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  1. thoops99

    Rvmat error after generating layers

    i fixed it by deleting arma 3 tools and reinstalling, and also re-doing my p drive (the extract game data)
  2. thoops99

    Another TB problem :(

    yup it was all working the other day but now its not
  3. thoops99

    Can't See Tanoa Assets On My Map

    I redid my a3 folder and still no luck Did it for a second time and i works fine now
  4. thoops99

    Can't See Tanoa Assets On My Map

    So im still unable to see the objects on the map after deleting all the tanoa pbos and re extracting them using mikero tools. I'm gonna try redoing the entire a3 folder and seeing if that helps. https://imgur.com/a/3bkDs
  5. thoops99

    Can't See Tanoa Assets On My Map

    Thanks for all your help. I'll give it a go in the morning.
  6. thoops99

    Can't See Tanoa Assets On My Map

    So the Tanoa stuff should just be in my p drive route directory?
  7. thoops99

    Can't See Tanoa Assets On My Map

    mikeros pboProject (pro version) and pbo manager
  8. So i noticed that the Tanoa assets are now pbo's but when I put them in my P:\a3 and started working and exported my map, when i get in game none of the Tanoa assets show up. Anyone else having this problem?
  9. thoops99

    Light switch for custom house?

    thanks for the links, ill take a look
  10. I was wondering how i could make a light switch for a custom model that i'm working on. What I mean is that i would add a memory point on the light switch them have them scroll wheel on the light switch then they would get a "Lights On" or "Lights Off". I just don't know how i would create the light source it's self.
  11. Has anyone tried to pack their map with the new pboProject? e76_objects keeps giving me different errors and wont let me pack
  12. thoops99

    [WIP] Kelley's Island v0.6

    I know why you get a DMCA but if you upload source files for anyone to use then why DMCA someone? PS: I'm not trying to be rude or anything i'm just curious that's all.
  13. thoops99

    [WIP] Kelley's Island v0.6

    People are saying that your are DMCAing servers that made maps based on this. Is that true??
  14. how would you play an animation (via script) that's comes from a mod? Its a dancing animation btw Got it to work by using switchMove and playMove one after another