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    Section 7 PMC

    Section 7 - PMC “If there is no road we make one†About: Section 7 is a casual milsim community. We have 1 rule, don’t be a dick. We highly enforce that rule. Section 7 was first started to create a relaxing and fun, yet professional gaming community for gamers who want to enjoy the experience of Arma, but in a realistic and intense way. Section 7 is lead by a great group of guys, who will command you through battle, joke around, and teach you new things, as well as give you a lifetime experience. The Section 7 ranking is simple, and simulated. No need to salute or call your higher rankings “sirâ€. Section 7 is lead as well, by veterans, and active duty. Giving you a great front seat to learning new things. Such as bounding, formations, and more. Don’t know how to install mods, or don’t understand proper formations, bounding, and other combat techniques? No problem! Section 7 SO’s will give you the education you need in under a couple of hours to be a awesome S7 operator! So, do you want to play Arma 3 how it was really meant to be played? Stop by and experience a true Arma 3 community. Process Of Joining/Training: Section 7 is very simple and easy to understand group. We do have regular trainings and drill, yet rarely. We have a 1-2 hour IT course, for the new players. The IT (Individual Training), teaches you the very basics of fire team movements, and procedures to make sure you fit in well with your assigned group! For those who want to build up, you can become a well trained pilot or SO, senior operator, and as well can specialize after IT, in advanced courses such as Marksmen Courses, Advanced Rifleman Courses, UGL Courses, and more! Think you're too young to join? No problem, no age limit is required, yet we recommend 18 and older. You got one shot, don’t be an immature person. More Information: For more information you can always visit our website: http://www.s7-gaming.com/ Teamspeak IP: sec7.typefrag.com As well you can always ask questions below! Game nights Below: United States Timezones: 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) 5:00pm Mountain Standard Time (MST) 4:00pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) 6:00pm Central Standard Time (CST) For more time-zones click the link below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YUF0WJbOb1UWSzxUXc8pi8tcx_d_rZord01hmx-mFys/edit?usp=sharing
  2. SonOfKrazyBee

    Where to find object IDs in editor.

    I never use the ID button, but if you need a list of ID's do the old empty helipad trick and insert the objects from: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Assets
  3. SonOfKrazyBee

    Advanced Tow Ropes

    This will save lots of time, and be great for some missions! Keep up the great work, also will weight come in affect? Would hate idiots in multiplayer/mission towing around Abrams with Quadbikes. lol
  4. SonOfKrazyBee

    Modules can't be rotated in the Eden editor

    Yea working for me, look through your controls, this problem has happen to me before but it was an error on my end, due to my controls got mixed up.
  5. SonOfKrazyBee

    Exporting Eden 3d to 2d

    Hello! Created a outpost in the new Eden Editor, really love it and was interested in making an insurgency MP sandbox with it, I have added scripts with Eden editor to guys, etc. Due to insurgency needing the grids however placed through editor that's rather tricky, is there anyway to export Eden to 2d from 3d? Have tried the export to multiplayer button however doesn't work, and whenever I use a particular line of code I found on forums it can export it to 2d, however everything is off target, and init lines go away, and triggers! Thank you, Have a nice day.
  6. SonOfKrazyBee

    Exporting Eden 3d to 2d

    The only problem about using the M Button for the markers, is I need to put down insurgency grids. If this is impossible that is completely fine, I'll make a base in 2d/or Zeus|MCC
  7. SonOfKrazyBee

    Zeus i cant use it

    Ok so, if your using the MCC Mod, you simply log into the MCC Action Menu (Scroll Wheel), and log in and hit Y, however if your playing unmodded here's the steps to get Zeus inside your game mission. 1. Go into editor, and place down a unit. 2. Double click the unit and type in the name "lol", and in the description "Zeus". 3. Go to your Modules [s7], and in the drop down menu pick "Zeus". 4. Select the game master module and in the owner type in "lol". 5. Click ok, select preview. 6. Hit Y 7. Blow up some OPFOR with giant lightning bolts. If your still having problems PM me, and I'd be happy to run it through over Skype, Teamspeak, etc with you. Here's a video for help as well; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8OR4AW7ntQ
  8. Yeah as the other guys said, AI are going to do what AI are going to do "Be stupid". You can however in the waypoints, slowly decrease the altitude in waypoint and that will give the slow descend feeling that you want.
  9. SonOfKrazyBee

    AA Fire and Helicopters

    I agree, I like the way the AA missiles work in this game, however it can be a pain sometimes, kept blaming Arma, but noticed I was getting hit on the nose, make sure first your doing a 180 degree hard rotate, flip the bird almost like a backflip as fast as you can to go the other direction, THEN pop flares. Also if your trying to add an AA, yet don't want him to shoot, just be for looks, go to your Eden Editor and in the Unit Preferences, hit "Enable Animation", then it will disable him moving, and you can simply customize his loadout and take out all available missiles.
  10. SonOfKrazyBee

    FlakPz Gepard [Arma2 Port]

    Kind of sad huge amount of German content from things like BWA3, CUP, etc as well as this yet there is no German Unit! Anyways, great mod really love it!
  11. SonOfKrazyBee

    3den Enhanced

    Let's say that we want to create a mission with this mod, would we have to have this mod as a required mod, or can we simply remove it out of the mission sqm with no problems?
  12. Ok, I think it might maybe be the map or angle on the map I have it on. (Wake Island). I will do a few more tests with Stratis, Angles, and report back to you via PM. Thanks for the reply! Have a nice day :)
  13. SonOfKrazyBee

    L3DT Imaging Help

    That is completely fine. I figured out the satellite imaging just the tutorial I got was really old and the "terrain.xyz" was unable to be found in the sample folder. Completely fine though, taking a break from terrain building for the week. Thank you for the reply! I will definitely try globalmapper! Have a nice day!
  14. SonOfKrazyBee

    L3DT Imaging Help

    Hello I'm brand new to Terrain Building, making a new terrain which hopefully will become public for download on the forums. Watching a tutorial but in the tutorial instead of a land based map such as Hindu Kush, Sangin, Takistan, etc it's an island. I can see that easy to crop out the image from the OpenTopography website and merging it together with a colored snipped picture from Bing but having trouble getting the exact alignment with a desert/no water map. Thank you so much for reading, Have a fantastic day. (Note the problem is not getting it in GIMP together it's me aligning it.. any techniques)?
  15. I get a very weird glitch. When on the nimitz or at least 50 meters a shadow streak goes around the carrier. You can see it a tiny bit in the right on picture below. Should I simply try to reinstall or...? https://gyazo.com/2f8248c938fa6c18e2e622e6b860dc52
  16. Really love the US Navy LCAC! Will you ever be making the Japanese Variant? :) Not much different other then it has a light grey/white metal color and has the Japanese flag on it. Thanks! Great mod however! Have a nice day! :)
  17. Your screenshots... are killing me....Can't wait for the release "You Can't Rush Art", take your time guys! Really nice to see a new war coming to Arma 3! :) Have a great day!
  18. Very nice! Love the water color you added! ;) What's FPS like however? I notice on maps like this... sort of like "NAM" I experience a lot of FPS loss due to the dense forests/jungles. Nice job though anyways. Wish you good luck, Have a great day!
  19. SonOfKrazyBee

    [WIP] UK Maps Pack

    Haha so weird! I was getting ready to make a Fair Isle Map too! Just got done with the masking. :ph34r: Can't wait for yours to release though, looks sick!
  20. There's a copy really good ones for sure but depends on if your talking about singleplayer wise, modded wise, multiplayer wise... here's my opinion: SinglePlayer: FarCry 5 or Skyrim V or Fallout 4 Multiplayer: GTA 5 or Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar Games makes really nice Multiplayer Open World Games) ;) Modded: GTA 5
  21. SonOfKrazyBee

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Yes they sure do, but however as far as I can tell and I play the mod at least once a week, I've never seen the shield playable. :( However you can do the solution I did! :) You can import over http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12139. It is a Arma 2 Mod that adds Police Shields, Russian Shields, and more. If your a lazy porter you can simply port only the shield over with no problems at all but if you actually want the guns to fire or don't want the guns at all you will have to do some modifying. Hope this helps! Have a nice day! Also note not really the place to post this thread! :) If you can/want to you can post a ballistic shield idea here: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/185853-arma-3-addon-request-thread/please read the rules here before posting though: https://forums.bistudio.com/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules
  22. SonOfKrazyBee

    US 75th Rangers

    I was going to say great job on the models but I think...I think their works of art........ :o Though seriously insane job on the models your a great Arma 3 Modder and have some insane skills! Everything down to the boots being tied!!?? Can't wait for this addon and closely following you! Have a nice day and take your time!
  23. SonOfKrazyBee

    War Chronicles WW2 Modification

    It looks like koepi is offering sounds but if you guys ever need mission making or sound help let me know! :D Great job on the mod though. Can't wait for the Uniforms! Can't stand Ironfront's Uniforms and can't seem to get I44 Uniforms Working. Note, I know I'm not really suppose to ask things like this..........but.........how's the mod coming, it's been awhile since you guys said 2 weeks until an download.... sorry....can't rush art... -_-
  24. SonOfKrazyBee

    [WIP]F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    Awesome! I saw that image above and was like "YESSS ITS OUT". F-15 is going to make such a great addition to the Arma 3 Hangar! Will this have FLIR/Thermal Camera near the nose almost like Saul's FA/18E and Chairbornes AV-8B for long target bombing and reconnaissance?! Thank you once again.
  25. SonOfKrazyBee

    F-14 Tomcat Series Standalone

    Great Mod! I haven't gotten to test it just since now! It will be truly great for some Iranian Air Operations Skin or eventually when the Al Kut Iraq map comes out! Great mod even without those two mods, got some great air/sea operations with it. Great work once again Firewill! Looking forward to the F-15! :)