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  1. Gudsawn

    ARMAGO - GOLANG extension

    Looking forward to trying this. Thanks a lot for making it!
  2. Download link fixed (sorry, only just realised it was down).
  3. Hi Topden, I assume you're using the 64 bit version of Arma? Unfortunately OCAP is not yet compatible with 64-bit Arma. An update is expected early 2018. I've updated my first post to make this clearer :)
  4. Apologies for being MIA since the last OCAP update. I've been busy with finishing studies, graduation, moving house, and landing my first (proper) job (woo!). So, I've been wondering what to do with OCAP. It's currently in a broken state (since the A3 64-bit update) and requires a bit of an overhaul on the backend. However, before I get things working again (and continuing with general development on OCAP), I want to know whether this is actually something worth investing my time into, as I don't have as much time as I used to. Please let me know (either here or via PMs) if you're a fan of OCAP, and if you'd like to see continued development. I'll make a decision based on the responses. Cheers guys! MG
  5. Note about 64-bit version of Arma server: OCAP may crash the Arma server after an extended period of capture time. This is due to BI reducing the max size of arrays in the 64-bit update and therefore limiting the number of frames that can be captured in a single session. Once I return from my studies (sometime soon after May/June), I plan on fixing this issue as well as others that have been reported on GitHub.
  6. Hi phoenix_za. First of all, thanks a lot for providing all those links - makes debugging a hell of alot easier for me :) Others have reported a similar issue to you ("File not found"). This is actually a misleading message - it should say "Error loading file", so apologies on my part. I can determine the cause of your problem is this line (in co@24_Transporter_r4_167.json): [3631,"killed",31,[31,"HK416A5 10" (Black)"],"0"], The extra " after the 10 is breaking the JSON syntax (thus breaking playback). Others have reported similar playback issues, and this is almost always the cause. I've since updated OCAP (available in next release) to escape these characters so that it doesn't break playback.As a quick fix for now, you can do a find and replace for "HK416A5 10" and replace with "HK416A5 10 (including the quotation marks). Oh the joys of beta. The next release will be available soon, I'm just working on ironing out a few more bugs.
  7. @marcatore: The next version of OCAP will transfer the JSON file automatically via FTP/HTTP to your web server (even if your web server and game server are separate boxes). If you have FTP access to your server, then this should work fine :). Regarding your 2nd question, no client mods are required - the readme is referring to @ocap for your Arma server. Some of you have asked whether there is a Slack team for OCAP. I've just created one at ocapteam.slack.com. Please PM your email address if you wish to receive an invite (until I setup automatic invites) :)
  8. Those values look incorrect to me. 15982 * 4 != 16384. worldSize should be equal to the size of the image when N = 1 (N is the value you use when converting from EMF to PNG).
  9. Map files can be downloaded (from the OCAP map repository) by visiting the /admin page of your website (e.g. mywebsite.com/ocap/admin). If you're referring to map files that don't exist on the OCAP repo, and you've created your own, these need to be submitted to me. For more info, please see here: Arma Tile Creation Guide @armyinf: I'll add this to my feature request list :)
  10. Yep, it's safe to remove the events manually via SQLite browser. The DB essentially just stores pointers to the capture files (JSON). Weird that the DB showed 3 recordings. Perhaps you executed the function twice quickly in succession without realising? Doing so may cause the issue you describe.
  11. Hi Aristenn, It looks like your web server isn't responding to/receiving the POST request. Possibly a permissions issue? Double-check that your Arma server has read/execute access to receive.php.
  12. Hearing things like this makes me really glad I released OCAP :) Regarding adding a share link - yep, this is on my todo list.
  13. @superogira - That will not work as you intend as ocap_fnc_exportData does not actually end the capture (capture continues once export is complete). In the next update this function will instead stop capture by default (allowing you to start capture again later if you wish). @simwah Brilliant, I'll add this to the map repository. Thanks.
  14. My mistake maca134, completely forgot to mention your tutorial in the credits. Credits updated on both BI forums and GitHub :)
  15. @BridgeJ Hmmm that's odd, it's supposed to look like this. I'll PM you and we can discuss it further there. @Bamse FTP export is not yet implemented (it should mention this in the userconfig file). Apologies if I did not make this clear enough. @-ben-: I'll look into this ;)