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  1. Wow, that's unexpected but very welcome! @Jakub BXBX Horyna is the hero we didn't deserve but really really needed! Now where do we send the beer? BIS HQ?
  2. This mod has been updated to v3.1.2 (see first page for updated links). Steam/PwS have been updated :) * CBA_MiscItem is now supported (e.g. ACE items in newer versions of ACE3) Thanks for your patience and thanks to Willard (@TheNiner on GitHub) for submitting the fix for this issue!
  3. I've tried making it script-only but I don't understand enough of the UI-scripting/config/etc to port it to a script-only system. The official documentation for dialogs/UI is, quite frankly, garbage. There are some helpful tutorials out there but nothing that really helps me 'grok' how UI works in Arma. If somebody has some UI expertise, they're more than welcome to try their hand at porting this to a script: https://github.com/ImperialAlex/XLA_FixedArsenal
  4. @topden I just noticed some helpful person has already fixed this issue and submitted the fix on github, I just completely missed it because my github notifications for that account didn't go to my main email. I'll release a fixed version tomorrow :)
  5. Thanks guys! I've been made aware of this, if I remember correctly CBA does 'something' to make their items work in the vanilla arsenal, I will have to check what that is. Earliest possible date for a fix would be this weekend though :( As a temporary workaround, try using the force-add feature that's already a part of the mod. I know some Bundeswehr mod items had similar issues and using force-add worked for those...
  6. ImperialAlex

    Dynamic Simulation Feedback

    @fn_Quiksilver Do you (or any of the other experienced mission designers around here) have a follow-up review of dynamic simulation? It seems, as usual, to be sort of semi-finished and I guess my big question would be if it's actually in a decent enough state to be worth using.
  7. Yes, you can use this mod to filter what things you want to appear. As a matter of fact, even the vanilla arsenal can do this, my mod just improves a few areas where the vanilla arsenal is a bit annoying to deal with. There's sadly no real easy way to get a good whitelist (=list of classnames of things you want to allow), but you can start with this list (example script that's part of the addon) but it's now over two years old so maybe somebody else can help you with a more up-to-date list :)
  8. I really enjoyed "Remnants of War", it honestly blew me away that it was even possible to do this in the arma engine! Great job team Orange!! The campaign is incredibly well paced, thought-stimulating (even more so than SpecOps: The Line, imho) and the technical execution is simply brilliant. This is definitively taking playable (narrative) content to new levels! I'd also pay good money/be willing to donate to ICRC/throw money at my screen/etc for a write-up or video of how this was accomplished on the technical side - what was your workflow? How did you make the memories so incredibly smooth? How did you make the persistence between different scenarios work so nicely? I've got a pretty good idea ( at least I think so) of how it's done, but it would be really awesome to see an in-depth post that goes into some of these things :)
  9. ImperialAlex

    Weapon isn't showing up in Arsenal

    I've got a bit of experience with weird arsenal issues but I can't see anything obvious. What's your *.rpt file look like when you're opening the arsenal for the first time? Maybe bis_fnc_arsenal is giving some useful debug output. One additional note: You've got a DLC = Aegis line, do you have a valid CfgMods entry for that? If not the full arsenal will probably choke on that when trying to add your weapon to the list.
  10. ImperialAlex

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Coming back to actual AI Driving: It sure would be nice to get an update from a BIS dev on how much additional work we can expect to see on AI driving (if any at all). It's a very different scenario for e.g. potential modders to know that a feature will be revisited in 2-3 updates compared to a feature that BIS considers "done" which might stay stable for long periods of time.
  11. ImperialAlex

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Tweaked: The "Fire at that medic" radio protocol sentence replaced with a more generic sentence (e.g. "Fire at that soldier.") was removed due to unexpected sandbox issues I'm curious, will we ever get to know about those unexpected sandbox issues?
  12. ImperialAlex

    Dynamic Simulation Feedback

    It sounds like you can. From what I've read so far each machine has the Dynamic Simulation code present, however the whole grid/etc logic is only activated once an entity is assigned to the system. The entities probably have to be local (just think disableAI - that needs a local entity, too) and I'd assume that units assigned to different dynamic simulations (i.e. different machines) won't necessarily play nicely together with regards to "waking" each other up. I don't currently have the time to test this, but oh boy does DynSim make me excited to go back and finally try my hand at a caching system.
  13. ImperialAlex

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I can't believe that this wasn't always done this way. What was the previous behaviour? (Non-object) view distance as a limit?
  14. ImperialAlex

    Forums Upgrade

    Looks good enough, had to be done and nothing too big blew up as far as I can tell The upgrade made me realise that forums.bistudio.com has been around for a very, very long time and has mostly managed to keep old content readable, accessible and even available at the original link. That's not a trivial achievement so a very sincere thanks to the web team for not-screwing-it-up (which, at least in IT, is a lot harder than doing something flashy every now and then)