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  1. There appears to be a bug when producing carrier weaponry, production starts, the item completes, but it does not appear to be available in the stockpile :(
  2. harbinger

    Mouse acceleration

    It's highly unlikely they will. This game is dead and gone. There will probably be future updates, but I think it unlikely we will ever see the full editor or multiplayer. Really kind of sad. Of course, I would absolutely love to be proven wrong.
  3. harbinger

    Mouse acceleration

    So when will you be sending us complimentary Steam keys for Take on Mars so that we can further beta test?
  4. As much as I looked forward to this game, and my enthusiasm for what was supposed to happen with it, after dealing with the harsh reality of Carrier Command - it amazes me that individuals such as yourselves, in a community (as small and disappearing as it is) can have such a bearing on a single program developed by so many professional people, and deliver genuine improvements. Looking at everything that went wrong with this game is nearly heartbreaking. It could have been so good. Instead - we have a mediocre plopmush of good bits and bad bits. It should of course have been all good bits! But no, of course we needed FPS sections to "engage and imaginate" and an unkillable enemy carrier to "drive forward a believable story". A sorry mess indeed.
  5. harbinger

    Mouse acceleration

    With all due respect Dwarden, why should we be expected to buy any more of your companies products to check if a fault in an existing, already purchased, and completely standalone product has been fixed? Why should we spend $17.99 on a possibility? You yourselves cannot provide an answer. Have you done no testing? That is simply staggering. I've stuck with this game through thick and thin, but you have now utterly gasted my flabber.
  6. harbinger

    1.07 beta

    I've seen that also. After a while the enemy carrier attacks another island, which will flash. That island may also stop flashing after a while. Then it may repeat someplace else. We definitely need an "Attack repulsed" message. We had it in 1988.
  7. 1.07 seems like quite a nice update :) I like the carrier lasers, but they do seem short ranged. I'm having great fun skeet shooting carrier drones :) Glad to see work is still ongoing.
  8. I played through it a couple of times trying many different things. Eventually completed it "correctly". It's taken me nearly a year to finish the campaign, because all these little bits annoyed me and caused me to go back to Strategy. Wasn't particularly impressed with the cutscenes or the ending - why do guns change from plasma to rifle and back randomly in FPS and cutscene? Why can the antagonist suddenly summon something that if he lets go of, will kill the game - but he's been flying an aircraft, driving a tank, and even waving at people? More holes than a colander. However, this game is just begging for a sequel. Dump all the story crap, dump all the cutscenes, dump all the movies, dump all the ridiculous FPS sections. Just give us multiplayer, more islands and island types, fixed walrus pathing - and you'll have a lot of happy people :)
  9. vBulletin Message Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms. Dear Bohemia, I am sorry if this is spoil territory - but I just had to say this. I haven't bothered playing the campaign for a long, long time - because a lot of it was such a frustrating mess. I decided to give it another try. Please tell me something is broken. End of campaign game, after shooting down a manta, and then a walrus chase that ends with you on foot, please, please tell me that falling off a cliff by following the target direction isn't the proper end of the game? I got an achievement unlocked, and then an instant Game Over. No cutscenes, no nothing. Now I can't even get back into that game. Sad day indeed :( Edit - tried reloading after reboot and it takes me back to the foot part. Thats all well and good, however now after I've run away from a certain location - a certain cutscene teleports me right back. Urgh - I give up. Going back to Strategy game. I really hope the devs can spend more time on this and fix it up and perhaps re-release. I even bought Arma 3 to give you guys some encouragement ;)
  10. Nothing wrong with 32Gb and 4Ghz really. Plenty of rigs with more of both than mine, but I find it useful as I run an ungodly number of VM's as well as a z/OS emulator for JCL. Wish I had more to be honest :(
  11. ION? Luxury! I tried on a 1.5Gb 1.6Ghz N270 and it wouldn't even load. I tried on a 4Gb 1.8Ghz D525 and it would load, blackscreen, and hang the system. On a 8Gb 1.6Ghz E350 it runs - barely, not acceptable really. On an laptop 16Gb 1.7Ghz i7 with 2Gb AMD 5850 it ran wonderfully, until it fried the laptop. On a desktop 32Gb 4Ghz i5 with 3Gb AMD 7950 it runs great :) It appears to run ok on my xbox 360 - however I simply cannot use the controller and gave up in frustration. However, it doesn't run nearly as well as a 3.5Mhz 128kb Z80 managed to do it ;)
  12. On my only Windows 8 Pro box - I couldn't get the game to run at all no matter what I tried - no UAC, logon as Admin, run as Admin, run as different user with Admin credentials, changing resolutions, disabling cores, hyperthreading, underclocking, different graphics drivers etc. I gave up in disgust. It works just fine on Windows 7
  13. harbinger

    Two Monitors

    Unfortunately, I think you'll be waiting a long time :( I also run 3 screens, 2 x Acer 23", and a 32 Panasonic HDTV - and half the time I want to play CC, I have to physically disconnect the HDVT. I did enjoy this thread resurrection - previous post "Dram - Oct 1 2012, 14:21 - You will essentially get the tools that we used to make the game, only improved and bugfixed." We're still waiting nearly a year later!
  14. Only the devs can answer that - but it's on the PC version as it's exactly the same as the Xbox and PS3 and Mac versions that were supposed to be released also. The game files have lots of references to other platforms, but for one reason or another they died out. They weren't stripped out though, and this is just one of those relics.
  15. Any news on the next beta version? There's some improvements apparently, I'd quite like to see what has been done :) Also - whatever happened to the "making of" video?