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  1. I had an unexpected crash on x64 g570
  2. OK, there are major improvments on AI path finding, but not finished on every island. Now about crashes or other problems, I can say it is a Beta patch, we have to wait for final. The patch is on the right way I think.
  3. Right ! There is no software that needs no patching! But it's one think to descover an anexpected bug and patch it on a finished, tested, published product , and another one to publish an unfinished product and complete it with future patching and community moding effort.
  4. Yes Mod threads, to a new subforum. http://www.carriercommandaholic.com also serves this.
  5. My concern is, if value 0 is suitable for all maps or only that map enviroment (island). Did anyone else tested this on another islands with much different enviroment ?
  6. Quad Guns ability to hit ground targets Currently not able due to restricted vertical angle freedom. This don't make sense. Every A/A can be used to hit ground targets.
  7. I understand that, it's a matter of taste, that's why I propose the ability to have an option in main menu maybe, for this FPS aspect on Buildings. :) Well, a mixture of call of duty FPS and Carrier Command RTS as it is now, wouldn't bother me at all ! :p
  8. Evmolpos

    mouth-to-mouth advertising

    Just for the history, there are many examples of games that didn't kick start so well, but have been improved by community and developer patching, and finally become a success later.
  9. I like the concept of FPS. But FPS it self needs improvment, on controls, secondary weapons etc. I wished I had the option to retreive artifacts from Factories, Labs, hack HQ, and Command centers by assaulting them indoors in FPS mode, and find them. FPS mode will have a great value if CC goes multiplayer. This game has a great future if properly supported by BI and community ! I'm a 42 years old gamer since my 12th. This is my sense about this game, and I have seen a lot of them. This one managed to make me feel exited instead of bored during gameplay as most other games do to me. Bugs will be Fixed, AI and gameplay will be improved sooner or later by BI and community.
  10. Campain Editor / Creator Also ability to choose campain in main menu. Then community will take care ....
  11. On the contrary, you don't have to feel cheap, just save it for later when moding knowlidge of CC will be advanced and create an expensive cloaking device for warluses to equip with :cheers:
  12. It's just because I enjoy this game so match, that I will not cheat :)
  13. Facilities Hacking Like at some facilities in campain mode, Give the option in main menu for all facilities in campain/startegy mode, to always FPS battle indoors, in order to Hack them or retrive blueprints or artifacts etc. If indoor facilities are radomly designed that would be easy.
  14. Excuse my opinion, I understand the study for creating mods for this brilliant game, but this invincible mod isn't game braking ? Again excuse me I realy admire your effort, I am sure woy will deliver superb mods in time. Thanks ToxLaximus