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  1. skyline


    In my first test I was using the mortar on the airfield, that should be a flat surface, but it was missing. Then I tried placing the mortar at Camp Rogain, shot a target at 1600m (without direct sight) and missed by only 10m! So, the calculations are indeed correct. I did some research and it seems there is 0 drag on mortar shells in A3. My conclusion is: It will be very hard to hit the target with the first shot, because we can't know for sure if we are in a flat horizontal surface. But, if we use the impact coordinates, the second shot should easily hit.Thanks again for this spreedsheet! Too bad I don't remember how to program in Visual Basic using Excel, or I would do a little .exe to calculate this.
  2. skyline


    Great Work! I was looking for this. Lately I've been using one that I've created but it's not as complete as yours. But there is a problem with the MK6 Mortar. I'm not sure what it is. Your calculation is spot on, I get the same results in mine and very close results when comparing with the automatic calculation ( the REV value on mortar when you have sight of the target). But the shots are landing too short, yesterday I tried to hit a target 1.600m away. The REV was giving me 61.45, your calculator: 61.30 (same as mine). But to hit the target I had to use 59.60 - 60.00. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, or did BIS change the velocity / added drag / or wind on a recent patch, maybe?
  3. skyline

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    The new hope is the expansion now. :(
  4. skyline

    Randomly kicked to 'mission lobby'

    The problem is that it only happens with one person. Everyone on the server is still playing the mission. If said person clicks in "I'm ready" nothing happens, if then he clicks on "Disconnect", he goes to the multiplayer lobby, then he can chose a team/role again and keep playing. The sad part is that this happens in the middle of a fire fight, or sometimes when I'm the pilot of a chopper full of friends.
  5. I just saw about this project on a reddit post. How can I know if the server that I usually play is using this PERF? Will I have any performance gain if I use the client Perf in a normal (Stable) server?
  6. So guys, I've already experienced this bug sometimes, but it's so rare for me, that I've never bothered to try to fix it. This bug is happening on Wasteland by Sa-Matra, but I don't believe it's a mission bug, since I've experienced this bug in ArmA 2 and other ArmA 3 game modes (TacBF, King of the Hill, etc). Sometimes, you are randomly kicked to a window (I don't even know the name of this window) that have some player's stats, and two buttons at the bottom: I'm Ready / Disconnect. The first one does nothing, the latter one puts you back at the lobby. The problem is, one of my friends is having this problem quite often, like after 20-30 min of game play, he was able to play fine 5 days ago. Some other people in my group also have experienced this, but it is rare (happens 1-2 times a week). So, does anyone know a possible cause for this? I tried to google it, but since I don't know the name of that window, I didn't find anything. The closest complain that I find is a guy with this same problem in the Battle Royale mission (http://battleroyalegames.com/community/discussion/792/exits-to-i-m-ready-disconnect-screen-during-gameplay)
  7. skyline

    Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    I was so hyped about the bipods that I didn't see its flaws up until now. I've gave up using the bipods. It's simple too hard to make they work where and when you need them to. Ex: I'm on a hill, I have eyes on the enemy. Looking for a better stance, I deploy my bipod. Then, suddenly I'm aiming at the ground (5m in front of me), and then when I try to bring my aim up to hit the enemy, the bipod will simple undeploy. Let me try to demonstrate it with my advanced MS Paint skills: http://i.imgur.com/XAEVYJZ.jpg (124 kB) Another problem: Bipods should be deployed horizontally. I know they will ignore the terrain angle some times. But IRL you can use swivels to adjust them. The bipods seems to work great when deploying on windows and some square surfaces, like blocks / sandbags. But even then, they seem to undeploy after some time.
  8. For me it only works with dead bodies. I can't 'open' the weapon menu of a weapon that is inside a crate or a vehicle.
  9. I agree with us. With the desync sometimes it's impossible to hit something as a gunner.
  10. skyline

    Marksmen DLC Weapon Feedback

    So, you guys are talking about the scopes... does anyone knows why all the scopes have been 'nerfed'? ARCO / RCO Went from 10x to 2x LPRS From 25x-75x to 5x-25x DMS from 25x to 5x I think Any reason for this?
  11. skyline

    Direct chat not working correctly

    Until the fix comes, press Ctrl + Shift + C twice to bring the chat back.
  12. skyline

    Direct chat not working correctly

    Yep, same problem here.
  13. skyline

    Boehmia, be reasonable, and honest.

    Agree with you. Many of my friends want to try something more 'real' than BF3. I know ArmA, so I knew what I was paying for. But at that price, I'm not sure if I should recommend it for my friends. At 5999 USD people are expecting a full game with minor bugs. How will I tell my friends that they have to wait for more optmization, for future patchefor more mods to come out to be able to play a game that they paid more that the full normal price of a full game?
  14. skyline

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    @NordKindchen - Thanks for what you have done so far, your work is awesome.