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  1. divaya

    3CB Factions

    Incredible update, thank you for the hard work and many hours put into this stuff. I'm over the moon to have an LAV-25 ❤️
  2. divaya

    Faces of War [WW2]

    The commander hatch of the UK Cromwell still does not rotate correctly, it 'slides' and is mismatched with the turret as it turns. Additionally, it looks like the shadow LODs for most German and Commonwealth (UK / Canada) uniforms are missing. You can see how the equipment and rifle shadow appears sharp, but the rest appears blurry. The shadow should look like this:
  3. divaya

    3CB Factions

    Hello, big fan of the modpack, and the 3CB mods in general. I seriously appreciate all the work that goes into the mods. I'm not sure if this is the right place to report bugs, but our group has noticed that the T-34-85M 'fades out' after approximately 200-300 meters. If you zoom in on it with weapon optics, binoculars, or the view zoom as infantry, it's okay. Otherwise, it's got some crazy passive camouflage (being invisible and all) up to that 200-300 meter mark.
  4. Loving the mod, but I'm getting a thin white line that appears in the lower-third of the screen whenever I enter a vehicle with this mod enabled. It only happens in multiplayer, and only when in an Iron Front vehicle. Is there a fix coming for this any time soon?
  5. divaya

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Heyo, love the mod but I'm experiencing some bugs with the Faces of War mod: - Commander in the Cromwell Tank clips out of the side, and the commander hatch on top also rotates off centre when the commander looks around. - Main guns of all tanks, AT guns are silent when you're more than 20m to 50m away. These issues are happening without any other mods running, just the latest CBA addon and Faces of War.
  6. Hi, is it a known issue that the ARES Modules in Zeus sometimes get put under the wrong categories/not show up at all? Seems to happen at random on our server. For reference, we're running 4 default Zeus modules with Curator Presets Mod/No Zeus Eagle enabled as the only other thing that affects Zeus.
  7. divaya

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Since the RHS Documetation wiki is down, is there anywhere I can get a text file with the classnames in it? I need the classnames for the AN PVS 14, AN PVS 15, and the M136 HEAT.
  8. divaya

    RH Acc pack

    What's the classname for the M4/M16 full and side rail covers? I can't find them in the classnames list for the life of me.
  9. divaya

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Heya, since the recent Arma update the gear randomization seems to not be working on servers. Here's what the rpt says: 7:32:04 Error in expression <rms\IS_woodland_2_t_woodland_1_b.paa" ] select _randomSeed1]; }; if ((_class == > 7:32:04 Error position: <select _randomSeed1]; }; if ((_class == > 7:32:04 Error Zero divisor 7:32:04 File IraqiSyrianConflict\IS\script\randomize_gear.sqf, line 364 I checked and in IS\script\randomize_gear.sqf, you do "_rnd1 = floor random 288;", but you only have 272 total textures in the array. I think that's what's causing it. Just letting you know, love your mod and our community is super eager to play with it.
  10. divaya

    Zee Identity Pack

    Sorry to bug you, but it looks like these heads have started to glow in the dark again: http://puu.sh/geBHy/25d3bd2e6e.png (464 kB) Running only Femal3 and CBA. Love the work, hope you manage to fix this.
  11. divaya

    RH Acc pack

    I'm getting "rh_acc.pbo" and "rh_acc_cfg.pbo" are not signed by the server errors when trying to join my from the v1.01 update.
  12. divaya

    Fast Transitions Mod

    Doesn't seem to work for me. I have raise/lower weapon on middle mouse, and if I mash it a few times I get the same "oh man oh man I gotta run up before lowering my weapon" bug. Pros: It works as an autorun, useful for making food while you're waiting for your dude to stop. Cons: A couple seconds of middle-mouse mashing lead to forty solid seconds of running, unable to stop. (using side respawn btw)
  13. divaya

    Cyprus Quick-Release System

    Getting this when trying to load the mod: --------------------------- Arma 3 --------------------------- Include file userconfig\cyp_quickrelease_a3\cyp_quickrelease_a3_config.hpp not found. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Thought I'd let ya know.
  14. divaya

    Zee Identity Pack

    Hiya, I love your work. Could it be possible to get a class list for all the uniforms? It'd be super helpful for some work me and my community are working on.