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  1. willithappen

    Taskforce AusCorp - Oceania

    Taskforce AusCorp has begun FTX's in preparation for movement to Isla Duala for UN assisted counter insurgency missions. Visit our website: https://www.taskforceauscorp.com Say hello on discord: https://www.discord.gg/6VysCGR
  2. willithappen

    Black Powder

    What a nice terrain!
  3. Pretty Update Pictures
  4. Has anyone got map data for Malden yet?
  5. Work in progress backpack update
  6. Mods Used: Project Uncut - Al Rayak -
  7. Greetings, We have now released our first playable update of Project Uncut. Please visit the new thread for updates and info.
  8. Has been a wee bit since I've teased ya'll with some more screenshots so here's two more to keep you keen for our Infantry Release coming soon™
  9. It is a HK417. Credit is to @monty bravo for the HK.
  10. Some really dynamic new features coming out chaps, nice to see you guys expanding the scope of some parts of ALiVE. Keep up the good work fellas.
  11. Greetings once again lads and ladettes. Just like Santa Claus, I bring ye gifts. We now have our OPSCORE's ingame with some liveries on them for variety but are yet to be textured so aren't shown just yet. Our first, current generation infantry release is on the horizon. As with last time, please note that all work shown is WIP and subject to change. OPSCORE Helmets and Airframes are also under construction.
  12. Greetings ladies, gentlemen and Apache helicopters, The project uncut team has been making some fantastic progress thanks to the outstanding generosity of Adacas donating assets from his military gear pack mod. We have been playing about getting our vests juuuust right so Goldilocks can get a good nights sleep. Please note our initial focus of covering current generation ADF Soldiers, weapons and vehicles; fear not as DPCU and DPDU will be making an appearance in the future. Without further ado, here are some beauty shots of our new fashionistas displaying some new texture and model work by our team. (please note that all work shown is WIP and subject to change. Vest textures are not final and some minor clipping is still visible. OPSCORE Helmets and Airframes are also under construction.)
  13. Ah yes so its very fitting to post that in the CUP thread isn't it? CLAFGHAN Is an ArmA 2 Map ported to ArmA 3. After the lighting update, the map had black skies. I assume considering your sky isn't black, you're using an edited version of the map. You'll need to speak to that author about the issue.
  14. Thats a recent Bohemia Bug, either change your interface size or move the interface around a little bit (grab the top bar and drag like any normal window) and you'll be able to use it.