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  1. Hello, There are some tools available. For example https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgConvert (Never used that) Try searching the Internet for "Arma 3 bin de binarize" or "bin to cpp converter" For more de binarizer tools. Actually you also need to de - binarize the rvmat files to be able to read them. cheers rpr
  2. Hi CommanderCharms, 1) regarding "that the faces I'm trying to make wouldn't be able to be selected by the AI, exclusively player-decided:" => to prevent AI from having your custom face, make sure that identityTypes is empty in your config - like this: identityTypes[] = {""}; (e.g. identityTypes[] = {"Head_NATO"} enables NATO style troops to use this head, if it is empty, nobody will ever randomly use that head) 2) "whether or not base .paa file for the textures is suitable for use in the mod" => please elaborate, I don't understand what you mean by base .paa here. nevertheless, sorry for copy-pasting a config example here: class WhiteHead01_newface : WhiteHead_01 { displayname = "Whitehead newface01"; => the facename that will be shown in e.g. Virtual Arsenal texture = "\yourmod\Heads\newface01\WhiteHead01\m_whitehead_01_newface_co.paa"; => this would be your new face texture - is this the base .paa you mean? material = "\yourmod\Heads\newface01\WhiteHead01\m_whitehead_01_newface.rvmat; => Stage3 of the rvmat needs to reference to your "newface.paa", too materialWounded1 = "\yourmod\Heads\newface01\WhiteHead01\m_whitehead_01_newface_injury.rvmat; => Stage3 of the rvmat needs to reference to your "newface.paa", too materialWounded2 = "\yourmod\Heads\newface01\WhiteHead01\m_whitehead_01_newface_injury.rvmat; => Stage3 of the rvmat needs to reference to your "newface.paa", too identityTypes[] = {}; => like I said, this makes sure no soldier will randomly have that head disabled = 0; => if disabled = 1, then head is not listed in e.g. Virtual Arsenal } (reason for existance of 2 "materialWounded" seems like there are 2 wounded stages for the heads, but they are always both the same, never tried to have different ones) I hope I was able to explain it in an understandable way and I didn't completely misunderstand your questions :-) Cheers rpr
  3. rpr


    My camo faces will be included in the next Unsung Mod release. See also the Unsung WIP thread :-)
  4. rpr


    Hello everybody, regarding my earlier post: I was able to fix the issue! I made a new wound texture for each camo pattern overlay which is the camo pattern overlay + the wound texture on top! For each camo pattern I have now: lrrp_camoxx.paa AND lrrp_camoxx_wound.paa: m_white_01.rvmat refers to the camo overlay in Stage2: class Stage2 { texture = "lrrpcamo\Heads\lrrpcamo15\lrrp_camo15.paa"; uvSource = "tex"; class uvTransform { aside[] = {1, 0, 0}; up[] = {0, 1, 0}; dir[] = {0, 0, 0}; pos[] = {0, 0, 0}; }; }; m_white_01_injury.rvmat refers to the camo overlay + wound texture class Stage2 { texture = "lrrpcamo\Heads\lrrpcamo15\lrrp_camo15_wound.paa"; uvSource = "tex"; class uvTransform { aside[] = {1, 0, 0}; up[] = {0, 1, 0}; dir[] = {0, 0, 0}; pos[] = {0, 0, 0}; }; }; @zukov: coincidentally I made a similar camo pattern already, don't know how to change the facial expression however :-) I anybody needs some help regarding camo face painting, I can provide support & example files. Cheers rpr
  5. rpr


    Hello camo faces team! (sorry for posting in the "Addons & Mods - Compete" subforum) first of all, thanks a lot for your awesome mod, I've been playing a lot with it. It also gave me inspiration to paint some camo textures on my own - for the Unsung Vietnam mod :-) I am using a different approach - but unfortunately, in my approach, when wounded, the face texture switches back to the non-camo one + blood texture overlay Details: 1) i make a camo overlay in photoshop and save it without the underlying "face" texture. => convert to paa => lrrp_camo01.paa 2) I just refer to the Material rvmat in the config.cpp file Example: my config.cpp just looks like this: class WhiteHead_01_cfaces_lrrpcamo01 : WhiteHead_01 { displayname = "Bayh camo01"; identityTypes[] = {""}; material = "\lrrpcamo\heads\lrrpcamo01\m_white_01.rvmat"; materialWounded1 = "\lrrpcamo\heads\lrrpcamo01\m_white_01_injury.rvmat"; materialWounded2 = "\lrrpcamo\heads\lrrpcamo01\m_white_01_injury.rvmat"; }; m_white_01.rvmat: [...] class Stage2 { texture = "lrrpcamo\Heads\lrrpcamo01\lrrp_camo01.paa"; uvSource = "tex"; class uvTransform { aside[] = {1, 0, 0}; up[] = {0, 1, 0}; dir[] = {0, 0, 0}; pos[] = {0, 0, 0}; }; }; [...] m_white_01_injury.rvmat [...] class Stage3 { texture = "lrrpcamo\heads\lrrpcamo01\lrrp_camo01.paa"; => THIS DOES NOT WORK SOMEHOW uvSource = "tex"; class uvTransform { aside[] = {1, 0, 0}; up[] = {0, 1, 0}; dir[] = {0, 0, 0}; pos[] = {0, 0, 0}; }; }; [...] Pro: just 1 camo texture for all 30+ faces (= 0.5MB vs 20MB) Con: BUG: when wounded, the texture switches back to the non-camo face + blood textures. => do you guys have any idea how to resolve this? If you are interested in the details of my implementation I can provide you with my current camo faces mod, no problem. Thanks in advance Cheers rpr
  6. get your camo paint sticks ready, gentlemen! coming soon to a jungle near you:
  7. Hello unsung team, based on Sk3y & Feldhobels awesome work on the "camofaces" mod, I made some camo faces for the Unsung Vietnam mod for my own use and would like to contribute the faces I made - if it fits your quality standards- I am aware that the camo textures are not very elaborate - I just used a 50% overlay layer on the original faces... I made 3 slightly different patterns (they look quite similar tbh) and have also painted the arms & hands a little as you can see on the screenshots work is complete for 19 faces right now - here some examples: WORK IN PROGRESS WORK IN PROGRESS PM me if you are interested in including my textures into your mod, then I would create camo faces for all Arma3 + apex faces and clean up the config. I could also create this as a separate mod, so it can be used externally. It would be possible to define the camofaces as identityTypes[] = {"camoface"}; to be used only for LRRP / SOG / etc. troops Cheers rpr
  8. Bouben has lots of good ideas: "I like fatique sounds. A big part of the immersion. The slider in the settings would not hurt (as well as more variations of the sound loop)." => Very true for me: playing without fatigue sounds is not the same anymore :-( and: "Maybe the hurt sounds should be heard only during certain actions? Like standing up from prone or sprinting? You know, those actions that hurts most when injured because cost so much energy." => an excellent idea indeed. still a great game, anyways...
  9. wow... finally... the famous BMP. I must add to the opinion of XCess. This is truly a great day in Arma3 world for me. Thank you sir. You are a true hero.
  10. hello there, I am stuck here I changed the config to this: /*******CODE SNIPPET START ************/ class ItemInfo: InventoryFlashLightItem_Base_F { RMBhint = "Flashlight"; class FlashLight { color[] = {0,5500,0}; //green ambient[] = {12,14,9}; //some multiplication factor? intensity = 1000; size = 3; angle = 1; //if angle == 0 then green circle is invisible innerAngle = 1; // if < 1 (e.g. 0.5) then green circle is invisible outerAngle = 1; // if < 1 (e.g. 0.5) then green circle is invisible coneFadeCoef = 0.1; //position = "flash dir"; // reference point ("position") and direction of flashlight cone, this might be the problem! //direction = "flash"; position = "laser pos"; direction = "laser dir"; useFlare = 1; flareSize = 0.8; flareMaxDistance = "100.0f"; dayLight = 1; // this makes the flashlight visible during daytime, very important onlyInNvg = 0; class Attenuation { start = 0; constant = 0; linear = 0; quadratic = 1; hardLimitStart = 0; hardLimitEnd = 0; }; scale[] = {0}; }; }; and the new geen "flashlight" always has an offset to up and right.. see screenshot W.I.P. ---- GREEN "LASER" "FLASHLIGHT" - ---- might be usable in CQB if alignment issue is fixed -------- (the green circle to the right and up of the red aiming circle is the "green "laser" flashlight") Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2 If you switch between the two images, you will see that with distance, the green dot moves up and to the left in a circular motion... Is the axis misaligned? If true, I need different reference points for the flashlight axis... very interesting... I tried several things like changing the position and vector: //position = "flash dir"; //direction = "flash"; position = "laser pos"; direction = "laser dir"; I have several ideas what might be causing the offset: 1) the opening angle of the flashlight cone is always in positive coordinates 2) the offset angle is intended, as not to shine too much on the rifle barrel 2a) the angle of "flash" and "flash_dir" are not paralell to the barrel axis 2b) an offset is being added manually my ideas to remove the offset: a) I need to know more functions of the class Flashlight" b) a mlod of a flashlight attachment would help, do find out the names and angles of the memory points of the model c) would it be possible to select the memory points of the rifle as the memory points of the flashlight cone... this way it would be on the same axis as the barrel Like I said, I'm kind of stuck here. I just wanted to contribute something to the discussion Best regards RPR
  11. EDIT: ***Solved, post obsolete*** Thanks Grey-Legolas, TPW Mods form Post #423 solved the black vests problem for me as well, thanks again (@tpw: sorry for the confusion, great work!) ***obsolete information**** I can confirm what Lordprimate said, I had the same "uniforms turning black" problem, only with TPW_MODS_20131006. Running Arma 3 newest dev branch (from 04. October 2013). using ATI Radeon HD7800 GFX Reverted back to TPW_MODS_20131005 an it is gone... Just a wild guess: reason might be the "heat haze" possibly? (but I am just guessing...) anyways, great work tpw, I haven't been playing Arma3 without your mod since the day the first version was released! regards rpr
  12. @Mikey74 great work, thanks for the quick update! I don't get hit by mortars that easy now => major improvement! I am getting script errors in Arma3 Dev Build 1.03.110653 running AISS V1.3 Error 0 elements provided, 3 expected File AISS\AISS.sqf, line 83 and also Error 0 elements provided, 3 expected }' Error Zero divisor File AISS\AISS.sqf, line 83" like I said: keep up the good work Thanks again regards rpr
  13. thanks Mikey74 for the great mod. Random mortar fire is a great addition to any mission i think ;-) anyways, the arty is very accurate. most of my squad (including myself) gets killed by the first barrage every time, so the missions are rather short :-) Would it be possible to add an adjustible inaccuracy modifier by skill slider/userconfig... just a suggestion. Keep up the excellent work! thanks again peace out -rpr
  14. heyo zooloo75! you're pretty fast adding new features to your AI mod. Very impressive! I like the LMG suppression a lot. However, I have to report a bug... I picked up an LMG (Zafir) from a fallen enemy and it starts shooting by itself.. (whithout me clicking the left mouse button!) (no tracers, because the magazine is always refilled immediately, so the "tracersevery = 4" or whatever will not work) Since the ammo counter is not going down while "auto"firing I assume it is the script form your LMG suppression function... pretty funny nevertheless... (playing Beta dev build 0.77.109334) using the new CBA you suggested just wanted to report this again: keep up the awesome work! this is gonna be like GL4 from arma2 soon! cheers
  15. thanks for the great AI mod! I am getting the same error as NatanBrody (also using CBA). Update: I am running the Dev build 0.77.109195 (_this select 0) call #ss_FFIS_AddUnit' Error Undefined variable in expression: ss_ffis _addunit keep up the good work! thanks again RPR