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  1. omg, i think i'm dreaming about arma 3 in my sleep........... with additional in game features
  2. i hope i'm not imagining things but i'm sure when i started playing arma 3 some times ago i can see item names and its distance when i'm using the 6 key to instruct my AI to pick items on the ground. But now when i'm playing the showcase and campaign, when telling the AI to pick items i dont see the item distance anymore. I'm playing arma 3 without mods and just tinkering with campaign and showcase in single player only for now. Is it a bug or is it in the settings? its kinda frustrating when one AI ran 300-400m to the back to pickup the items. I hope i'm not just imagining things though...... Thanks in advance
  3. gunso

    Help with Humble Bundle

    just click the small gift icon on the right and click give this link to your friend then just enter your friend email into it and he can redeemed it himself
  4. i used to get email from bis but thinking back, i dont see any nowadays after the upgrade on BIS site how do i subscribe to it again?
  5. Ok i'm pretty pissed especially when a turn based game like this get released (which is my favourite genre) and i've never received any email notification about it. i only realize this game exist when i see the ad on steam pop up BIS plz fix this n email me when you release a new game, please!!
  6. gunso

    [Suggestion] About the distribution of Arma 3

    torrents will only help with server which capped dl speed per user, steam i notice gives pretty good bandwidth for download. I dont think torrents will help at all, you just need to get a faster internet i guess.
  7. gunso

    They better have female soldiers...

    someone wanting a female skeleton model over other features? you are planning something perverted aren't you
  8. yup, i agree with partyhead. I play OFP and arma series because of the large map and how it lets me choose my own approach not fixed path like in other fps games. For someone just joined and his 1st post is to complain about a game in beta phase and suddenly comparing it to cod and bf, you all know where this thread is heading to.
  9. gunso

    Arma 2 & OA Shadows?

    i use amd phenom II for arma 2 last time, it runs fine near buildings, trees and when zooming after i use a SSD.
  10. gunso

    Can't buy supporter edition?

    Well if they let us buy it earlier with lets say 2 weeks timeframe then releasing the keys at the launch dates. People wont be mashing F5 when the countdown ended, instead they will just be waiting for the keys to be emailed to them. Less load on Bi server, the load gonna be on steam which are designed to handle this kind of stuffs with all the other game release.
  11. gunso

    Can't buy supporter edition?

    Sorry BIS, i want to get the supporter edition to support u guys but cant even load the page after trying for 2 hours. got sick of it and end up getting it on steam. Would you guys please plan it properly next time will ya. like preorder to prevent server overload. Btw arma 3 alpha is awesome man, smooth, fully utilizing my GPU and etc. You guys sure Marek didnt sell his soul to the devil or something to get this game this awesome/smooth at alpha level?
  12. gunso

    Which version will you be buying?

    supporter for me cause arma 2 warfare is the only reason i buy the original game. I tried the pirate copy for a few hours and damn, grab my car keys and went straight to the shop looking for the box copy and this is the 1st time i'm buying an original game too. Arma 2 is the 1st original game that i bought after years of pirating, that's how great it is to me. I used to play close combat 3 : The Russian Front, one of the best ww2 simulator i would say even though it's a top down game but with a great moral system, experience, accurate penetration value and etc. I keep thinking it would be great if someone could make a 3D version of this and damn arma2 warfare came out. Great work BIS, i'm for one gonna be one of your loyal fan. (Carrier command and that wwII game kinda sucks tho) But looking at how the AI evolves after updates by updates, i'm having great hope for this series especially with the active part from the community too. Keep up the good work!!
  13. gunso

    Move on command

    set stealth and hold fire, he wont blow up your cover. At night time you can even get really close to the enemy this way.
  14. gunso

    Warfare BE

    I have an idea regarding teamstacking issue in warfare how about the team that have more people stacking will get less supply and money for it, that will discourage stacking and balance the game in term a of money/supply and manpower. If the bounty can be adjusted accordingly too, then the team with fewer player can get more money and buy more vehicle to balance the game and still keep the game interesting and challenging for both teams.
  15. This is just from my experience, usually BSOD is caused by corrupted drivers. what i would do was run a full scandisk, then reinstall all the drivers. Seems to happen to me when my hdd is getting about 3-4 years old or more last time. If you have to reinstall, once everything is installed properly remember to do an image backup so you can restore from the image rather than reinstall everything again if any problem happen in the future. Make a smaller partition just for C:\ and arma on it so the image backup wont be too big.