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  1. SenkiAlfonz

    All-In-One AI Command Menu

    Hi, Fantastic! You are awsome, and very fast! I did some testing but had not much time. You implemeted it in a different way than I thought of, but it works very well, so no compliants just some toughts: In my head the command would work just like the basic Move command - so the position could be given not just on the map but also in FPS view. And I tought about a simpler way: just giving the basic Move command to the group of selected units, just not as a group but one-by-one via script. Maybe your solution works with better effect. As I see the units are forced in aware mode, and sprint straight to the given position. If I remember well, if they stay in danger mode, they will still try to move along covers, but without any stops. I am not sure, so I have to test it - but if this is the case, then in 'aware sprint mode' they will be faster but more exposed, while in 'basic danger mode' they will be slightly slower but better covered. I don't know yet which one is better, or more efficient. I'll do some testing when I have time and let you know my results/conclusions. Thanks again! Regards!
  2. @pierremgi Thanks for the explanation. Now it's much clearer. I got all the answers I needed, so I guess the topic can be closed.
  3. About this vs _this: To be honest after reading the link I am still not not sure what is in the 'this' variable in my case. But my mod works anyways. I just wanted to understand better, how it works. The Animal problem seems to be solwed with this modification to the code: class CfgVehicles { class CAManBase { class EventHandlers { class Senki_mortalWounds { init = "call compile preProcessFile 'mortalWounds\functions\fnc_setUnconcius.sqf'"; }; }; }; }; So thanks for helping me! Maybe I will publish it after some finishing touches. Maybe I will try to add some sound, make it configurable and MP compatible. By the way it is a lightweight mod, which simulates non instant mortal wounds. Units are affected in random chance based on hit location (head: 0%, body: 60%, arms/legs: 100%). Affected units will agonize on the ground befor they die after a random amount of time (30-120 sec), ot they can be finished off. It is partly inspired by dam_injuredAI and the finale effects are somwhat similar (no code used from it, mine works with different methods), but my mortally Wounded victims are helpless. No way to save them, sorry (it is purely for immersion). Regards.
  4. Hi, I have tried both methods. The loop version works perfectly. But the Init version has a some weird problems: 1. The called script runs for even snakes, rabbits etc. Can it be limited to only Humans? 2. I tried to call this script this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {somecode here...}]; But it does not work with 'this' parameter. After a couple of hours of testing I managed to come up with this workaround: currentUnit = _this select 0; currentUnit addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {somecode here .. }]; Why 'this' param doesn't work? What is in it? If I tried to show it's content, it writes: 'any' Thanks.
  5. Hi TeTeT, pierremgi Thanks for the quick replies! I will try both versions. I was already thinking about a do while endless loop but I tought running the script on init would be more elegant. I will let you know how it worked out. Regards.
  6. Hi, I am fairly new to modding, so I don't understand too much yet. I searched the forums but not found much info about this. I made a script which adds a "HandleDamage" eventHandler and some code in it to a unit. I want to add this script to every man class unit created either on mission init or spawned later. Actually on mission start I can do it with a simple '{} forEach allUnits', but I have troubel with the spawned ones. I think it would be the best to add the code to every units init field. As I understand the eventHandler init should do the trick but I dont really understand how shold I set it up. Sofar I've tried to add this to my mods config.cpp class CfgVehicles { class EventHandlers { class Man; { init = "systemChat format ["Man created: %1", _this]"; }; }; }; Of course I would put run a 'fnc_somescript.sqf', but first I just tried to display a text for testing purposes. Could someone explain how this should work? Or show alterntive ways to run script for every man created. Thanks.
  7. SenkiAlfonz

    All-In-One AI Command Menu

    Hey @Leopard20. If you still develope this mod I would like to request a feature: Move ASAP Description: Given the Move ASAP command to your squad (or a part of your squad) would give move command in the pointed position individually. Idea behind: In danger or stealth behaviour AI tend to move slower in groups then individually. The requested command would come in handy when the squad should move to a position immediatly in a dangerous environment. Example: Squad needs to leave AO rapidly because Artillery fire or enemy MBT coming in, or just need to leave enemy killzone asap - basicly in every situation when speed is the #1 priority. Right now if I want have the same effect, I have to go through all my units one by one and giv the individal move commands to a given position. The requested feature would do this with one command. Thanks for your time, and of course for the mod ! Always hoped someone will continue WindWalking's great mod. Regards.
  8. SenkiAlfonz

    Combat Patrol

    Hi, Has BI officially abandoned Combat Patrol game mode? Or can we still hope for improvements, updates form the devs? (Sorry if I missed some info) Thanks
  9. Hi KingN As BI announced Third party DLCs, do you plane to evolve this mission to the next level and release it as an official DLC? (you really should) I think many players would appriciate (and pay for) such a good, immersive dynamic campaign. I think BI should have released a similar official SP/COOP game mode, because this is how this game can utilise its full potential. (I also have some ideas about how a dynamic campaign should work out, but making it happen is far beyond my capabilities...) Anyway, thanks for what you have already gave us!
  10. SenkiAlfonz

    ASR AI 3

    I understand. Thanks for the permission, I will give it a try. I have just minimal coding experience, so the outcome is uncertain.
  11. SenkiAlfonz

    ASR AI 3

    Hi Robalo, I was searching for a mod which removes NVG at daylight but couldnt find one. I see your mod contains this feature. Could you make a standalone mod from this feature. By the way, I cant find your mod in Steam workshop anymore... Thanks
  12. OK! Removing the first if: "if (!isDedicated ) then" solved the problem. No need for watchdogs, canaries or any kind of animals here... Dear Moderators: Post can be closed or even deleted.
  13. SenkiAlfonz

    TMR Modular Realism

    OK. Somehow I solved my problem. Sorry for adding unnecessary posts.
  14. SenkiAlfonz

    TMR Modular Realism

    Hi Tao, (or anyone who could help in this) I am using your mod with satisfaction, and I noticed you have managed to make it working on loaded games - with watchdogs and canaries (: I started to make a night vision mod and the effects in the init.sqf doesn't run on loaded games. Maybe you could take a look on my thread about this here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?178552-My-mod-doesn-t-survive-game-load-NEED-HELP! Thanks and waiting for more tmr modules(: