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  1. Might explained it wrong. Let me try it different way. Have your Manta undocked hovering somewhere. Go map - 'M', select Manta, press 'M' again (or right mouse click) and try to grab unit control using fly up 'Q' or down 'Z'. It wont work and that's the point.
  2. Got this one after I canceled timewarp sailing near island (to pick a better place to sail in). No enemy on the island yet. cls: APA_EmpireAdvisor fn: RunSolution stack: scripts/Advisors/UEC_EmpireAdvisor.h:747 not going to hand type adresses.. you could allow to attach printscreen picture with posts. V1.30014
  3. Hi, i found some odd controls behavior during switching between map and unit view. (I'm using keyboard and mice to control the game - can't tell wheter gamepad works same). Firts thing is after you switch from map to unit control view (does not matter if you press 'M' key or click preview window in top right corner) at this moment you observe unit following waitpoints or whatewer it was doing. To get the unit under control its needed to issue some command to it eg. forward, back, trun left/right shoot, etc. Fly up/down (in case of mantas) does not work in such way which I belive was somehow forgotten about. The secon thing is about dynamic performance. Again when you go from map view to unit view (no matter how) it takes some time (cca 1/4s) to stretch preview window to fullscreen. During this 1/4s time whatever you press (usually forward command) will be ignored after stretch completes. It behaves like you would press nothing EXCEPT 'SHIFT' key. How to reproduce? - Have a walrus selected and watch map. Then press 'M' to get control of walrus and right after (before it turns fullscreen) press 'SHIFT'+'W' (default keyboar layout). You'll end up burning turbo with moving nowhere. V1.30014
  4. Hi, I loved that game from 1988 and this one looks just great! I would suggest following: Units control: There are "SUSPEND" and "EXECUTE" commands but I do miss a "CLEAR" one which would make a selected units to "forget" it's program. Similar to the "CARRIER STOP" (default key 'V'). In regards of drawing waypoints would be nice to have possibility to queue 'DOCK' command (SHIFT+G ?) - making unit to dock automaticaly after it reaches its last waypoint. AI (lots being said here, looking forward for upgrade): Walruses bridge awareness - please, warluses should not chase enemies under bridges. Enemy should not end up under the bridge at first place, especially the ones where is no escape from. Islands management: Pier build progress bar.