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  1. This is a very nice overview, thank you.
  2. I was looking for this too. Let me share what i found: MP_CombatPatrol_04.Malden
  3. Hi spirit6, I'm running into some issues use standalone GAIA with errors like which you stated in this thread should be fixed in the MCC release. Is an update of standalone GAIA still to be expected ? regards, Patrick
  4. Hi phronk, Cool script! I played arround with it on my server. I noticed that when you are part of a 3 member group and two members are near each other, but 1 is not, the Single person can still hear the two members which are near each other on group channel, but this Single person can't talk back on group channel because of the distance from him to the others. Overall I like the mic and noise effects and the fact it works mod-less! Regards, Patrick
  5. Hi, on Missions start or JIP there are about 5 tasks defined somewhere on the arma map. I've noticed players can see all tasks in the world with 3d icons although i've defined the old and new style variables to prevent this from happening when they are further away > 3dDrawDist. taskManagement_markers3D = 1; taskManagement_markers2D = 1; //0: do not use new 2D markers (default), 1: replace task markers with new 2D markers taskManagement_propagate = 1; //0: do not propagate (default), 1: propagate shared tasks to subordinates taskManagement_drawDist = 2000; //3D marker draw distance as UNASSIGNED (default: 2000) class CfgTaskEnhancements { enable = 1; //0: disable new task features (default), 1: enable new task features & add new task markers and task widgets into the map 3d = 1; //0: do not use new 3D markers (default), 1: replace task waypoints with new 3D markers 3dDrawDist = 2000; //3d marker draw distance (default: 2000) share = 1; //0: do not count assigned players (default), 1: count how many players have the task assigned propagate = 1; //0: do not propagate (default), 1: propagate shared tasks to subordinates }; Somehow this broke in my mission. Anyone else experienced this and maybe have a fix for this to clear up some HUD ? Regards, Patrick
  6. specie

    Arma3 crashes

    Hi KempA_312, Did you try moving the arma3 and Arma3 - Other Profiles from you documents directory out of the way ? No more crashes for me after I did this on my system. You will loose your key bindings and graphics settings, but that should be relatively easy to set again.
  7. specie

    Arma3 crashes

    I had blue screen crashes too on my system with a gtx 970. Moving the "Arma 3", and "Arma3 - Other Profiles" directory from the documents to an archive directory an having Arma build up the directories fixed the crashes for me until now.
  8. Getting my hands on the Linux build would be great! Thank you for your time and effort.
  9. specie

    Landing helo

    try this: _imidwp2 setWaypointStatements ["true", "(vehicle this) land 'GET IN'"];
  10. Great stuf Hoverguy ! I implemented the weapons and the clothing shop on of of my missions. One earns 750 per infantry kill on the mission. I was wondering if someone already drafted a list of class and prices which I could, shamelessly but thankfull, paste into my missions shop configs. Also, this might be a bit of a side step here, but is kinda related to your shop system; player stat persistence. And i have to add i'm running the server on a linux dedicated. I've looked into some options inidbi, extdb3, socket-rpc. I am having a hard time finding libraries and good documentation how to get this going on a linux server from scratch. I have a fair understanding of sqf and SQL servers. Any hints to get me going? regards, Patrick
  11. Hi, I'm working on a MP mission for the Iron Front in Arma 3 - preview release but I stumble upon an issue someone else might already have resolved. I trying to host my mission on a linux server so i copied the entire @Iron Front .. dir to the linux server and loaded up the server with the -mod=' ' syntax. When joining the server like this I get kicked and the message on the server console is because I got a wrong signature for ca.pbo. Ofcourse I also placed the addon bikey in the keys directory of the server. Without the VerifySignatures=1 option in the server config I am able to join the server but when loading the mission i'm not able to join any faction with characters made playable. I just don't see any playable characters what so ever. Buliding the mission with the eden editor (on Windows7) I was able to playtest through the test MP option just fine. regards, Patrick
  12. Hi, I like this script a lot and use it in most of my missions. Since some Arma3 updates ago I notice that landing whilst not dieing in rough weather / wind rain become nearly impossible. So i figured, thats where I could use the cut-the-rope option. However it seems cutting the rope just works once! I'm unable to cut the rope again on a next jump after I died. So there is two issues I like to solve: 1) being able to land in rough weather (yes I do limit my landing speed) 2) able to use cuting away the rope more then once during gameplay. Anyone else noticed these behaviour and maybe have a fix for this? Thanks, Patrick
  13. Hi Spirit, I have a question regarding zone definitions. I downloaded the template your provided and started playing with it. You clearly state the unique integers should be used, however strings seem to be used. I tested this by altering the zone name '5' to 'mission_5' and updating the init line for the squad leaders. It still works. In my currently missions where i use UPSMON I use strings for the zones. It would be an easy adoption of GAIA if I could remain with the current zone names. Could you explain what the downside will be when not using the number defined zones ? Thanks, Patrick
  14. I suggest you build in levels of debug so you can see if your state is met e.g with hint "Boom";
  15. alright, http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=25212