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  1. H4mster

    Hard Facts of Life

    I bet the moderates here love pot noodle, they have so much in common.
  2. Can the devs please add cup holders to the walrus, I keep spilling my pot noodle on the seats.
  3. H4mster

    Hard Facts of Life

    If I know my history and I always do then pot noodles are made by terrorists and were designed to explode when you add the water, but when the c4 goes out of date it leaves a bitter after taste instead of blowing you up. Fourth rule of mod club, never eat a pot noodle before the use by date.
  4. H4mster

    Hard Facts of Life

    The third rule of mod club is no talking about going off topic. The fourth rules of mod club is to find out what 'circular reference paradox' is. The fifth rule of mod club is getting back on topic, 'the hard facts of life' are we have to wait for the modding tools, this is not easy :p
  5. I use a old version of textpad that can also compare changes and search for words in folders and its subdirectorys and throws out a list you can click, handy for modding and worth mentioning to new modders.
  6. Does anyone want to take over this mod?, maybe a moderator can fix it so you guys can access the first post, I'm not giving up, just waiting for the official tools before going in at the deep end. Plus where I live its got really cold weather atm, makes it hard to use brain and mod. :D
  7. H4mster

    Hard Facts of Life

    Rule one of fight club, you can talk about what you want with when you have a VPN :p
  8. H4mster

    Hard Facts of Life

    Did the OP get banned for making this thread? Just wondering.
  9. Just any info, like if their are even working on a patch, if their goal is to not sell any games then their doing a very good job of it. You don't bite the hand that feeds you. People that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones (BI moderators) If your walking on eggs don't hop. Do these devs have any common sense or are they arrogant morons? Jesus, you cant be serious? (pun)
  10. The steam forums are getting inpatient too, I think decent devs would give a eta or at least some info, people are not buying the game because of the walrus problems.
  11. I did think of setting the rock grip to 0, then they might not get stuck on them at all.
  12. Yeah, that host no good, here http://www24.zippyshare.com/v/73677849/file.html
  13. With programming AI i find its best to tell them to do what you would do in a situation, the tricky part is making sure various actions don't conflict with each other, if you get it wrong they dither about trying to do 3 things at once, but if you get it right they can be very formidable. You really have to know the game before tacking AI. Tips for the day :p
  14. H4mster

    Real Anti-aliasing?

    I'm a FXAA fanboy, I like my games running smooth.
  15. H4mster

    Hard Facts of Life

    Another reason games devs keep undershooting release day is because of the age old gravediggers syndrome... If it takes 1 person 8 hours to dig a grave then 8 people should be able to dig a grave in 1 hour, wrong, its take 8 hours for 8 people to dig a grave because you can only fit one person in the grave at a time.