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  1. I know the answer is Soon . But it has been over a year. At the very least the devs could spend a day to let us increase the maximum number of islands that we can have.
  2. I think those are just the people looking for that magic mouse acceleration patch and the other magic uncap island limit patch.......
  3. If I recall, there are 2 programs used to unpack the game. One was from the developers (see the news forum) and the other was made by a user. I forget where the user made one was...
  4. With the release I can not proceed with the majority of the project. However, #3 is still in limbo due to some concerns I have with path-finding. To the Devs: Is there a setting somewhere that I can set to shrink / increase the resolution of the path-finding grid? Or do I have to come up with some kind of a converter to edit the map data file?
  5. Tontow

    Mouse acceleration

    The words aim and manta currently do not belong together.
  6. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission FBX Converter is here !!!!!!! Now where do I put slot A???
  7. Tontow

    Development stopped?

    I'm still waiting on that model converter so I can do a full mod.
  8. Sharper, longer, stronger, more pointy stick thingy go! *Poke* *Poke* *Poke*
  9. The PC version has been updated. If you want to play a patched version of the game any time soon, then you will have to get the PC version, because the 360 version will most likely not be patched. ( At least not in the foreseeable future.)
  10. Thank you. Will this exporter also handle animations and path finding data? Or will animations and path finding data be handled by something else? I ask about path finding data because of things like bridges and it will also allow me to do some random islands.
  11. Completely random islands may or may not be doable. It depends on weather or not I can script changes in terrain or if I can randomly place models as fake terrain.
  12. One thing that I find odd... I was looking in the object viewer at Bridge_p_body.xob and when I look at the path finding data, the green path-able area is overlapping the red non-path-able area. Is this correct or is it the cause of one of the path finding bugs? Edit: It seems all the bridges and ramps are set up like that; with red and green path finding data overlapping the same area. No wonder walrus like to drive off of bridges...........