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  1. GuilleGCA

    US 75th Rangers

    I talk about the molle backpacks or camelbacks.
  2. GuilleGCA

    US 75th Rangers

    Great Job!!, but i miss the backpacks :wub:
  3. GuilleGCA

    US 75th Rangers

    The mod begins to take shape!! great job and congratulations from the '1st Ranger Regiment'
  4. Hello, I believe that I have a problem with the system of reinforcements. After taking a position in which I choose there is not too much enemy presence, the alive generates 180-190 AI of reinforcement, which covers 100% of the ram memory of my server (the server have 7gb) and makes it crash. Is there any way to disable the reinforcements or lower the amount of these? Thanks
  5. GuilleGCA

    Esus Server A3 Administration Tool

    Pa ke kieres saber eso jaja saludos
  6. GuilleGCA

    Napoleonic Era Addon's

    Interesting mod! Nice work
  7. GuilleGCA

    Takistan bases by Donbass

    Nice Bases dude! Keep Working!
  8. Nice work! keep working dude
  9. GuilleGCA

    US 75th Rangers

    Merry Christmas!! and Lead the Way!
  10. You could tell us your PC spectifications and your performance in the map? Thanks!
  11. GuilleGCA


    great work! if you need help for modeling or testing tell me ;)
  12. the map is so artistic, great work dude
  13. GuilleGCA

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Merry Cristmas and happy new year!