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  1. Kumeda

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I want to change the picture of our Unit. For that reason the Unit Leader has upgraded me to the same rank as his. Unforunately no options to edit the unit shows up for me. Is this not possible? If so this is something to be improved! I dont want to always talk to the creator of the unit because id like to change something. What if the creator leaves the unit?. Especially because I still havnt figured out why I cant get the transparency to work once uploaded.... its annyoing as *****.
  2. So that 50k sound limit I remember was indeed in some other case ..that's good to know! Thanks for the input. I wil think about the playsound3d option ..it defently has the advantage of adjustablesound volume ... on the other hand it has the disatventage that a sound are always containing of one selected file. Meaning more work to handcraft :>... time to experiment. Thanks again !
  3. Hi everyone, at the moment I'm trying out some stuff out in the editor ..potentially creating a mission at the end. I got a little bit astray while doing so. Basically I'm trying to add some coustom bird sounds as I was always a little bored with the ambiente sound with birds especially . Im using the CfgSFX class for this at the moment in combination with createSoundsource. My question is related to the sound file size in particular as I have read that there is like a 50K limit. I'm not sure so if this is not related to some other situation..after all I want this to be part of a mission (MP) or potentially to be a mod if this will ever reach such state. The reason is simply that many bird songs are sometimes a little to long to cut them under this limit at a decent quality. Besides that my current approach is to spawn sound sources in some distance to the player on certain places found with selectBestplaces, which will be deleted when the player reached a certain distance so that new soundsources can be spawned again. My ultimate goal would be to place those sounds depending on the flora, time of day, time of the year...depending on what I can gather from the internet. Maybe someone of you has even a better idea how to get them in? For example it is not really possible to adjust the volume of the sounds played on the fly. And I'm not sure the current methode is the best. anyway thanks to anyone that can answer my first question and whoever might have a good other idea how to approach this :) greetings
  4. I think you should start small before going into the full. Instead of doing a full blown dynamic mission start with something more simple that utilizes some of what you want to do? Besides that just look for arma3 scripting ..and killzone kid...best starting point you can get.
  5. tweaking wind noice? didnt see this as prominent problem... I often find the enviroment sounds almost not hearable at all so a little wind is quite refresching... The problem as I see it is that the gun shot sounds are far to promiment ..because of that I start turning down the effect volume. After all if you want to play with headphones you dont want to become deaf. I rather woud wish that enviromental sounds of ambiente and gunshots would have a seperate slider for adjustment for the sake of my ears.
  6. Kumeda

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    I do not think that the Orange DLC will be so much script related as you all believe. Remember that BI has this kind of unique update and upgrade system ! Platform updates are what extends the current platform system (scripts for what it matters) and are free and whereas content like tanks, airplanes ..so to speak models are not. For example if it would be some kind of logistic stuff ..this would mean there had to be some sort of logistic vehicles to come with it. So I'm not so sure about some kind of VOIP either.... the only proper models you could make in that connection would be some sort of new radios and stuff. As cool as this would be I'm not sure how well this could be sold as DLC ...because the functionality itself would have the possibility to split the community if you do not have this contend at all.. at least it would not be easy to do and for sure the Orange has to have some models only for people that bought it...
  7. Kumeda

    co10 Escape

    It is already great to see someone working on this what is awesome as this mission is really nice. We played it today almost all day long. As we played we didn't use dev branch. Showing script errors I might have still activated so. Some other things I noticed were: 1: For some reason picking up night vision googles were reported by others not be able to be picked up, same thing for glasses (and probably binoculars havn't seen any?). Mission settings was on TWS and NVs -All 2: Sometimes breakout was not possible at all. Like Spawning at the beach with 2 boats and one APC right next to starting point. Additionally AI shoots at you right from start even so there was no try to breack out. 3: The settings for AI skills didn't seem to effect the efficiency of the AI much..we played in Veteran mode and used Rekrute later on Cadet. Maybe it was just my impression so...but sometimes the AI could shoot insanly well for my taste.
  8. Kumeda

    co10 Escape

    Its a really nice mission but I noticed some errors in script that get displayed either at start or when you die.
  9. Kumeda

    Arma 3 Server monetization

    Ah ok ;) But well it is one thing taking down not harmeful videos another is taking out servers that you know the address of and the person in charge of it. It is still better than not knowing if it's done in this way... however as I said before I'd strongly suggest that if monetizing servers are registered ..any mod/addon that is allowed to be used for monetizing on servers should be registered by the mod maker as well and linked to these servers and be made public so that everyone can see what is supposed to be run on them and what isn't. Also as I said ..I could imagine it would be possible to check if a server is or is not on a blacklist before the game actually connects... shouldnt be that difficult.
  10. Kumeda

    Arma 3 Server monetization

    Im not sure Attorny. I mean I see that some stuff is not nice that happens. But to go after everyone that does something that goes against the EULA will not work out anyway as at the end of the Day BIS is a bussiness after all. And there are good and bad examples of people making money with content. Like YT videos which will be in most cases more beneficial than harmful in comparison to someone selling scripts. Personally I also find it questionable if someone using a scripts in a video is actually monetizing on it because even if he technical speaking does it... people don't watch the videos because of the mods used but because of the people doing the video ..which opens up the question to what degree the use of some addon plays a role in monetizing it...but this is just my view. But still I also agree that there should be some possibilities for BIS to actually enforce the rules when people selling a service while potentially using work of others not asked.. at least if its done in a legal frame.
  11. Kumeda

    Arma 3 Server monetization

    I see the catch in that. Personally next to the power to remove the right I also would see it to be somewhat more usable for community memebers. On the one hand implemantation of such pay system would be easier ..on the other hand it would be easier for the person willing to pay what maybe would increase the ammount of money you could actually make versus other types of payment methodes. And if something is easier and better than something else ..the chances are less likely the more difficult road would be gone. Additionally it would communicate only one legal way for transaction to the community ,what would make any other possibility visibly illegal. What I'm thinking is that for the bad boy to actually fullfill his wrong doings there must always be someone falling into his trap and unless he does know about it ..if he is an upstanding community member - he might not do it and therefore reducing the money made from servers that are obviously run by a badboy But either way you could do something similar also your way ..and I think thats important. 1: To mark any server in the server browser of arma that is registered. And than communicate that these servers are officially allowed to do what they do and no one else is. 2: Make it legal for you ..if there are people not following the rules take the servers out of the server search with a black list and block any direct connections to it ingame. If no one can reach the server who would pay for it? This would be a fast and direct way of infringement. (Also it doesnt take away the possibility to open a new server) Also I think it would be good if any mods/addons made by community members that allow making money with it also have to register on your site. From there also allow to download the specific version (link or direct) and give the maker the possibility to specify in what way this mod can be used for money making on offical servers. At least this could help to keep track on it and would also allowe linking server to contents used. It would be extra work for the maker...but it would at least make clear the whishes of the maker and transparently show what a server hoster is allowed to use as content or is using (and put a little donation button in ..i believe that would make the modders happy too :D) I mean if there is no transperancy for the community on these kind of servers who is gonne report a bad one as I don't imagine any community memeber to find out what mod is used on a server and than check the term of use of this specific mod if there is even is one. Secondly it's a secure line for the modders too ..as you could take out an addon/mod in that offical listing that doesn't seem to be fit ..or is reported to be not holding all the rights by its supposed maker.
  12. Kumeda

    Arma 3 Server monetization

    It's an interesting topic. At the moment I ask myself how this registering works? Is it just about giving your server address? If so why not implement something like an ingame charging tool into the game itself? If already connected to steam any donation made would be done via steam and could be redirected to the registered accound. This implemented tool could be also used to control if the permission is still valid or what type of things are charged for. Lets say it works like that: A) you get a permission to make some money that is some sort of key stort at the host server and the registration server. B) if a transaction via steam is asked for the tool contacts the registration server and asks for validation of the right to charge. Once you do that ... a) make any charging that isn't done without registration illegal. So you can go against anyone that doesnt hold a license. b) And if someone has a license and doesnt apply by it just get its licences revoked and can't charge any money via steam without doing it some other illegal way like a) Good thing would be that any infringement could be done very quickly without the need of legal actions. There would be a control about money made with the game with service or content provided by servers holder.
  13. Kumeda

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    The question I'd like to raise to BI here is wether it is expected to sell the DLCs to those riding in the back ..by beeing anoying, inconsistent in presentation while at the time not beeing very informativ? And if thats worse putting people potentitially off ? If you want to sell somtheing for 13$ thats obviously seems to be to much for many people, youd better have a damn good reason to tell why I should buy it. This is not done by showing a tiled windows and doing confusing, sidtracking popups... in my believe. Communication is the key , cus people that are informed and decided not to buy are hard to crack. People that are informed and didn't decide yet ...don't get any new information from these add. For people that heard about it but aren't informed ..well not much information there why you should buy this. For People never heard of it this will look totally offputing.
  14. Kumeda

    DLC Ads

    As I said here... Forum I don't mind adds ..but as it is at the moment it is very rough arround the edges. The thing is as BI tried out its carts DLC ..only people that joined carts servers would have noticed something back than, because ..carts are normally not used in WAR. But the helicopters are a totally different story. Helicopters are used more widely in scenarios. At some point your bound to come in contact with these new choppers ..and that is good because people should see it and maybe buy it if you like to fly it. Thats why they are locked to begin with. Problem or not is that you can fly as passenger with it ...what is logical because otherwise the concept of "We want not to split the community". But once you fly as passanger you start to get adds as well, and it gets more frequent the longer the flight. You'll see a) adds popping in from the side..telling you something about some new content added c) a semi transparent tiled rotor symbol appearing over your complete screen that goes away after a short time d) an add directly in the middle of your screen thats what I have seen ..and the last one is the worst in my opinion. Imagine shooting from the bench and than suddenly this adds appears..totally blocking your view. I find the others also distracting. If I would imagine other DLCs would be added in the same manner ..a chill goes through down my spine. Let's say there are 10 micro DLCs and you'd get an add for every DLC in some way or even worse a different way for each Micro DLC ... it will be very confusing ..especially for people that are new to arma. This is really bad in several ways marketing wise. You play a shooting game ..thats where people are in a tense state of awareness, therefore its easy to put information through to people while having a maximum rememberance factor due to that. Problem so is that this can have reduced or even negative effect if the tension is to high. Like during a fire fight or if you are going to land in a hostile area shortly ..who cares about what DLC is used at that moment? Non ..its the worst possible moment to sell something! Instead of forcing information on the player the high awareness factor should be used at the right moment. For example if you enter the passenger seat and you get an add that tells you "Great shopper, but its limited content.Want to know more?" As you might not have anything to do until you are near your destionation.. one might think...oh whats that .."click". Than you see somthing like an information page ..showing you what great things the DLC offers you, that you will be also supporting the Developer when buying it and it gives the possibility to check out what other DLCs there are to buy. So the next time you enter or if it should appear ..you see the information and you know whats going on. Either you click or you don't. Theoretically you could use the same icon and symbolic for any DLC that might be there, always allowing you to get more information about the specific DLC if you want to!! Also being done with the same apperance it is easier to distinguish from anything else that might pop up. Its not only wasted effort to tell people something that they might know already or don't want to know at the moment it's also what I would call straight down anyoing. And I am not an expert but I don't believe that you can sell something if you annoy people. No, you have to get peoples attention first and then give them the information about your products at the right time if they are willing to listen to you. ..
  15. Kumeda

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    With this patch some "new techs" were included alongside the DLC. Also people that want to have full access are basically paying for everyone that isnt interested in flying the new choppers themself. This is the price for not "forcing" the buy and still trying to include everyone. And of course BI will have to get some money for their continious fixing as well as for working on arma's futur. So personally I can live with the price, even if I have to admit that it seems like alot money if I only count the choppers. What concerns me so is wether the concept of BI will actually work. As far as I understood the content should be usable but not playable for people not owning it. Well it is ..I tried it on some public server... but honestly using it kind of spoiled it for me. Just sitting in the backseat to get from A to B I got advertisments after a while which started to enoy me big time after a while. Just imagine playing with your friend ...you sit in the backseet on the bench, you weapon is up for defense thanks to the new feature (shooting from vehicles). Finally a firefight starts from the bench...but not only that. At the peak of your concentration during the fight your screen suddenly becomes tily with some rotors on it but as it came it wents ...but its actually only getting worth when the add starts popping up in the middle of your screen blocking the view on the barrel of your gun and your aiming cross. Now start imagine that you not only have 1 DLC but lets say 10 different DLC that are all included in the game and are actually used (not like carts). It will be come very unpleseant for one not owning ..several things. Honestly ! That's bad really bad! even I learned in a basic marketing class that putting possible buyers into a state of tensness can help to get attention and sell ..but if done over the top it will only have negativ effects because the product you want to sell is conected to an unpleseant experience ..simply put. Well it is possible that the add is so annyoing that people start buying it cus ..its annyoing but this is not what I think you guys from BI want, do you? I think it would be totally enough to inform the player once he "uses/enters" something in a session for the first time and once the sessions is over...