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Suggestions for CCGM (please post them here)

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Ok i am using 1.02 version Carrier Commander - Gaea mission.

I am playing campaign and my progress so far is captured fulcrum and 4 more island.

I. My suggestions

1. Make available to player to see progress of building command center.

2. Make option to change island type just by clicking on some option and spending some resources.

3. When player is using carrier weapons it should see on full screen marked what gun he is using, there should be a possibility to make shortcut for carrier guns.

4. There should be possibility to change type of guns easly on carrier as on mantas, walrus.

5. Afterburner for walrus, mantas should be seen on side of screen. maybe option to have possibility to upgrade it would be nice.

6. i think bombs have no use when compared to rockets (to much expencive, low precision and only 1 in stack) I think bombs should have much larger damange radius if they are so expencive.

7. Even player cannot participate in its island defence it would be nice to see that when player zoom in to attacked island it can see detected enemy carrier on map(logicaly units detected it), also it would be nice to simulation on map like progress of enemy units capturing it ( also maybe add option for player have possibility to upgrade island weapons so it will take more time for AI to capture it (ofcourse it always capture it in the end if not stopped with player)

II. Non esential suggestion:

1. It would be nice to player can walk around carrier

III. Bugs i encountered:

When i was in my first battle vs enemy carrier i manage to destroy it with my carrier weapons + mantas rockets.

1. Problem:

The problem is that when carrier gets destroyed cinematic movie is shown and in that moment I lose control over manta and it continues to go forward.

Lucky i saved before that cinematics but mantas always keep going forward crashing into carrier or get in AA range of enemy carrier and get destroyed during cinematics.


-when cinematics start and player lose control mantas should do fullstop

- when carrier is destroyed it can't shoot during cinematics

- player should be able to skip cinematic with ESC


When i destroyed enemy carrier near island Duessa, island was still blinking red-blue like it was attacked even island was empty (i searched it whole with mantas)


When I Press 0 to use carrier weapons sometimes first camera i am shown is underwater?!


Very rare but sometimes during scramble mission when i press DOCK for mantas its pathfinding first step guide it to oposite direction of carrier outside of range and then 2. step guide it to carrier. In that situation manta just go out of range even it had shorter path to carrier.


For some reason on Medusa island my carrier was on right side of island and when i press DOCK for mantas (what was on left side) it wasn't working until i get close to ship (about 600-700m).

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I would really like to see a technology tree implemented in the strategy game mode. Perhaps we could have research islands in addition to the other three types. These islands would produce tech points which would be used to purchase new techs. I like the Supreme Commander 2 technology system. Perhaps we could have something similar. Research options could include techs to improve Mantas and Walruses (defensive and offensive strength), the carrier (weapons, armor, fuel capacity or efficiency), island strength, resource gathering rate, production rate. There is a great deal of potential here. At the moment this game just feels half-baked.

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Adding some more ideas:-

1. Customizing carrier through upgrade - via tech tree

- Choose between speed or heavier armor, firepower or superior detection system, Close range fighting capabilities or long range arty barrage to help capping island and many2 more to give players high replay value and surprise element if MP is implemented later (a big if =/ ). Upgrades should reflect on the carrier physical structure so a recon unit can try to guess what type of carrier is his team going against. Adding dummy structure to fool the enemy by using resource to build dummy armor while the carrier is speed oriented will be practical too. Advance radar detection should have advance looking radar mast, sacrificing a few flak guns for arty cannons and so on. You cant have it all but have to choose which path to go with each gameplay.

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Errr, re-posting a suggestion that I posted in a (now-locked) thread. having not previously noticed this suggestions thread...

CC:GM is a visually pretty game. But as we've been feeding back - ever since the first Beta - the Walrus pathfinding is crippling the gameplay experience.

I'm aware that BI is working on a patch to address this. However, having read through the modding threads where people have peeked under the hood, it seems to me that BI may not be able to effectively address the problems with Walrus pathfinding within the limited confines of the current game engine.

I therefore suggest that an alternative strategy would be to remove the obstacles which are preventing the Walruses from navigating effectively.

Eye candy is nice. But when all those trees and rocks are stopping the game from working as intended, it's time to let them go. Ideally there would be a toggle for these landscape assets. But if that's not possible within the 3D modelling, perhaps uploading a version of the 3D assets which eliminates these.

This is my suggestion, for consideration. Thanks for reading.

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I would like to see an improvement to the way buildings and installations are destroyed, the current system of showing the building or installation slowly sinking into the ground and then the debris model slowly rising to the surface is totally naff.

I am sure that other players would also agree that this way of doing it is very false looking and should be improved.

What do the DEVS think ?

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If the devs increase the mantas ceiling height they should be able to navigate better at the mountains islands, because most of the time they have difficulty in navigating these islands, this is crucial for attacking enemy units, It would also be nice to be able to fly over the tallest volcano and look into it, the mantas top speed should also be increased so that it can catch the enemy carrier.

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I loved that game from 1988 and this one looks just great! I would suggest following:

Units control:

  • There are "SUSPEND" and "EXECUTE" commands but I do miss a "CLEAR" one which would make a selected units to "forget" it's program. Similar to the "CARRIER STOP" (default key 'V').
  • In regards of drawing waypoints would be nice to have possibility to queue 'DOCK' command (SHIFT+G ?) - making unit to dock automaticaly after it reaches its last waypoint.

AI (lots being said here, looking forward for upgrade):

  • Walruses bridge awareness - please, warluses should not chase enemies under bridges. Enemy should not end up under the bridge at first place, especially the ones where is no escape from.

Islands management:

  • Pier build progress bar.


  • Make finall boss doable using keyboard and mouse. Not sure if I tried hard enought but after 4,5hrs of reloading I managed to have him at 60% best which was bit frustrating. Some cheat for lame players like me would do X-D

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Can the devs please add cup holders to the walrus, I keep spilling my pot noodle on the seats.

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Dear Devs:

When the pathfinding finds that a route (which was available) is now blocked, and that the item that is blocking the path is a friendly walrus, could you please try to implement one of the two following strategies.

* rock-paper-scissors (winner gets to move for the next 5 seconds. Loser must stay still).

* back-off (both walrii choose to move a small distance in a direction more than 45 degrees away from the blocker), then play rock-paper-scissors.

At the moment, the two just seem to do a merry dance and get in each others' way, so I hope that something like the above might cure the issue :) Something co-operative, anyway.

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Instead of .pak files (or fake patch) files for mods -

Would it be possable to make a .Mod file type that works like the following:

Unlike .pak files that overwright a file completly , .Mod files would only amend files

- In any Given file, you would only have to wright the name of the function that you wanted to overwright or amend.

- Anything not in a function or is a function that you added would be amended to the current file

- If you changed existing varables (or declars) then the old ones would be overwritten

This would make it so that the more simple mods would not have to be constantly updated after every patch.

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Shared Pathfinding if 1 Walrus finds a good path, the others copy it. Uhhh I think I posted that already.. I'll delete this if I did :]

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While I've played the game, I've taken some Ideas and I'hope some of them are good.

1. When the Engines are destroyed the ship can turned, would it not better when the turn is disabled to?

2. Shield for Walrus on Slot 2, because the Slot is not in use.

3. The Capsules for the Hack, The Building Capsules should not incompatible with other Armors.

4. The Resarchcenter can be used to

4.1. research for better armor and weapon

4.2. for other vehicles like tanks and bomber

4.3. research for advance the Carrier for example shields, more units, more defense and offens weapons

4.4 increase the cargo and the speed of the supply barks

4.5. more supply barks

5. Supply barks takes things from the Carrier

6. abort a supply

7.Manta Hook should be equipt in Slot 2

For more response about these I'll thank you all.

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There is a sticky to post your suggestions in. Please search before posting!

** I will merge your post there.

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These are the best suggestions, I think. Altough the game is good enough as it is. Remember: The story is different from the original. The original played its storyline on earth, with terrorists which kidnapped one carrier. This game, plays on a other planet and serves to colonize a other planet that is earthlike, Taurus.

Quoting Thygrrr:

More Strategy Game Options

Allow for smaller archipelagos, more / less captured vs. neutral islands, island distance settings, a seed value for the random number generator (so you can restart the same archipelago later), etc.

Research / Tech in Strategy Game

Give the research centers a purpose in classic mode.

Long Range Communications

Allow us to project a fraction of our force to remote islands, e.g. to defend them or scout them with a single Manta. Let enemy Carrier Mantas pay us a visit this way, too.

Yes, I miss the Long-Range Comms Pod very much. Of course, the game should compute correctly how much fuel is needed by the mantas between the islands. And the resuply with fuel should be possible on the other island. That implicates some sort of automated landing procedure on a manta-hangar. Problem: It could be, that the next request would be to alter the AI to attack the Hangar with the players mantas in it first... I do not need this. Just a Long-Range Comms Pod in the blueprints would be just fine. But no Long-Range for walrusses.

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How could you fail to put in multiplayer? Do you know how much money you have lost by releasing this game as a singleplayer? I love the way the game looks, and I want to get it so bad. It is a great idea, and looks like other games I have played, and loved, but I will not pay $49.99 for a game without multiplayer. This game looks so close to the idea of Battlestations Pacific, but it is missing the multiplayer aspect. I could have got so many members in my clan to buy this game, but I have no reason to sell them on it. I told them about it, but only to ask them if they could believe you released a game like this without multiplayer. I will get Carrier Command Gaea Mission when it goes on sale for less the $30.00 I really do like the look and idea of the game, please drop the price soon.

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At the moment the only practical way to win is to hunt down and kill the enemy carrier. We need more options in order to increase the replayability of the game (strategy mode). I would suggest allowing more than one playable factions, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps each faction could have different vehicles with different weaponry. One faction could be better at defense and another better at attack. Perhaps another could be better at gathering resources. Another could be better at researching technologies (after the implementation of a tech tree). Also, it would be good to have the ability to play against 3 or 4 factions on the map at the same time.

Another suggestion is for the player to have direct control of the defense capability of his islands. Islands could have a defense rating of, say, 1 to 8. The default rating would be 1. A defense island would be a 3. A non-defense island that is next to a defense island would have a higher rating and so on. I would like to have the ability to spend some resources to increase the defense rating of my islands. Higher defense ratings would require an increasing amount of resources. This would add another strategic element to the game. I would have the option play either defensively or aggressively.

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Things I came up with during the campaign:

- +100 for sped up time. Doesn't have to be a time warp, would be fine with Arma series type of time acceleration. Seems that most of the time is spent on waiting as the walruses dock....

- 'Hold Fire' command for the carrier (unless there is one I didn't see it), a bit annoying if you have flak guns on the carrier and you pass a command center a bit too close and the carrier destroys it within in seconds..

- Mantas should have a faster turning rate, especially after afterburner is found.

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[*] In regards of drawing waypoints would be nice to have possibility to queue 'DOCK' command (SHIFT+G ?) - making unit to dock automaticaly after it reaches its last waypoint.

This already exists, I found it the other day. Hold shift for waypoints, then keep holding shift and click on the carrier(the icon changes). It docks after completing. Also you can shift-click on another unit for auto-assist.


Move heavy weapons to the 2nd slot and raise the heavy gun mount up slightly, allowing a heavy and light gun at the same time. If walrus can't get shield at least give them an extra gun. Switch guns with mouse wheel etc

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Lots of good ideas here. I'm not that far in the game yet, but here is my suggestions so far:

Re-number the Walruses and Mantas from 1 to 4

I get the keyboard reference, but it makes it sound as though I got 9 Walrus'es and 5 Mantas. Which irks me a bit lol.

Multiple PiP's simultaneously, also in remote FPS view

Having more than one PiP (picture-in-picture) would be nice. Not all 8 perhaps, maybe 2 (at least) to 4 (in strategic view). And/or also in FPS view (as an option), so one can keep an eye on what the other units are doing.

Maybe not crucial, but it would be cool!

Walrus pathfinding

Just a simple suggestion: Why not have a less precise waypoint hit distance, instead of having to hit it exactly spot on the pixel? Please make it so that if it's within a few meters of a waypoint, it proceeds to the next (or stops or whatever if it's the last one).

Mouse freelook in external view

Like for the Carrier, but also with mousewheel zoom would be nice, in external view of vehicles.

Destructible trees

Just thought I'd mention it

Thunderstorm sounds

Seems a bit odd hearing birds chirping during thunderstorm, but no lightning sound.. there should be a really powerful lightning storm sound, lightning strikes and thunder rolling etc. Lightning storms are cool :)

Hack enemy Walruses and give them the AI pathfinding as a virus

(Just kidding :p)


Seems there are decent thunderstorm sounds after all, I wrote about that a bit prematurely.. but it did happen one time as I wrote it.

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The game is really good in many areas and its overall concept, but also a central problem that everyone knows by now,

So let me propose:

7 (simpler) ways to improve pathfinding (or easing the issues)

Lets take the current pathfinding (overall grid calculation and placing of waypoints) as given...

#1 Let the vehicles have more freedom.

Simple concept: make the turncircle much smaller, or none existing.

The vehicles could just turn in place, orienting at the next path-node.

This would of could eliminate the nice steering mechanincs you implemented, but at least fix 80% of the problems

And fun is more important than realistic vehicle behavior.

#2 turn Pathfinding off as Option and let the player set waypoints

-> as an Option in the menu for player vehicles.

Now turning the walrus pathfinding off would make the vehicles look kind of helpless, but

it would give the player the option to plan the paths manually (setting waypoints), and the executing the path at the needed time.

This would still make the vehicles have problems with bumping into small obstacles and each other.

A simple scan could avoid this. (if obstacle is on the left-front, turn tight, and vice versa)

A graphical help could be a drawn curve of how the vehicles would actually behave when steering.

So the user can reset the waypoints if the actual followed path would crash.

#3 make them follow you like a sniffdog in "assist" mode

Here the pathfinding changes mode when doing "assist".

The player steers a vehicles. and every other walrus that is set to assist follows the players past positions.

(like a dog following a trail)

So when the player drives, he leaves a marker every few meters and a counter.

The following vehicles try to reach each point in this path from the oldest to the newes.

The first point is the closest they can "see".

each vehicle will follow the one in front. (example: 6 player, 7 follows 6, 8 follows 7, 9follows 8)

This works quite ok, and at least lets the player plot a good path manually while driving the leasing walrus.

#4 Cheat 1 (passable)

-make obstacles and other vehicles passable (if bumping more than once.)

This shows at least some collisions, but eliminate the cludding and hanging problems the vehicles suffers most from.

The current pathfinder should still make the vehicles going around obstacles and structure most of the time, but if needs be

better cheat than hang.

#5 Cheat 2 (snap)

-warp to a waypoint when missing it.

If the vehicles reaches the waypoint and misses it, it will snap onto it automatically, if no other vehicles is on it

instead of strying to turn around.

#6 make a problem counter.

leave the pathfinding working as it is, until a threshold of problems (collisions, turning around, recalc) is reached.

Then turn on a cheat mode, and let it move just like the Droids (no turning circles, less collision radius) similar to #1

#7 brute force

If the PC has enough CPU power left, you could simulate timesteps and see if there is a collision - at least with static objects.

Simulate (with simplification) the traveled route by calculating the physics simulation for a timefraction (like 5 seconds)

if the was a collision adjust the waypoint or insert a steercommand to target and rerun the simulation.

Thake the path that showed the best outcome based on the heuristics (beeing close to the next waypoint)


my humble Ideas on that topic.

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Posting the same thread 2x is a bit useless and of course crossposting is not even allowed.

Additionally your feedback is very welcome in the sticky suggestions thread. Please search beforer posting! Since you are new I have merged your post here.

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