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  1. So I'm trying to make an island but the texture layers don't like me. What is happening is that the layers keep placeing themselfs at the bottom instead of on top. How do you rearrange the layers?
  2. So today I came accrost a command center that the enemy had just started to build. I empted 4 mantas worth of rockets and ammo into it and nothing. How do you counter this? Do I just have to come back when its done and fight through the island?
  3. I know the answer is Soon . But it has been over a year. At the very least the devs could spend a day to let us increase the maximum number of islands that we can have.
  4. I think those are just the people looking for that magic mouse acceleration patch and the other magic uncap island limit patch.......
  5. I once toyed with the idea of making a classic Carrier Command mod. So, with that in mind, I give you: Carrier Command: GM Classic. Project Goal: Create a mod to make Carrier Command Gaea Mission look like the original Carrier Command, but with a more arcade/fast pace feel. (To quote Mythbusters, " Jamie want big boom! ") To-do list: 1. Get info about how models are made and compiled (see other thread in this forum). The entire project depends on this information being released and cannot begin until it is obtained. - Create the following models: Carrier, Manta, Walrus, various turrets and equipment, trees, buildings, rocks. 2. Create a function call database of known function calls to the main engine as the rest of the project will rely very heavily on redoing large parts of code. 3. Shrink everything down to a microscopic size. - Because everything will have fairly low polygon count; this will present a unique opportunity to make the maps and the environment seem 9,0001% bigger than what it is now. (Its over nine thousand!!!) 4. Turn each map in to it's own archipelago. - See two. As everything, including the islands will be shrinking, we will now be able to have each map contain several islands, thus reducing the need for that nasty loading screen and greatly increasing the scope of the game. 5. Modify the AI to deal with the new archipelagos. 6. Redo the UI so that it is more in line with the original Carrier Command 7. Balance changes to create a fast pace environment. - I'm thinking around the lines of weapons with high rates of fire, but with slow moving tracer round like ammo. Think of the old school side scroll space shootem ups. Lots of time to dodge all the bullets that are flying everywhere, but you won't be able to afford to take too much damage. 8. Hard points for mantas, walruses and then everything else. - This means units will now have subsystems that can be destroyed. IE: Blow the wheels off of a walrus and it will become an immobile turret until it is repaired by another unit or a manta picks it up and takes it back to your carrier for repair. 9. Multiple enemy carriers. 10. Introduce formation flying for mantas. - This can be accomplished by combining the required mantas into a single model and treating the extra mantas as systems (much like the systems on the carrier).
  6. OK, so we finally get to change and add items and weapons with this last patch. This is good. They gave us an example, But.... Once again we are left with a shear lack of documentation on what is what. IE: Here is your cake, good luck trying to find out how to eat it because we sure don't have the time to tell you how or even what kind of cake it is to start with. Thus once again leaving the (sadly) almost non-existent mod community scratching there head with one hand while (at the same time) trying to pull said head out of there rear with the other. Could we please get someone to go through the wiki or even make a separate tutorial on what is what when moding carrier command? Especially with the new stuff that was released in 1.07. It is a joke that we as modders have to study the code for hours on end to even begin to understand where to start to change a single thing, but alas, the community appears to be too small to warrant any documentation of that level. Side note to Devs: I still have faith in your ability to make this game into everything that was promised and more, but this cake is a lie policy has got to stop. (The cake is there, but it is a metal cake, and you can't have it or even eat it.) I believe in you guys and that you have it in you to do so much better.
  7. If I recall, there are 2 programs used to unpack the game. One was from the developers (see the news forum) and the other was made by a user. I forget where the user made one was...
  8. With the release I can not proceed with the majority of the project. However, #3 is still in limbo due to some concerns I have with path-finding. To the Devs: Is there a setting somewhere that I can set to shrink / increase the resolution of the path-finding grid? Or do I have to come up with some kind of a converter to edit the map data file?
  9. Tontow

    Mouse acceleration

    The words aim and manta currently do not belong together.
  10. At the moment I have blender as my main modeling program. Manly because it's free. But I would like to try to redo the models to make them look like the original CC. I (once again :( ) find myself at the shear mercy of the lack of documentation for modeling in CC. What do I need to decompile a model so I can study what is required? What do I need to compile a model once I have it created?
  11. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission FBX Converter is here !!!!!!! Now where do I put slot A???
  12. Tontow

    Development stopped?

    I'm still waiting on that model converter so I can do a full mod.
  13. Sharper, longer, stronger, more pointy stick thingy go! *Poke* *Poke* *Poke*
  14. The PC version has been updated. If you want to play a patched version of the game any time soon, then you will have to get the PC version, because the 360 version will most likely not be patched. ( At least not in the foreseeable future.)
  15. Thank you. Will this exporter also handle animations and path finding data? Or will animations and path finding data be handled by something else? I ask about path finding data because of things like bridges and it will also allow me to do some random islands.
  16. Completely random islands may or may not be doable. It depends on weather or not I can script changes in terrain or if I can randomly place models as fake terrain.
  17. One thing that I find odd... I was looking in the object viewer at Bridge_p_body.xob and when I look at the path finding data, the green path-able area is overlapping the red non-path-able area. Is this correct or is it the cause of one of the path finding bugs? Edit: It seems all the bridges and ramps are set up like that; with red and green path finding data overlapping the same area. No wonder walrus like to drive off of bridges...........
  18. Short answer: No Long answer: Soon - IE: Check back after a few years. If you really want a patch, then wait till the game goes on sale for a few bucks and get the PC version on steam. The big annual steam x-mas sale is not far off.
  19. Tontow

    1.07 beta

    Ya....... About that........ They're often not that forthcoming about documentation. *Cry* Which is a shame because if they just took a few min to give us all the details, then we could pump out so much more content than what is currently being done. The few of us that have managed to mod the game have done so though a long process of trial and error on top of several weeks of study of the script files to figure out what is what and what does what; this has earned the mod makers major kudos. I would also like to know what the LST files are for, but in the end you are just going to have to do random stuff to the file and try to see what the changes do. :j: The cake is not a lie. They gave us the cake...... But it is made of metal and protected by a ton of very big turrets. So good luck eating it. (I'm still waiting for someone to do a portal gun mod, lol.)
  20. OK, back on topic: Can we get someone to explain what each bit is and how to use it? A list of function calls to the main .exe would be a nice start. (The stuff we can't edit like adding a text to the middle of the screen or telling the game to spawn item at x,y,z location) An explanation to all the new mod stuff that comes with 1.07 An in-depth explanation of workbench (A step by step tutorial on how to create a working island with all the bells and whistles and an explanation on what all the bells and whistles do)
  21. Tontow

    Mouse acceleration

    Thank you for the reply. That much is obvious. If it was that easy to fix it would have been fixed way back during the first beta release....... What you really need is to find your magic wand, click your heals together 3 times, and then get back to work. But it is a bad reflection on a developer when they allow several games to be released with identical major issues. A prime example of this would be path finding. We all want these games to be good, but its a bad reflection on the developer when identical systemic issues show up in most ( if not all ) of the developer's games. PS: please don't take any of this in a bad way. We post because we give a crap, at least, enough to take a few min out of the day to post a few words so that all may get down to the bottom of the issue.
  22. Tontow

    Mouse acceleration

    They actually gave us the map editor, but forgot to tell us how to use it. Oh and you can't add islands at the moment, but you can replace current ones. That is, if you want to spend a few hours trying to figure out the editor. And going back and reading some of page one: O.O :butbut: This needs more elaboration because at the moment it comes across in a bad way. Why should we have to buy Take On Mars so that the devs can/would even think of fixing a bug in CC? And why can't all of the fixes and improvements that are made to the engine in Take On Mars be back-ported to CC if they are the same engine?