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  1. Two major points/lacking features i found: 1. The actual catapult doesn't move, this shouldn't be too hard to do and would add a great deal of immersion (and it would be nice if the fiel would actually be on the launch block and not about a meter in front of it) 2. Why do i have to place the air defenses myself, would have expected that these would load in on mission start (or even in Eden already), this would be way better (or make it a module or something) Got some bugs as well, but i'll put those on the bug tracker. Other then that, a great carrier (with a bit lacking interior on the bridge side of life )
  2. Seeing that the LCVP can carry stuff like Vikings and Land Rovers as well, will the seating area be removable to fit vehicles, or wil there be a seperate version without seating? Great work so far!!!
  3. Really superb work Warlord, can't wait to see the DAP and the SOCMOD V2 stuff!!
  4. Foxone

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    We have decided to wait atleast until after the Jets DLC update so we can implement the stuff BI added that is usefull for us (no further ETA)
  5. Foxone

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    Static, shown in the video desciption and on the website
  6. The original is still a beauty as well! <3
  7. Foxone

    F/a-18x black wasp

    She is still a beauty <3
  8. Foxone

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    Yeah probably (most work still done by BO1 then, but yeah i get your point :D )
  9. Foxone

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    Pretty sure the carrier is made by BO1 though and not by BIS ;)
  10. Maybe you could ask Roadrunner for is SOTG stuff?
  11. It requires APEX, if that is what you are asking
  12. Solved now thanks to Shitfy!
  13. The new Combat and Relax animations, i downloaded those but there is no documentation on how to use them, i still have documentation from an very old (and i think different version) with different poses then in the current mods
  14. 2 SFOD-D operators along side with 2 US Navy EOD members in Takistan after a mission Mods: RHS, CUP terrains, Spec4gear, RR's mods, DIREONE Static animations, USP Patches
  15. Trying to use the animiations, but i can't find any documentation (the link a couple pages back doesn't work), anyone who can help me?
  16. The one question is, Can it do a loop??
  17. Sad to see that this stuff still needs to happen, some people....
  18. Foxone

    RHS: M1 Abrams vs. T-55A

    This is one of the best mods to date, absolutely love it!!
  19. Foxone

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Quick update on the progress. With APEX now released a while ago, we have played some more with the V-44 and felt like it needed a nice counterpart, therefore we decided to make a new hybrid of the C-130/CV-22, here is a concept picture, http://bit.ly/2ot9sNL We will post a picture of the actual model soon!
  20. Nice work, it's ducking amazing!!
  21. Ehm Eurofighter maybe......