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  1. Hi I've noted you are still improving your mod, very impressive (also crazy) If you want to incorporate any changes from the DCMP/Tweak mod please feel free as I'm not sure I will continue frequent development of it.
  2. 3 years ago I posted this. Haha :) I wonder if people still play with it? I will have to dust off my mod files and update the first page and link.
  3. Hi everyone. I noticed that the game got patched again so I updated the core files for the most current beta (0025) please check the link below and in the first post http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/9Xrp55iu/file.html
  4. It was a game developed by another team first, Bohemia took over the project. That is common knowledge :) ..hope that helps
  5. The enemy carrier seems rather twitchy atm, not sure if it is a side effect. It is also still quite fast for some reason. Ok think I figured out that none of the XML files are working as intended. :\ Edit: Meh bit stupid of me, wrong folder structure. All xml files should be working. Download 2.9 and please delete your old DCMP folder first.
  6. Hehe I just updated the file again with another small tweak. Technically it is 2.75 now, so try the link again
  7. Actually grip is being lowered slightly, I am aiming for somewhere between the stock and new values. The Grip will change again in 2.7 I was thinking of doing something a bit different, perhaps making the AI carrier slower than the player. The reason is because the AI has been improved a lot and is now much more of a threat. I can barely beat it even without AI enhancing mods that are available. I wanted it so that you could maybe outrun the enemy if you decided to retreat from battle. Also I still haven't put in the tweak that slows the rate of turn, I think one of the other modders will need to teach me how that is done so it always seemed incomplete. I just made the change to equalise them, it is in navalvehicle.xml if you want to make the player carrier faster or whatever.
  8. Hello, I have updated again to 2.6. This is mostly to include all official patches up to 1.7.0023 Some tweaks were removed for this version and may make it back in the future.
  9. Thanks :) New update today. Added a jukebox system to select random music. Updated link in OP
  10. Assuming you have control, did you destroy all of the garages/helipads and any of the guns when you captured? if not all of them, try and lead the ai ship into range of any mantas/garages/guns you have near the coast
  11. disorder

    75% off on Steam today

    Whatever is broken in the game, we modders will fix. hehe ;)
  12. Just a suggestion for the next version; can you please change location it searches for mods to be user selectable(browse for folder). That way we can have working folders outside of the main game folder to do testing in. Also a refresh button would be handy too, further down the road that is. edit: everything seems to work ok, the dbwxport was not corrupted or anything. Need to track down every change to confirm it.
  13. New version is out today. Mostly a music upgrade.;)
  14. Eh sounds good mateys. I wish I could track down some of the existing issues and fix them too. (Also I wish I knew C instead of just pascal so I could do everything I wanted to do without it crashing hehe)
  15. Quite tricky since the speed which is instant according to the game, has a flight time that is visible by the human eye anyway. Unless the speed works in negatives and I have no idea what -100 speed would do to a shell.