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  1. We have faith! I was really glad to see Patrol Ops is still on the go.
  2. I've been following this project for a while now and I cannot wait to get a chance to have a look around this beautiful terrain. I know the new lighting changed the feel of the environment somewhat, but looking at the latest screens I forget about all that and just think what a great job you guys have done, and it still looks amazing.
  3. aenigma

    Bad FPS texture glitch freeze Bug

    This is a known issue and people are working to find a fix, see here: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/195444-possible-fix-for-the-3-fps-drop-issue
  4. aenigma


    Really looking forward to this, I have some great memories of TacBF and hope the performance increase this brings will make for even better gaming. Can't wait to play it!
  5. aenigma

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Is this what you are after? IWAR: Short description: Irregular Warfare is an unofficial addon for Arma 3 of Bohemia Interactive which includes irregular or insurgent forces equipped with weapons and vehicles from RHS Escalation mod. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29772
  6. I'm not a coder at all, and I will be honest...most of the description leaves me scratching my head. I understand the concept clearly, and the implications it could have if widely adopted. Hopefully, word gets out in the modding circles of other games and with big things round the corner for Arma, an increase in interest may well see your work used to its full potential. I really hope it does. I remember the hype surrounding the Java implementation in ToH so I can only imagine what this means to the mod makers these days.
  7. I have been away from Arma for a while now, and only just started looking back into the mod discussion forums. This mod really does have the ingredients to be fantastic. I wish you all the trouble free coding you can get guys :)