno.
  14. Whenever I try to launch Zeus with the test mod, I get this error. I don't really know what that means, since there is an entry in the file for CfgPatches.
  15. Or you'll be speaking with my half Asian lawyer
  16.  EO


    Over the last week I've been extensively play-testing a Ravage/GM mission on Weferlingen using both Gear and Loot modules plus the Ambient AI module. Gear Pool module is edited to include my GM uniforms plus some selected vests, packs and headgear. My most recent test lasted over 2 hours in Eden, no issues only lots of fun....(this also included lots of alt-tabbing in and out of game for various reasons)
  17. Sniperbkr

    Start a Unit?

    Would anyone want to start a Mil-sim unit with me, I have 2 years of milsim experience, being a Squad Leader, Recruit instructor, and Processor for the my previous unit. I would like to start a new unit of my own. I can handle a lot of the forums aspect but I need someone to be more of the in-game know it all. Let me know if you would be interested and we can get somethings rolling!
  18. Hello, I have a question, I want to keep my ORBAT in Config file in standalone addon. I create Config.cpp file and include next: class CfgORBAT { class TFPaladin { id = 1; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Troop"; type = "HQ"; insignia = "\ATF_Missions_Data\Storm\Insignia\TFP.paa"; colorInsignia[] = {1,1,1,1}; commander = "Kaiser"; commanderRank = "GENERAL"; tags[] = {BIS,USArmy,Kerry,Hutchison,Larkin}; text = "Task Force Paladin"; textShort = "Task Force Paladin"; //texture = "C:\Users\Spirit_Ural\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\[ATF]Ulman\missions\!@[00] Storm of Resolve\[ORBAT]%20Task%20Force%20Paladin.VR\LogoS.paa"; //color[] = {1,1,1,1}; description= "Оперативная группа Паладин была сформирована для уничтожения ''Халифата Паладина'', поиска и ликвидации его руководителей."; //assets[] = {{B_Heli_Transport_03_F,5},{B_Heli_Light_01_F,3},{B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F,4},B_Heli_Transport_01_camo_F}; subordinates[] = {"RedSquadron", "160thSOAR", "101stARB"}; }; class RedSquadron { id = 1; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Squadron"; type = "Recon"; commander = "Ulman"; commanderRank = "Captain"; insignia = "\ATF_Missions_Data\Storm\Insignia\RS.paa"; text = "Red Squadron"; textShort = "NSWDG"; description= "Красный эскадрон является основным силовым компонентом ОГ Паладин, именно ему поручается физическое проведение всех операций."; subordinates[] = {"APlatoon", "BPlatoon", "CPlatoon"}; }; class APlatoon { id = 1; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Platoon"; type = "Recon"; commander = "Ulman"; commanderRank = "Captain"; text = "Callsign ''Dagger''"; textShort = "A Platoon"; description= "Взвод ''А'' состоит из 16 человек разделённых на две группы по 8 человек, позывные ''Dagger-1'' и ''Dagger-2''."; }; class BPlatoon { id = 1; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Platoon"; type = "Recon"; commander = "Twente"; commanderRank = "Lieutenant"; text = "Callsign ''Razor''"; textShort = "B Platoon"; description= "Взвод ''B'' состоит из 16 человек разделённых на две группы по 8 человек, позывные ''Razor-1'' и ''Razor-2''."; }; class CPlatoon { id = 1; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Platoon"; type = "Recon"; commander = "Turist"; commanderRank = "Lieutenant"; text = "Callsign ''Blade''"; textShort = "C Platoon"; description= "Взвод ''C'' состоит из 16 человек разделённых на две группы по 8 человек, позывные ''Blade-1'' и ''Blade-2''."; }; class 160thSOAR { id = 1; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Battalion"; type = "Helicopter"; commander = "Degravis"; commanderRank = "Captain"; insignia = "\ATF_Missions_Data\Storm\Insignia\SOAR.paa"; text = " 1st Battalion"; textShort = "160th SOAR"; description= "Батальон осуществляет транспортные перевозки красного эскадрона, проводит воздушную разведку, а также оказывает огневую поддержку в случае необходимости и по мере своих возможностей."; assets[] = {"B_UAV_02_dynamicLoadout_F","B_UAV_02_dynamicLoadout_F"}; subordinates[] = {"HeliA", "HeliB", "HeliC", "HeliD", "HeliE", "UAV"}; }; class HeliA { id = 1; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Troop"; type = "Helicopter"; commander = "Degravis - 1"; commanderRank = "Lieutenant"; insignia = "\ATF_Missions_Data\Storm\Vehicles\MH6M.paa"; text = "Callsign ''Zephyr''"; textShort = "MH-6M"; description= "Группа лёгких разведывательных и транспортных вертолётов MH-6M, позывные ''Zephyr-1'' и ''Zephyr-2''."; assets[] = {{"B_Heli_Light_01_F",1,0},{"B_Heli_Light_01_F",1,0}}; }; class HeliB { id = 1; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Troop"; type = "Helicopter"; commander = "Degravis - 2"; commanderRank = "Lieutenant"; insignia = "\ATF_Missions_Data\Storm\Vehicles\AH6M.paa"; text = "Callsign ''Meatball''"; textShort = "AH-6M"; description= "Группа лёгких разведывательных и ударных вертолётов AH-6M, позывные ''Meatball-1'' и ''Meatball-2''."; assets[] = {{"B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F",1,0}, {"B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F",1,0}}; }; class HeliC { id = 1; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Troop"; type = "Helicopter"; commander = "Degravis - 3"; commanderRank = "Lieutenant"; insignia = "\ATF_Missions_Data\Storm\Vehicles\MH60M.paa"; text = "Callsign ''Blackstar''"; textShort = "MH-60M"; description= "Группа транспортных вертолётов MH-60M, позывные ''Blackstar-1'' и ''Blackstar-2''."; assets[] = {{"B_Heli_Transport_01_F",1,0},{"B_Heli_Transport_01_F",1,0}}; }; class HeliD { id = 1; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Troop"; type = "Helicopter"; commander = "Degravis - 4"; commanderRank = "Lieutenant"; insignia = "\ATF_Missions_Data\Storm\Vehicles\MH60M.paa"; text = "Callsign ''Stake''"; textShort = "MH-60M DAP"; description= "Группа ударных вертолётов MH-60M DAP, позывные ''Stake-1'' и ''Stake-2''."; assets[] = {{"B_Heli_Transport_01_F",1,0},{"B_Heli_Transport_01_F",1,0}}; }; class HeliE { id = 1; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Troop"; type = "Helicopter"; commander = "Degravis - 5"; commanderRank = "Lieutenant"; insignia = "\ATF_Missions_Data\Storm\Vehicles\MH47E.paa"; text = "Callsign ''Hot Dog''"; textShort = "MH-47E"; description= "Группа тяжелых транспортных вертолётов MH-47F, позывные ''Hot Dog-1'' и ''Hot Dog-2''."; assets[] = {{"B_Heli_Transport_03_F",1,0},{"B_Heli_Transport_03_F",1,0}}; }; class UAV { id = 1; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Troop"; type = "UAV"; commander = "Degravis - 6"; commanderRank = "Lieutenant"; insignia = "\ATF_Missions_Data\Storm\Vehicles\MQ1C.paa"; text = "Callsign ''Skyhawk''"; textShort = "MQ-1C"; description= "Звено многоцелевых беспилотных летательных аппаратов MQ-1C, позывные ''Skyhawk-1'' и ''Skyhawk-2''."; assets[] = {{"B_UAV_02_dynamicLoadout_F",1,0},{"B_UAV_02_dynamicLoadout_F",1,0}}; }; class 101stARB { id = 1; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Company"; type = "Airborne"; commander = "Nekonis"; commanderRank = "Captain"; text = "327th Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion"; textShort = "101st Airborne Division"; }; }; But when I try to call it in game via configfile >> "CfgORBAT" >> "TFPaladin" it is don't working.
  19. I think you need to define your units/factions in CfgPatches under units.
  20. haleks


    Since the last update, all loot or NPC gear potentially affected by the gearpool module are handled by a script executed by both the loot & gearpool module. Filling the empty slots in the SQF file will work, just like using the new options in the gearpool module will dynamically populate those. By the way : I was investigating a potential CTD when using the loot & gearpool modules together when my GC died, so anyone, make sure to let me know if you encounter stability issues when using those.
  21. @wsxcgy Okay, thanks. Hopefully the thread won't have to drag on for much longer, because I still have one more issue. I did successfully manage to pack the mod (which is just the unchanged config.cpp file from the thread you linked) into a PBO file, publish it, and then launched the game. I noticed that when I fire up the Eden Editor, I can see a nameless faction with a helicopter and some soldiers, as expected. However, when I play in Zeus, there is no such custom faction. Does one have to do something special to make it appear in Zeus?
  22. warlord554

    1stBN/160th SOAR Mod ArmA III WIP

    #7 sir No more. Ol dad is done having kids lol
  23. the pbo file is how things are archived and packed to be loaded by the game. you need to have your config inside of a pbo, and then have that pbo inside of an 'addons' folder, inside the @<yourmodnamehere> folder inside the root a3 directory. you can pack pbos with a variety of tools, addonbuilder, which comes with the Arma 3 tools on steam (great resource if you plan on modding) is probably the best way to start packing pbos.
  24. @wsxcgy I saw that thread before, but upon looking at it now a second time I understood it better. However, when I make a config.cpp, put it in a folder, and try to publish it through the ArmA 3 Publisher tool (just as a quick test), it gives me an error: "Error: No PBO files are included". What does that mean?
  25. pr9inichek


    @Jezuro what's about add another victory condition: How many towns be captured for 4, 6 or 8 hours Wins the team that captures as many cities as possible? In my opinion it's optimized time of game round. May be decreased cost IFV-6c Panther for increase popularity this vehicle? May be add Carrier for NATO, if they captured some important or too many towns? Fix Garbage Collector, please for optimization. May be spawn vehicles with empty inventory? May be leave unchanged stamina after fast travel in Regular servers? @Dwarden may be decrease slots from 64 to 40 or 32 in some servers for Experiments?
  26. you just need to configure your faction class and your vehicle and weapon classes. cfgvehicles will include backpacks, turrets, soldiers, and obviously vehicles. cfgweapons will include weapons, headwear, facewear, vests, and uniform items (emphasis on item, to make a full uniform its a little complicated since you also have to technically create a solider class for it). for what I presume you plan on doing, all you'll really need to do is define the classes you plan on inheriting from and then define things you might want to change like displayname or hiddenselectionstextures if you want. for soldiers you'll need to config them from the ground up but its really just a matter of writing in what you want them to have. this thread should be extremely helpful, should lay everything out for you. http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&amp;q=31238
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