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  1. soldat_ryan

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.20.0419

    There is a way to DL server key only ?
  2. soldat_ryan

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.20.0419

    Hi @LordJarhead, Could you share a link for serverkey only? Thanks for your work.
  3. Humm... i may be wrong, but seems it is not automatic anymore. You have to set it in "beserver.cfg" now. Source By the way, I doubt it is a problem with port. It is more a problem with server.cfg. @Chinook_Six_Two what is your server.cfg ? Seems your server do not know what it has to launch after starting or do not find the mission it must start.
  4. soldat_ryan

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    I have the same. I tried to solv it but without success. If someone could help us. :)
  5. Hi, With V1.60 they added an ability to draw lines in map interfaces. But the addon do not track creator of this kind of marker. It logs only when it is delete. (just checked) There is a way to solve it ? Txs by advance.
  6. soldat_ryan

    Ghost Missions

    Hi Ghost I m using Enemy Assault since few weeks now and would like to make some changes for my partners. I would like to know if there is a way to restrict some vehicles or aircraft from board list and how to do it. I have tried to edit aircraftlist.sqf like this to test : _vehicleList = ["B_Heli_Light_01_F","B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F","B_Heli_Attack_01_F","B_Heli_Transport_01_F","B_Heli_Transport_01_camo_F","B_Plane_CAS_01_F","B_Heli_Transport_03_F"]; _namelist = [MH-9 Hummingbird,AH-9 Pawnee,AH-99 Blackfoot,UH-80 Ghost Hawk,UH-80 Ghost Hawk (Camo),A-164 Wipeout (CAS),CH-67 Huron]; but without success. :rolleyes: (i did it with and wihtout quotes too) There is something more to do ? Thanks by advance
  7. Hi, I m running 2 Arma's servers on a Windows Server. On both these addons are allowed : CBA - JSRS 2.1/2.2 - JSRS 3 - STHUD - Low Grass - Blastcore Phoenix 2 - v1.2 Until now both were working well. But since update V1.52 one of them have an issue. Symptoms : The server is running to the launch. Everything is ok. Mission start and People can join whitout problem. But after a while (random time), no one is able to join it despite the fact that the server is always online. On the log i found this : 2015/10/05, 15:51:17 NetServer::finishDestroyPlayer(1585338180): DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled 2015/10/05, 15:51:43 NetServer::finishDestroyPlayer(1612290099): DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled 2015/10/05, 15:52:29 NetServer::finishDestroyPlayer(1668866208): DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled 2015/10/05, 16:20:17 NetServer::finishDestroyPlayer(1523693791): DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled 2015/10/05, 16:20:54 NetServer::finishDestroyPlayer(1620113081): DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled 2015/10/05, 17:06:54 NetServer::finishDestroyPlayer(248531044): DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled I think the problem come from this. If someone has the solution he is welcome to share. The other server is working well and it is set as the server with trouble, only missions are not the same. Thanks by advance.
  8. Almost the same as sparfell_19 and kremator except about the end of message (vd_terr_none.colordisabled) : there is no entry for vd_terr_low.colordisabled How to resolve these errors ? FIXED : Add following in dialog.hpp under section "vd_terr_" (check error message) colorDisabled[] = {};
  9. soldat_ryan

    [EndGame][NGBC]EndGame on Angel Island

    Thanks Armaholic for sharing my mission ! :) Link added.
  10. [NGBC]EndGame Map required : Angel Island by [V]Xnam Slots : 60 Works on Dedicated Server Credits: [V]Xnam for his map :) [V]Tyrghen for anti-TK script [OOPS]Tophe for Simple Vehicle Respawn Script Aeroson for player markers Bake for GrenadeStop script Quiksilver for restriction script All the Arma's Community for their how to Change log: 01/07/2015 V1.0 Links: Download Armaholic SteamWorkshop NGBC Forum
  11. soldat_ryan

    [Terrain] Angel Island 1.0

    Thank you Tyrghen, For mediafire the problem came from "addblock" :rolleyes: :)
  12. soldat_ryan

    [Terrain] Angel Island 1.0

    Hi mate ! :) 1 - I have DL the map from "armaholic" and i have got an error when i try to enter in the server : "Include file tmf\support\modules\helilift\stringtable.csv not found" After check in pbo, the folder "helilift" is missing in the mission ! 2 - I tried to DL the file from mediafire but without success.
  13. soldat_ryan

    Dedicated servers benchmarks

    Hi Eltyranos, you say you want to run KOTH server ! But (if i m right) if you want to run one of them you have no other choice to rent your server from approved providers
  14. soldat_ryan

    Looking for group to play with

    take a look here