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  1. I have been searching for about an hour now and haven't found anyone talking about this, so I assume this is something specific to me. For as long as I have used 3 monitors, any picture-in-picture displays in the game show up at the wrong aspect ratio. I never really paid too much attention to it, but it causes problems with using the AV cameras on the heavy lift choppers when slingloading, and using thermal cameras that a co-pilot controls to spot enemies is impossible. Does anyone know how to set the aspect ratio of PIP specifically? This happens both with and without mods, on the stable and devbranch builds, and affects all vehicles, and even the PIP scopes from RHS. The Hunter's RWS The Hunter's mirrors
  2. Had this idea as soon as I saw the first screenshots with the Huron modules. It is a very simple script that allows attaching and detaching the Huron support modules from the back of the HEMTT prime mover and the box variant, depending on your preference. It doesn't look perfect on either one, but it is extremely useful. The script also prevents the Huron or any other helicopter from lifting the module while it is on the back of the HEMTT. The sample mission has the ideal coordinates that I found for both variants, and allows you to access modules from the rear of the box variant. Rip it apart as you please, use it however you want. I don't care about credit, the system is very simple. Download
  3. Sweet guys, thanks a lot. I'm on my iPad right now but I'll implement it as soon as I get home. As far as the script being good... it will still have some things I need to work out once this is fixed, like how to prevent the player from simply walking outside the helicopter and float around while still attached! But after all this is done, I think it will be a very useful script for singleplayer and low player count coop missions.
  4. Unfortunately, setVectorDir only seems to change where the player object's head is pointing, but will not rotate the body, so I may need that other script.
  5. Unfortunately setFormDir does nothing, and the .rpt file has no errors, so I don't think it will work in this situation. Could the fact that setDir and getDir do different things with attachTo be a bug? I can't think of any situation where there is a benefit to them acting differently.
  6. That makes me move to a seemingly random 20 degree increment. To clarify, pressing D for right from 0 degrees moves me to 20 as desired, but, a second press moves me back to zero. Left does the same.
  7. My question here is how do I calculate what I need to setDir to? I can't wrap my head around the math. I want to get the player's heading inside the vehicle with a command, then add or subtract 20 degrees depending on what key is pressed, and finally setDir. I just can't figure out how to determine the direction since setDir and getDir work differently with attachTo.
  8. To explain a littel better, if a player is attached to a helicopter that is facing east (90) and the player is facing south (180), player setDir 180 will make the player face west (270). At this point, one would assume that getDir on the player should return 180, since that is where setDir put him, however, it returns west, 270. This means when I press the "A" key that I set to rotate left, it subtracts 20 from 270 then setDir puts the guy at 250. I am not at home now so I can't try your other suggestions there, but I think I recognize them as things I've tried. If you need more information let me know and I'll post it when I get home and I'm actually looking at the script.
  9. I have a problem with a script I have been working on all day. The script allows a player to more or less freely move around in a vehicle, such as a helicopter, while it is moving. The script works in general, as long as the helicopter is at or near heading 0. The getDir on the player that fires when left, right, forward, or backwards is pressed gets the compass heading, as far as I can tell, but setDir only works relative to the helicopters direction, since I am using attachTo to keep the player inside. Are there any workarounds for this? I was inspired to do this script after I messed around with the ShackTak MH-6 enhancement, and that seems to work independently of the chopper's heading, so I'm sure it must be at least possible. I have searched everywhere for an explanation to this, so I made an account to ask here. It seems odd it hasn't come up before. Normally I would have moved on at this point, but this is the best script I have ever done, and I'm in way too deep now.