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  1. Using the Servo Skull UAV from Dos's mod (with Darter drone being the base for it), I've been trying to apply a gunner turret to it as part of a QoL improvement. Whilst I've managed to create the actual position, I've been getting no luck in moving said turret. I even scavenged lines from the UAV_01_base_F class just in case as well, but to no avail thus far. Where am I going wrong here? class Turrets: Turrets { class GunnerTurret: MainTurret { body="MainTurret"; gun="MainGun"; isCopilot=0; minTurn= -90; // yaw limits maxTurn=90; // yaw limits initTurn=0; // initial yaw angle minElev= -90; // pitch limits maxElev=90; // pitch limits initElev=70; // initial pitch angle maxXRotSpeed = 1; // yawing speed maxYRotSpeed = 1; // pitching speed controllable = 1; // set false to have static camera gunnerName = "Gunner"; gunnerInAction = "ManActTestDriver"; gunnerAction= "ManActTestDriver"; turretAxis="OsaVeze"; gunAxis="OsaHlavne"; gunnerUsesPilotView = 1; animationSourceBody = "mainTurret"; gunnerForceOptics = 1; commanding= -1; stabilizedInAxes=3; primary=1; primaryGunner=1; turretInfoType = "RscOptics_UAV_gunner"; weapons[]= { "Laserdesignator_mounted" }; magazines[]= { "Laserbatteries" }; class OpticsIn { class Wide { gunnerOpticsModel = "\A3\Drones_F\Weapons_F_Gamma\Reticle\UAV_Optics_Gunner_wide_F.p3d"; initAngleX=0; minAngleX=-30; maxAngleX=30; initAngleY=0; minAngleY=-100; maxAngleY=100; initFov=0.2; minFov=0.005; maxFov=1; opticsDisplayName = "WFOV"; thermalMode[] = {0,1}; visionMode[] = {"Normal","NVG","Ti"}; }; }; class ViewOptics { initAngleX = 15; minAngleX = -30; maxAngleX = 30; initAngleY = -90; minAngleY = -100; maxAngleY = 100; initFov = 0.3; // baseline FOV 0.4 / optic FOV 0.3 = x1.33 magnification minFov = 0.07; // baseline FOV 0.4 / optic FOV 0.07 = x5.7 magnification maxFov = 0.35; // baseline FOV 0.4 / optic FOV 0.35 = x1.14 magnification speedZoomMaxFOV=0; speedZoomMaxSpeed = 1e+010; };
  2. Brickky

    Helmet in between Legs

    I've managed to resolve it by adding the rest of the vertices needed for the head (neck, neck1 and Spine3). But thanks for the advice :)
  3. I'm just about finish making a custom helmet, but I now ran across the issue of having the helmet in between legs. I've set both 'Head' verticies in blender, which is confirmed by ObjectBuilder, and set autocenter to 0 underneath the Geometry LOD. I've gone over the model.cfg and found nothing wrong with it from what I can see. What am I missing here, because a part of me is thinking that the p3d file name should be different, but idk. model.cfg Screenshots of both Blender and ObjectBuilder
  4. At the moment I'm struggling of executing multiple animations from various WBK mods, for the sole purpose of cinematography. I've managed to have it working fine up until now, where the _main variable from the 'XEH_preinit.sqf' files for the different animation does not animate at all, and instead receiving the "Suspending not allowed in this context" error. The way I've done was going into the XEH_preinit files, finding the animation function that I wanted, place down 2 entities and giving them the 'main' and 'victim' variables. Then after cleaning up any comments made in the function, I change the _main=... and _victim=... to both the 'main' and 'victim' variables, so that when given to other people via composition, they can easily change the entities to the ones they want. Finally, I use the debug console ingame to execute the animation similar to that of WBK presenting some of his animations on his discord. After a little searching online, it somehow doesn't like the sleep commands within the animation functions, but again I've managed to do this prior to encountering this error. I've tried both in a scheduled and unscheduled environment, along with testing with both other entities and animations, with none succeeding thus far. No differences to the modlist I was using either, so I'm a bit stumped on how this issue even began or how to resolve it. Edit: Nevermind, I'm extremely stupid with all caps. Forgot to encaspulate all of it in '[]spawn { };'
  5. At the moment, I'm messing around with the VileHUD addon which allows removal of HUD elements when I notice that in the showhud array, the second element (info - weapon, soldier, etc;) are also linked to the PiP/2D scopes graphics. I've been told about the ACE UI settings, but unless there's an addon that links to toggling those settings via shortcut keys, I would like to be able to somehow unlink said scopes from that array element.
  6. Brickky

    Lights.sqf not working

    As in where did I get the sqf file? If so, then from an scripting discord for arma.
  7. I'm trying to work with the lights.sqf file for a multiplayer mission, and whilst it was working before in single player, for some reason now in both single player and multiplayer it won't work. it says "Undefined Variable in expression '_this'." tried doing ' 0 = [0] execVM "lights.sqf" ' with it in the 'init.sqf' file but to no avail. _onoff = [_this, 0, 0.95, [0]] call BIS_fnc_param; _distance = [_this, 1, 1000, [0]] call BIS_fnc_param; _marker = [_this, 2, getMarkerPos "lightsmarker", ["",[],objNull]] call BIS_fnc_param; _types = ["Lamps_Base_F", "PowerLines_base_F","Land_LampDecor_F","Land_LampHalogen_F","Land_LampHarbour_F","Land_LampShabby_F","Land_NavigLight","Land_runway_edgelight","Land_PowerPoleWooden_L_F"]; for [{_i=0},{_i < (count _types)},{_i=_i+1}] do { _lamps = _marker nearObjects [_types select _i, _distance]; sleep 0.1; {_x setDamage _onoff} forEach _lamps; };
  8. I'm wanting to create an addon with Opfor units to wear randomized civilian clothing/weapons/facewear when spawning them as individual/grouped units, but still a bit new. How would I achieve this?
  9. Currently wanting to update helicopter I'm working on with a gunner co-pilot and want the cannon to auto zero when a target is locked. EDIT: Any chance to way to also include area/point lock for the co-pilot camera?
  10. I'm nearing completion of a faction for 40k Arma, but am running into an issue with the uniforms. When I placed down a unit with said uniform(s) it's fine, but the moment I placed a unit with a different uniform on and try changing said uniform to one of the other ones I'm making, the unit switches to wearing underwear/naked. Here's my base unit (if it matters)... class Brood_Brother_Rifle_B: IC_CAD_inf_836_B { side=0; scope=2; scopeCurator=2; scopeArsenal=2; faction="GSC_BroodBrother_Base"; displayName="Brood Brother Shocktrooper"; uniformClass="BroodBrotherBase_Uniform"; identityTypes[]= { "Genehead" }; hiddenSelections[]= { "camo1", "camo" }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "\Genestealer_Cult\Brood_Brother\Data\brood_pants_co.paa", "\Genestealer_Cult\Brood_Brother\Data\brood_brother_top_co.paa" }; linkedItems[] = {BroodBrotherBase_Vest, BroodBrotherBase_Helmet, ItemMap, ItemCompass, ItemWatch, ItemRadio}; respawnLinkedItems[] = {BroodBrotherBase_Vest, BroodBrotherBase_Helmet, ItemMap, ItemCompass, ItemWatch, ItemRadio}; }; and here's the uniform... class BroodBrotherBase_Uniform: IC_CAD_U_836_B { author="Brickky" displayName="[GSC] Brood Brother Fatigues w/Grieves"; scope=2; scopeArsenal=2; scopeCurator=2; class ItemInfo: UniformItem { uniformModel="-"; uniformClass="Brood_Brother_inf_B"; containerClass="Supply90"; mass=80; }; }; Where exactly am I going wrong?
  11. At the moment, I'm trying to reconfigure an airframe for learning in developing vehicle assets, and currently having an issue with the the copilot turret. cfgVehicles { class Helicopter; class Helicopter_Base_X: Helicopter { class Turrets; }; class Helicopter_Base_Y: Helicopter_Base_X { class Turrets: Turrets { class CopilotTurret; }; }; ... After loading the addon as a local mod, the game launches normally until it hits the 'Initializing Addons' stage of the process, where it will crash with the exit code '0xC0000005 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION'. Anyone know how to resolve it or know where I went wrong here? I already tested it with the turret attributes commented out and confirm that it has something to do with the code above. EDIT: Main goal is to enable co-pilot to use chaingun and aim it through turret camera, so if the above is irrelevant please let me know.
  12. I'm working on an helicopter rework for my unit to use but having an issue with the sensor and camera turret. In addition to ground/air vehicles, I want to be able to scan for infantry on the sensor. Whilst I am using the class SensorTemplateMan; to do that, I don't want them to be targeted/seen on the turret camera. How can I get around this problem?
  13. Whenever I start receiving damage, I get an error message along with with the 'wipe googles' animation, despite not wearing any. Not too sure on the specifics of the error but here are some images that hopefully help. EDIT: Nevermind, just saw the post above after posting this. But I still continue to do the 'wipe googles' animation despite not wearing any googles/facewear/headgear.