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  1. hi. Does TADST support multiplayer custom faces? The face of the person using the custom face becomes the default white face.
  2. ribera1945e

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Hi.Thank you for a nice mod. However,I'm having a problem with the TFAR latest version 0.9.12 with TS3(x64) version It was installed by using the "task_force_radio.ts3_plugin" but you will see the following message. -Warning You are about to install a Plugin for your TeamSperk Client. Plugins should only be installed from trusted sources, as it is possible to inject malicious code into the TeamSpeak client with a plugin. Do you trust this Plugin and want to proceed installing?- I have finished agreeing to this announcement and installing, but TS3 says "Plugin failed to load: Failed to open plugin." about "task_force_radio_win64.dll". Although I operate with administrative privileges to reinstall the TS3 and TFAR plug-in but the situation did not change. Current situation: TS3 is to display the "task_force_radio_win64.dll" in red letters. TS3 says "Plugin failed to load: Failed to open plugin." about "task_force_radio_win64.dll". TS3 says API version of "task_force_radio_win64.dll" is "0"(Required:20). Tried reinstall the TS3 and TFAR plug-in with adminstrative privileges. I don't know what to do...Please help.