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  1. Appogee

    Finalizing 1.04 patch?

    This is indeed very welcome news. I was starting to worry that no further development was under way.
  2. Appogee

    Finalizing 1.04 patch?

    Yes, an update would be very nice. It's been about a month since the beta SDK was released.
  3. This is fantastic! Thanks so much for improving the strategy game so much!
  4. The real game is the strategy game. The campaign is more of a tutorial with lots of hardwired events. Reality is perverted at various points in order to let the campaign script keep running as intended. For example, at one point your Mantas will be mysteriously destroyed instantly if you try to undock them. The campaign demands that you use Walrii, and you must do it as it says.
  5. Appogee

    History of CCGM

    They'd have to finish making the game before they could make the making of video, wouldn't they...?
  6. Great ideas. I hope the devs read these forums.
  7. Appogee

    My Copy Arrived Today!

    So it would have got a higher score if it had multiplayer, but that is different to me saying it got a lower score because it didn't have multiplayer...? Either way, the absence of multiplayer led to a lower score than if it had multiplayer. Your analogy isn't actually analogous. If people who buy MP3 players generally want and expect their MP3 player to have video, then reviewers will mark down an MP3 player which doesn't have video. Which proves my point.---------- Post added at 23:42 ---------- Previous post was at 23:26 ---------- So a game that lacks a good plot, that lacks good graphics, lacks stability, lacks replayability, may still be a ''good'' game because it can only be judged on the merits of the very few things it does have...? Hardly. If a Space Invaders clone were released today, do you think it would have any chance of scoring a good review? Of course not. Reviewers will comment on the lack of graphics, the lack of sophisticated gameplay, the lack of variety and replayability, the lack of strategic options, and the lack of just about everything which is currently expected to be part of a ''good'' game today. The lack of multiplayer in CCGM, which most closely aligns with game genres like BF and COD and ARMA where multiplayer is standard, was noted by several reviewers and stated as a negative for the title. Not at all. It would depend on whether RPGs are generally expected to have multiplayer by people who like to buy RPGs and consider ES to be an RPG. I note that Skyrim, the world's current premier RPG, has no multiplayer. Even then, several reviewers mentioned it as a mild negative when reviewing it, knocking a few points of its otherwise stellar score. But here in the real world, reviewers mark games down all the time for things they don't have... from straight out game mechanics such as an absence of certain configuration options to the absence of multiplayer to an absence of compelling plot to an absence of replayability to an absence of variety to an absence of competent AI to an absence of any one of a dozen things which are currently considered to be a necessary part of a ''good'' game within a given genre.
  8. Appogee

    My Copy Arrived Today!

    I respectfully disagree. Reviewers see their job as telling people how ''good'' a game is. If most players want multiplayer - and the evidence in the these forums is that most people do - then a reviewer is justified in downscoring a game which doesn't offer multiplayer.
  9. Appogee

    My Copy Arrived Today!

    I really really REALLY hope you are right. But I remember them saying that multiplayer would depend on the commercial success of the release, which as we know, hasn't happened. It's chicken and egg, of course. Many reviewers said the lack of multiplayer was one of the reasons they rated the game poorly.
  10. And if BI do that, I will buy two more copies for my sons.
  11. Appogee

    My Copy Arrived Today!

    Not a chance. But if you really want to wager I'll be happy to put down some cash.
  12. Appogee

    Defend island?

    Defense islands are much harder for the enemy carrier to capture, AND they strengthen the defences of any islands they are linked to. In practical terms, that means it takes the enemy carrier much longer to capture them, and a bit longer to capture any production or resource islands that they are linked to. So: you might put your stockpile on one, you might plant one in the middle of the enemy's supply chain to deny him supplies, or you might build a row of them between you and the enemy's islands, so he has to waste a lot more time getting to your production and supply islands before he can attack them.
  13. I just sever his supply line and starve him of resources, then it's merely a matter of time til I either take all the islands, or defeat him in a carrier battle. The enemy carrier AI needs a lot of work. I have to wound him and then let him live in order to make the game long enough to be enjoyable.
  14. It's possible to complete Thermpolae in the first Walrus you're assigned. I've done it. But I had to save/die/reload quite a few times before I managed to get through.
  15. Appogee

    My Copy Arrived Today!

    I forgot about those, but yeah, they would be a nice addition. Also: Change Hammerheads so they have to be targeted to a specific point - but it can be anywhere on the map. Enable an (optional) tech tree, so you can start with basic equipment, but need to capture equipment upgrade plans from resource centres. Let you replenish your vehicles with those on captured islands.