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Found 12 results

  1. XxTheDEFYING_Punisher27xX

    PiP Enable/Disable Hotkey?

    I’m currently tinkering with creating new PiP optics. We all know how taxing PiP is, but is it possible to create a lightweight mod that creates a hotkey to enable or disable PiP? This would be greatly beneficial for people that enjoy the PiP scopes without taking a performance hit unless actually looking down the optic. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I am currently working on a mission that would feature some kind of a "command center" (for the lack of better description...) which would have a few screens. Those screens have been set up to receive a texture captured from a camera attached to a uav (to be precise, the Pelter drone from the new Contact DLC). I have used a script kindly provided by @killzone_kid which I have only adjusted for the other drone type and basically looks like this - this is repeated for 12 screens in the init.sqf: laptop1 setObjectTexture [0, "#(argb,512,512,1)r2t(uavrtt1,1)"]; cam1 = "camera" camCreate [0,0,0]; cam1 cameraEffect ["Internal", "Back", "uavrtt1"]; cam1 attachTo [pelter1, [0,0,0], "PiP1_demining_pos"]; addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { _dir = (pelter1 selectionPosition "PiP1_demining_pos") vectorFromTo (pelter1 selectionPosition "PiP1_demining_dir"); cam1 setVectorDirAndUp [ _dir, _dir vectorCrossProduct [-(_dir select 1), _dir select 0, 0] ]; }]; The UAV feeds are being thrown on the screen in sequence one by one. This is how it looks in a test environment with 12 machines - you can see that the last four laptops turn black and show no feed. When I deleted the part of the script responsible for the first laptop, the 9th one worked fine so again - no more than 8 at once. I have two issues with it: - Obviously, I can display no more than 8 feeds at once - any more than that will appear as black screen - similarly, when opening the uav terminal, the turret control window will also appear black/blank. I do not mean to complain, but do you think this is an engine/performance limitation of some kind and there's no way around it? - Will this effect even be global to other players or only local (I fear the latter)? If local, is there a way to display this kind of effect globally to such a scale in a multiplayer environment? I appreciate all the feedback on this topic. Thanks a lot in advance! Adam
  3. At the moment, I'm messing around with the VileHUD addon which allows removal of HUD elements when I notice that in the showhud array, the second element (info - weapon, soldier, etc;) are also linked to the PiP/2D scopes graphics. I've been told about the ACE UI settings, but unless there's an addon that links to toggling those settings via shortcut keys, I would like to be able to somehow unlink said scopes from that array element.
  4. I created a UAV live feed script based on this tutorial. However, I noticed that when I opened Arsenal while it was working, the monitor screen went black. Is there a way around this?
  5. Hello! I'll start a little from afar. In my mission, I decided to disable thermal imaging optics for M1117 ASV from the RHS mod. For this I used the command "disableTIEquipment". And everything would be fine, but the display built into the equipment continued to display the thermal image. A couple of minutes on google and I found out that this is an old problem. I decided to somehow fight it. A few hours on Google and I learned about procedural textures, pip screens, etc. Then I decided to use the "setPiPEffect" command. But it requires a "rendertarget", which I didn't know. I decided to look at the config.cpp of M1117. I unpacked the addon and, to my disappointment, did not find the class I needed. Then I found a version of this addon prior to including it in RHS. And lo and behold, there is a class for some reason. I entered "rendertarget2" setPiPEffect [0]; in the debug console and it started working, the thermal imager switched to normal image mode. But when entering the gunner, the screen broke. And after leaving and entering the vehicle, this again became a thermal imager. I decided to use addEventHandler ["GetIn", { }]; , but it didn't work correctly. After that, I found out about the CBA and used the XEH. Created a class in the description.ext. class Extended_GetIn_EventHandlers { class rhsusf_M1117_base { class rhsusf_M1117_base_getin { GetIn = "'rendertarget2' setPiPEffect [0];"; }; }; }; But it still didn't work. But it continues to work fine from the debug console. I have been trying to solve this problem for the second week, but nothing works. Of course, I learned a lot in the process, but the problem was not solved. P.S. Sorry for my English.
  6. Hello all! I've been spending the last few months working to go through data on ordinance and vehicles in Arma 3 to figure out how things work. My first project was to create a spreadsheet of detection ranges vs different vehicles in Arma 3 click here to see that . Now with this information, I want to do some further testing and to do that I need some cameras to watch how ordinance locks and tracks things. I need a script or mod that allows me to see through the eyes of the bomb with the Arma 3 sensors menus PIP. This is already possible with weapons like the Macer and Skalpels. The line of code that allow the pilot to see through these missile's perspective is: cameraViewAvailable = 1; For now, I just need this to work with the SDB and GBU however I hope to have this on all airborne ordnance along with the 82mm, 152, and 230mm weapons as well because it would be awesome to watch your rounds impact form their perspective. While I see this type of script as helpful for people doing testing I think it might also be great if this could be released as a mod on the workshop because I think we can all agree its super awesome to watch your missile hit an enemy tank from a first-person perspective. Would anyone be able to provide assistance? I'd learn how to do all this scripting and modding myself but I am rather busy for the next two months..
  7. I'm trying to take an in-game camera, and render it's output to the screen of a "Land_MobilePhone_smart_F". Using the code explained on the Procedural Textures page, that code looks something like this: _screen = createVehicle ["Land_MobilePhone_smart_F", [0,0,9999], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _screen attachTo [player, [-0.08,1,-0], "head"]; _screen setDir 90; _screen setObjectTexture [0, "#(argb,512,512,1)r2t(cam_r2t,1)"]; _cam = "camera" camCreate [0,0,0]; _cam cameraEffect ["Internal", "Back", "cam_r2t"]; This works, but the image that is displayed on the smart phone is horribly stretched, because the hidden texture on the smart phone is twice as high as it is wide. So I tried playing with the width and height properties in the setObjectTexture (in the format where the texture is "#(argb,width,height,mipmaps)r2t(cam_r2t,aspect)"), by setting it to "#(argb,256,512,1)r2t(cam_r2t,1)", but that had no effect on the stretching, just the "quality" of the image in one direction or the other. So I tried changing the "aspect ratio" value by setting it as "#(argb,512,512,1)r2t(cam_r2t,0.5)", no luck. So I tried the other way, ""#(argb,512,512,1)r2t(cam_r2t,2)", still no luck. And I've tried every combination I can think of with width/height/aspectRatio combinations, nothing seems to prevent the image from being extremely stretched. As far as I can tell, the "aspect ratio" value in r2t has no effect whatsoever. Does anyone have any ideas how to get this camera to render properly, without have a 2:1 stretching effect? Thanks!
  8. Hereby the Lowlands Warrior team presents you the standalone PiP enhanced Viewdistance mod! It has been a long missing feature, especially to the Arma3 pilots to be able to see far out with their PiP sensors. Also mission makers sometimes couldn't get the effect they wanted with projected UAV view. This mod allows you to extend your PiP viewdistance up to 12000 meters. As we keep testing this our selves we may update it to high levels if no crashing related to these settings present them selves. So far, with the highest settings on a moderate gaming computer, no noticeable difference was noticed by the users. Neither on a several dedicated server Have fun! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_-piV9kDMLFscVtJa8MLKlNf4r_Buirt
  9. Hey I'm trying to add some additional damage simulation to tanks and was trying to figure out how to disrupt sensors and displays. DISPLAYS: I've found the render targets for the example vehicle; "commander_display" and "driver_display", but I can't quite figure out how to modify them. I don't know how to refer to that render target for that vehicle when using a command like setPipEffect. SENSORS: So some vehicles have incoming missile warnings and such. Is there a way to disable these? I'm thinking I might also be able to disable data link send/receive. Are there any other sensors or electronics I may be able to disrupt? Cheers
  10. With the interior update that we got on the dev it added PiP displays for the targeting cameras. My question is, is that something that could be adapted for use on let’s say a live feed type system? Specifically displaying a drone camera or designator camera to a separate object (monitor). I know the R2T script way to do it, but I feel it’s clunky and doesn’t work as well as intended. I.e. zooming doesn’t work, doesn’t allow for active WHOT->Normal switching & with the higher altitudes it has view distance limitations.
  11. I have been searching for about an hour now and haven't found anyone talking about this, so I assume this is something specific to me. For as long as I have used 3 monitors, any picture-in-picture displays in the game show up at the wrong aspect ratio. I never really paid too much attention to it, but it causes problems with using the AV cameras on the heavy lift choppers when slingloading, and using thermal cameras that a co-pilot controls to spot enemies is impossible. Does anyone know how to set the aspect ratio of PIP specifically? This happens both with and without mods, on the stable and devbranch builds, and affects all vehicles, and even the PIP scopes from RHS. The Hunter's RWS The Hunter's mirrors
  12. Hey guys, I m thinking about doing a picture in picture bullet cam. What I ve found upto now is KK's tutorial A Simple Bullet Cam and this command BIS_fnc_liveFeed. Now I m riddling how to combine that the right way. KK's Code: player addEventHandler ["Fired", { _null = _this spawn { _missile = _this select 6; _cam = "camera" camCreate (position player); _cam cameraEffect ["External", "Back"]; waitUntil { if (isNull _missile) exitWith {true}; _cam camSetTarget _missile; _cam camSetRelPos [0,-3,0]; _cam camCommit 0; }; sleep 0.4; _cam cameraEffect ["Terminate", "Back"]; camDestroy _cam; }; }]; BIS_fnc_liveFeed: /* Description: Display a live feed. Parameters: _this select 0: OBJECT or ARRAY - Live feed source _this select 1: OBJECT or ARRAY - Live feed target _this select 2: OBJECT - Player that will see the feed _this select 3 (Optional): NUMBER - Live feed effects (-1: reset, 0: normal (default), 1: night vision, 2: thermal imaging) Returns: True if successful, false if not. */ // Doesn't need to be run on a dedicated server I think I ve to integrate that BIS function into KKs code block. That shouldnt be the problem. My problem is that idk how to use that functions paramteters correctly. 0: source - is that an object where the camera is mounted on? 1: target - is that the object the camera is looking at? 2: player - is the feed automatically rendered on the players screen in a little frame? is there a way to manipulate that frame in size and position? 3: effects - okay thats clear for me :-) Any help would be appreciated.